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Oppose Hashimpura Verdict
Communalism • Ruling Class
CPI(ML)-New Democracy expresses its grave concern at the acquittal by the Sessions Court of all accused of the cold blooded killings of 42 Muslims of Hashimpura (Meerut) on May 22, 1987 by UP Provincial Armed Constabulary. This verdict, 28 years after, has clearly demonstrated the deep communalism seeping through different wings of the state. It is not mere miscarriage of justice but systematic annihilation of justice to the minorities, particularly Muslims. Read more
New Democracy, February 2015
CPI-ML • New Democracy
Lift the Ban on Documentary ‘India’s Daughter’
Documentary • India's Daughter
The short-sighted, reactive ban on the documentary ‘India’s Daughter’ by the RSS-BJP Govt. at the Centre must be harshly condemned. It is trying to project its indefensible act in the name of “nationalism” vis a-vis Congress as permission for filming the documentary was given in UPA’s tenure. Read more
Pratirodh Ka Swar, February 2015
CPI-ML • Pratirodh Ka Swar
Union Budget 2015-’16 : ‘Comprehensive Bankruptcy Code’
Ruling Class
income tax slabs • industrial sector • rising prices • rural poor • unemployment • Union Budget
Union Budget presented by Finance Minister Arun Jaitley displays total lack of concern for the concerns of the poor and labouring people while granting largesse to the corporate, domestic and foreign. The Budget has lived up to its billing of being corporate friendly. To prepare the ground for this, the GDP growth was shown to be high by changing the methods of calculation and the base year. Growth rate has been slated 7. Read more
Biplabi Ganaline - January 16 to February 15
Biplabi Ganaline • CPI-ML
Imperialism • Ruling Class • US Imperialism
RSS-BJP • US-India civil nuclear agreement
How Prime Minister Modi and his RSS-BJP Govt. bent over backwards to please the chief of the most powerful imperialist power, the biggest aggressor against the world people, is now known to everyone. No effort was spared to showcase personal bonhomie between US President Obama and Indian Prime Minister only to hide the unequal nature of the relationship between the two countries. It is well known how the weak take pride in their friendship with the strong only to cover up their weakness. Read more
Inquilabi Sada Rahh - February 2015
CPI-ML • Inqlabi Sada Rahh
CPI-ML • Imperialism • Protests • US Imperialism
President of the biggest imperialist power, USA, Barrack Obama is coming to India. USA is engaged in a number of wars in third world countries for controlling their natural resources, trade routes and establishing its military bases in all parts of world. Its hands are soiled with the blood of millions of people of oppressed countries. It is behind almost all the wars being waged around the world. It is bombing a number of countries of middle-east and Africa and also Afghanistan and Pakistan. Read more
Pratirodh Ka Swar, January 2015
CPI-ML • Pratirodh Ka Swar
Observe 23rd March as Anti-imperialist Day
On 23rd March 1931, Bhagat Singh, Rajguru and Sukhdev offered supreme sacrifice to free Indian people from the yoke of colonial rule. Their martyrdom is a shining example of the sacrifices given by the people of India in the course of freedom struggle. However, the ruling classes which came to power as a result of transfer of power by British imperialist rulers, have sought to keep India perpetually dependent on imperialism and keep India as a happy hunting ground for imperialist capital. Read more
Progressivism versus Religious Sectarianism - P. Nadkar
Ruling Class
Progressivism • Religious Sectarianism
Ideology in social life for human beings is as important as oxygen for life. The shared beliefs and values common to social communities are part of the intangible culture of the given social communities. These social beliefs and values sometimes need to be questioned and even challenged. When they are challenged, it becomes uncomfortable for the vested interests linked to the ruling classes in the society. Read more
Inquilabi Sada Rahh, March - 2015
CPI-ML • Inqlabi Sada Rahh
Land Acquisition Ordinance is anti farmer - Bhalachandra
Ruling Class • Semi-feudal
Land Acquisition Ordinance • MNCs
In contrast to its promise of bringing “Good Days” for the people, the Modi Govt has once again declared a war against the common people of the country, the farmers. The recently promulgated Land Acquisition Ordinance by the Central Govt. is not only against political morality and parliamentary propriety but also a sinister attack on the rights of the peasants including tribals and also on the national interests. By bringing this ordinance Modi Govt. Read more
Railway Budget 2015-’16 pitches for Foreign Technology, Private Funding
Railway budget
Railway Budget for 2015-1016 presented by Union Minister for Railways, Suresh Prabhu, is short of any idea of how to address the woes faced by Indian Railways. He highlighted minor details while obfuscating the major aspects of the problems faced by the railways. He has prescribed a panacea of mobilization of funds through PPP mode, joint ventures, multilateral financial institutions and even pension funds. The Railway Minister even sought to dig into MPLAD funds and state budgets. Read more
Labour Laws • Trade Union
disinvestment • privatization • uniform wage structure
More than 90% of the around 4 lakh regular workers in the public sector coal industry i.e. various subsidiaries of Coal India Ltd.(CIL) in Jharkhand, Bengal, Odisha, Chattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra and the Singareni Colliery Company Ltd.(SCCL) in Andhra Pradesh went on strike from 6th Jan.2015 in response to the five-day strike call initiated jointly by the 5 central trade unions recognized by the govt. in the coal industry (INTUC, BMS, HMS, AITUC, CITU) and supported by IFTU. Read more
Tribal Convention held at Parvatipuram successfully
AIKMS • CPI-ML • Land Struggles
bauxite mining • Forest Right Act • Forests • Land • Land Acquisition Ordinance • Lok Sangram Manch • Natural Resources • Pollavaram dam • Tribals
On 30th January 2015, nearly fifteen hundred tribals from various districts of Andhra Pradesh and Odisha border congregated in a rally and Convention at Parvatipuram to assert their rights over land, forest and natural resources. Under the banner of All India Kishan Mazdoor Sabha (AIKMS) and Lok Sangram Manch (LSM) the rally was started from the outskirts of the town and culminated at the convention hall, covering the main road of Parvatipuram enroute. Read more
Biplabi Ganaline - December 16 to January 15
Biplabi Ganaline • CPI-ML
Inquilabi Sada Rahh, January 2015
CPI-ML • Inqlabi Sada Rahh
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Sixth Conference of POW (Telengana) Successfully Held in Khammam
POW • POW Telangana • Progressive Organisation of Women • Telangana
The sixth Conference of Progressive Organization of Women (POW) was held in Khammam, Telengana (It was the first conference of POW Telengana) on 4th and 5th January 2015. This was preceded by a rally and mass meeting by POW on 3rd January. More than 10,000 women mostly holding red flags of POW, marched through Khammam town in a blaze of red from S.R. & B.G.N.R. College grounds to Pavilion grounds in a two and a half kilometer trek on 3rd afternoon. Read more