Punish Guilty of Attack on Students of Jadavpur University
Bengal • Protests
The Mamata Banerjee led Trinamool Congress Govt. has unleashed an unprecedented attack against the students of Jadavpur University (JU). On 16th September students of Jadavpur University had organized a programme to meet the executive council of JU demanding proper & impartial enquiry into an allegation of molestation. The Vice Chancellor of the University who is a well known Trinamool loyalist, did not take up the matter properly. Read more
Social and economic cost of “Green Revolution” - by S.S. Mahil
Green Revolution • Peasants • Punjab
Punjab is the province which became the first state in India to experience the “Green Revolution” which actually was an imperialist model of agriculture. It is very interesting to know why this model of agriculture was named as a “Green Revolution”. Actually imperialism was very much terrified by the Chinese red revolution, as it occurred in a backward and agrarian country, which was yet to pass to the stage of capitalism. Read more
IFTU • Labour Laws • Trade Union
SEZ • struggles • Workers
On the 11th of September 2014, the National Committee of the IFTU organized an all India Convention in Delhi against the proposed anti worker changes in labour laws. Over three hundred elegates from Andhra Pradesh, Bengal, Bihar, Jharkhand, Delhi, Haryana, Telangana, Punjab and Uttar Pradesh attended the Convention at Ambedkar Bhawan in Delhi. Other Trade Union Centres whose leaders attended the Convention were AICCTU, NTUI, TUCI and AIFTU. Read more
Appeal for help to flood affected people of J&K
The unprecedented floods following heavy rains in Jammu & Kashmir have inundated vast areas, with lakhs of people stranded. Over two hundred have perished and lakhs are still to be rescued. Communication of large parts of Kashmir with outside have been totally cut off, large areas have been without power for days. Plight of people of J&K deserve utmost empathy and urgent action. Relief and rescue are needed urgently and concretely. Read more
Pratirodh Ka Swar, September, 2014
CPI-ML • Pratirodh Ka Swar
Biplabi Ganaline_August- Joint Issue 2014
Biplabi Ganaline • CPI-ML
Punjab: Militant Struggle of Dalits for their share of Panchayat land
Land Struggles
(New Democracy News) Since the past few months, in the district of Sangrur ( Punjab) there has been a struggle going on for theed land. Struggle started for nazul land in village Sekha.42 bighas of land earmarked for dalits was forcefully occupied by landlords since past 30 years. People gathered under the flag of PMU and marched in the village against the landlords. They then recaptured the land from the landlords. Read more
Lift Siege of Gaza! - Prosecute Israeli rulers for War Crimes! - Organize Protests against Israeli Attack on Gaza on August 9
CPI-ML • Protests
Gaza • Israel • Palestine
Since 8th July Israel has launched massive attack against Gaza. Since 18th July Israel forces moved into Gaza. Israeli attack has bettered its own records in inhuman, criminal acts against Palestinian people. Hospitals, schools and university have been targeted. Children and women have been killed in large number. More than 1600 civilians killed, over 7000 serious injured and more than half a million rendered without shelter. Read more
Pratirodh Ka Swar, July 2014
CPI-ML • Pratirodh Ka Swar
Red Salute to CPIML New Democracy Leader Comrade Umadhar Singh   Read more
CC Statement on Gaza
Ground assault by Israel Army after heavy bombing for several days is one new chapter in Zionist crimes against Palestinians. Nearly 300 people, women and children, young and old have perished in these attacks. Brutality of the attacks is obvious from hospitals and schools being targeted. Unrelenting attacks on densely populated Gaza have made almost every Palestinian living in Gaza a target. A human catastrophe is being unleashed on Gaza by Zionist rulers. Read more
Inqlabi Sada Rahh, July 2014
CPI-ML • Inqlabi Sada Rahh
Anti-people Railway Budget
Having already inflicted on the people of the country the most steep hike in railway fares and freight charges, Railway Budget presented by Union Minister Sadanand Gowda is bereft of any succor to the people. Having heaped such a burden on the people, it is cynical on part of railway minister to claim that he could not burden the passengers. Outlining the policy direction of Modi Govt. Read more
Lok Sabha Elections and Challenges Ahead
Ruling Class
Lok Sabha elections held in April-May 2014 have resulted in BJP securing a majority of seats. It secured 282 seats and along with its NDA allies secured 336 seats in a house of 543 members. There are many a first in these election results which demand attention from the Party and the people. This is the first time that the political arm of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) has secured a clear majority of its own in Lok Sabha. Read more
Pratirodh Ka Swar, June 2014
CPI-ML • Pratirodh Ka Swar
Gajapati (Odisha) : Landless tribals and dalits gheraoed Collectorate
landless • Odisha • Tribals
On 16th September 2014, thousands of landless peasants mainly tribals and dalits gheraoed the Gajapati collectorate at Paralakhemundi demanding their rights over land and forest. This programme was organized by CPI(ML)ND and Lok Sangram Manch jointly in which more than three thousand people from five blocks (Mandal) of the district participated to press their demands over land and forest right before the state Govt. Read more
Defeat of Modi led BJP Across the Country
Ruling Class
BJP • disillusionment • Modi
Money and media power of corporate along with the muscle power of Hindutva forces had propelled Modi led BJP to power on the strength of the decimation of the then ruling Congress. But like their other products, the life of Modi wave manufactured by corporate has been short. Elections held after assumption of power by Modi led BJP Govt. at the Centre, in state after state across the country have brought home this simple truth. Read more
Obama’s strategy up in the air
Imperialism • Iraq • US Imperialism
‘Barack the Bomber’ (New Democracy News) On the 10th of September, US President Barack Obama declared war on Islamic State. The key points of the strategy he cooked up over a few days, having remarked earlier that he had no strategy, entail air strikes against IS positions in Iraq and building of an international coalition to “degrade and ultimately destroy” IS. Secretary Kerry has been scouting the Middle East to earn allies for this offensive. Read more
IFTU • Trade Union
Labor Laws
The Narendra Modi led N.D.A. Government came to power with the promise of bringing good days for laboring people in the country. It promised better living standards, better living and working conditions. It promised creation of one crore jobs every year. But, soon after coming to power, it has launched an attack on the hard earned rights of the workers. Read more
New Democracy, August 2014
CPI-ML • New Democracy
Inquilabi Sada Rahh, August 2014
CPI-ML • Inqlabi Sada Rahh
SCRAP POLAVARAM PROJECT -- Corporate’s Polavaram Project Displaces Tribals in Four States
displacement • Polavaram • Tribals
The powerful contractor – politicians of erstwhile Seemandhra (now Andhra Pradesh) were parceled out stretches of the proposed Polawaram project as 'packages' by the Chief Minister of then Andhra Pradesh, YS Rajshekhar Reddy of Congress. Now they are forcefully exerting for the project to materialize. The Congress led UPA-II Govt. finally conceded Telengana with one hand. Read more
Saharanpur: Oppose RSS-BJP Designs to Deepen Communal Division
Communalism • CPI-ML • Ruling Class
Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist)-New Democracy strongly condemns attempts of RSS and BJP to unleash virulent communal campaign utilizing the incidents in Saharanpur where three persons lost their lives and a large number of shops were burnt down. Violent campaign of RSS-BJP is part of their drive to deepen communal division in the country, particularly in the most populous state of Uttar Pradesh. Read more
Biplabi Ganaline_June & July Joint Issue
Biplabi Ganaline • CPI-ML
Sand Workers Injured in Firing by Sand Mafia
Dozens of workers have been injured in firing by sand mafia on workers on 13th July morning. Of the injured, Bhaiyalal Nishad, s/o Ramchandra, r/o Kanjasa is serious with hundreds of pellet injuries, is admitted to Colvin hospital. Others include Radheyshyam Nishad and Ghanshyam r/o Kanjasa and Krishnanad and Lalji r/o Jalapur were treated at Jasra CHC. Read more
Union Budget 2014-15: Ignoring the people, Caring for the corporate
Central Budget for 2014-15 presented by the Union Finance Minister today has been in macroeconomic sense a continuation of neoliberal model of Manmohan Singh- Chidambaram. It ignores the big concerns of people which BJP emphasized during recent election campaign like price-rise, unemployment and declining economic growth. No concrete measures have been announced on addressing rise in the prices of essential commodities. Moreover Govt. Read more
BJP’s Communal Designs Condemned
UP Committee of CPI(ML) New Democracy has condemned the BJP's nefarious plan to unleash communal violence in Uttar Pradesh utilizing the minor controversy over installation of a loud speaker in a Shiva temple in village Akbarpur Chanderi near Kanth. Moradabad. Read more
New Democracy, June 2014
CPI-ML • New Democracy
Red Salute to CPI(ML) New Democracy Leader Com. Umadhar Singh!
Senior leader of the Communist Revolutionary Movement of India and of CPI(ML)-New Democracy, Com. Umadhar Prasad Singh, died on June 18, 2014 in a hospital at Patna. He had suffered a heart attack on June 16 and was brought to Patna from Darbhanga on June 17. In his death, CPI(ML)-New Democracy and the whole communist revolutionary movement lost a leader of eminence, ability and perseverance in the cause of struggling workers and peasants of the country. Com. Read more
Biplabi Ganaline June 2014, 1st Issue
Biplabi Ganaline • CPI-ML