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Anger Against the Killing of Burhan Wani Burns in Kashmir Valley
Kashmir • Protests
(New Democracy News Service) 21 people have died and hundreds have been injured in police and paramilitary action against protestors in the Kashmir Valley in the 48 hours since the killing of Hizbul Mujahideen’s popular leader, 22 year old Burhan Wani. The killing was in an intelligence led police action. No criminal case was registered anywhere in India against Wani. Read more
Brexit: Born out of crisis and is going to further aggravate it
Brexit • European Union
British people in 23rd June 2016 referendum have voted to leave European Union (EU). It is a reflection of deepening economic crisis in the imperialist countries and growing disenchantment of the people in developed capitalist countries with political establishment. Response of the Govts. of developed capitalist countries to the explosion of financial economic crisis in 2008 has only increased the gulf between rich and poor. Govts. Read more
New Democracy, June 2016
New Democracy
Sangrur (Punjab) - Struggle of Dalits for Panchayat land advances facing State Repression
Caste Oppression • Land Struggles • Peasants • Semi-feudal
Recently the struggle of Dalits in Sangrur district of Punjab for their share of Panchayat land faced severe govt. repression. This struggle has been continuing for last two years under the banner of Zamin Prapti Sangharsh Committee (ZPSC). On May 24, 2016 Akali-BJP Govt. fired upon and lathi charged Dalits protesting against auction meant to defraud them of their right. Read more
Upsurge of garment workers of Bengaluru forces Retreat By Modi Govt. - Aparna
Labour Laws • Protests • Trade Union
Working Class
On the 18th of April 2016, thousands upon thousands of garment workers, mostly women, of Bengaluru poured out of their factories protesting changes in rules for withdrawal of money from their EPF accounts. The first day they forced the Central Govt. on the backfoot. However the next day over a lakh of them brought Bengaluru’s roads to a standstill and by evening the Central Govt. had totally withdrawn its Budget proposals. The workers too returned to work. Read more
Observe 50 years of Launch of Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution
GPCR • Marxism-Leninism-Mao Zedong Thought
Half a century ago on this day, on May 16, 1966, Central Committee of the Communist Party of China adopted the Circular which is marked as the beginning of Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution in China. GPCR was an unprecedented mass movement targeting the capitalist roaders inside the leadership of the Communist Party of China and was aimed at preventing capitalist restoration in socialist China. Read more
Statement Against Interference of Modi Govt. in the Internal Affairs of Nepal
CPI-ML • NDA • Nepal
Cancellation of the visit of President of Nepal and recall of the Nepal’s Ambassador to India have brought into sharp focus the extent to which Modi Govt. has soured relations with Nepal. Modi Govt.’s efforts to dislodge KP Sharma Oli Govt. have not been successful but these have further worsened relations between the two neighbours. Indian Govt. Read more
New Democracy, April 2016
CPI-ML • New Democracy
PDSU-PSU Call -- Fight Against Punishment to JNU Students for Defending Democratic Rights!
Caste Oppression • Communalism • PDSU • PSU • Students
Resist Fascist Offensive of Pseudo-National Communal RSS-BJP Govt! The students of JNU have again been ruthlessly attacked by the JNU administration at the behest of the RSS Modi Govt. Read more
Call on 125th Birth Anniversary of Dr. B. R. Ambedkar (April 14, 2016) - Intensify Struggle Against Caste Oppression!
Caste Oppression
Caste division and oppression is a reality of our society. While it is defended and perpetuated in Hindu religion with its preaching of unequal status by birth, the caste system had its impact even on those religious groups which do not subscribe to such preaching. It is a reality encompassing Indian society. It is not just a set of prejudices, it does not pertain only to superstructure of our society, it also pertains to the very base. Read more
Supreme Court Moves For Some Accountability Under AFSPA
Kashmir • Protests
AFSPA • Kashmir • Manipur • NHRC
(New Democracy News Service) The evidence collected so painstakingly is doubtless both gruesome and undeniable. The struggles of civil rights activists countrywide as well as the pressure of democratic movements and people’s growing restlessness with obvious violence of state forces have also had some effect. Read more
Pratirodh Ka Swar, June 2016
Pratirodh Ka Swar
Inquilabi Sada Rahh, June 2016
Inqlabi Sada Rahh
Victims of Accidental Fire in Colony in Kakinada (AP) Must Be Compensated
The thatched roof huts of residents of Mahatma Jyothi  Rao Phule Colony in Parlova Peta area of Kakinada caught fire on 29th April 2016. Nearly two hundred and fifty families became homeless in this calamity. The hard work and sweat put in by the residents in building this colony was reduced to ashes. Though the Deputy Chief Minister and Home Minister of Andhra Pradesh, N. China Rajappa, visited the victims and announced that the State Govt. Read more
Brutal killing of tribal leader and AIKMS activist Comrade Adangu Gomango by Landlord goons
Comrade Adangu Gomango(55 years), one of the prominent leader of AIKMS (erstwhile Lok Sangram Manch) and a popular tribal leader of Ganjam district, was killed on the midnight of 22nd May 2016. He was cold bloodedly killed while sleeping on the veranda of his home. Comrade Gomango came from a poor tribal family of Kumarabandha in Dharakote block of Ganjam district. He was active in organizing the poor people particularly the tribals in Ganjam district for the last 15 years. Read more
Jadavpur University students resist ABVP–RSS  communal  conspiracy
Communalism • Students
ABVP • Jadavpur University • RSS • RSS-BJP
Jadavpur University students came to national news headline on 7th May, 2016. On 6th May the students of Jadavpur unitedly resisted the attack of ABVP-RSS goons in their campus. What happened on 6th May? During JNU incident and Rohit Vemula murder agitation Jadavpur students have shown strong solidarity that has annoyed BJP & RSS leadership. Read more
Pratirodh Ka Swar, April 2016
Pratirodh Ka Swar
Condemn Central Govt’s Continual Limiting of EPF Benefits! - Solidarity With All Struggles Against the Modi Govt’s Attacks on EPF!
IFTU • Trade Union
Scarcely has the dust settled over the attempt of the Central Govt. of RSS BJP to limit the workers’ rights to withdraw from their PF deposits in times of need, the Govt. has made another attack. The Finance Ministry has decided to limit the interest rate on PF deposits to 8.7% against the 9% demanded by central unions and also the 8.8% recommended by the Board under the Central Labour Ministry. Calculations for the year had shown that the Govt. could easily pay an interest rate of 8. Read more
Modi Govt. Intensifies Tying of India to US Military Chariot
Imperialism • US Imperialism
Mouthing slogans of ‘nationalism’ the Modi Govt. has taken one more step to tie India to the chariot wheels of US imperialism. India has decided to sign an agreement to share military logistics with US imperialism. The Logistics Exchange Memorandum of Agreement was reached during the recent visit of US Secretary of Defence Ashton Carter to India. Read more
Resolutions from Third All India Conference of All India Kisan Mazdoor Sabha (AIKMS)
AIKMS • Communalism • Land Struggles • Peasants • Semi-feudal
Agricultural labour • Crop damage • Share-croppers
Resolutions On compensation for crop damage. The third All India Conference of AIKMS expresses its grave concern at the serious losses suffered by peasants due to damage to crops on account of inadequate protection from natural causes like drought and floods and havoc caused by companies supplying spurious seeds, fertilizers and pesticides. Such crop damage depresses the conditions of the already crisis ridden peasantry, pushing many of them into destitution and helplessness. Read more