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Turkey shoots down Russian military aircraft - Comment
Imperialism • Middle East
Iraq • Syria • Turkey • Yemen
War in Syria escalated with Turkey downing a Russian military plane on the Syria-Turkey border. The incident has brought into focus the turmoil in the Middle-East which has become the most troubled region in the world. The incident shows the intensification of contradiction among imperialist powers and the regional powers aligned to them. All these powers claiming to fight the Islamic State are pursuing their own agenda. Read more
Comment on Myanmar Elections
Elections • Imperialism • Myanmar
Holding of elections in Myanmar (earlier called Burma) and defeat of the Army controlled party in the elections are significant political developments in our neighbouring country Myanmar. These elections resulted in the massive victory of NLD (National League for Democracy). Even in the earlier election held in 1990 after massive struggle of the people, the NLD had won a resounding victory. However, Military rulers of Myanmar had refused to transfer power to civilian leadership. Read more
Statement on Bihar Elections
Communalism • Elections • Revisionist Parties • Ruling Class
While Bihar assembly elections held recently have delivered a massive defeat to Narendra Modi led RSS-BJP at the Centre, they also showed that the basic issues facing the people did not become the main issues in the elections. It shows the success of the ruling classes and the big media controlled by them in allowing only certain issues to reach the people at large. Read more
New Democracy, October 2015
CPI-ML • New Democracy
Why are Punjab’s Peasants on the Path of Protest? - Gurmukh Singh
Peasants • Protests
Bhartiya Kisan Union (Bhakoda Group) • Bhartiya Kisan Union (Ekta Ugrahan) • Bhartiya Kisan Union (Krantikari) • Jamhuri Kisan Union • Kirti Kisan Union (KKU) • Punjab Kisan Union • Sangharsh Committees
This time in Punjab, especially in Malwa Pati, cotton crops have been destroyed. According to a survey, during the crop season in Narma Pati districts this year, 4.35 lakh hectares of cotton was planted in Malwa area in Punjab. In this, Bathinda had 1.4 Lakh hectares, Barnala had 9000 hectares, Faridkot had 13,000 hectares, Fazilka had 99,000 hectares, Mansa had 85,000 hectares,  Mukhtsar had 72,000 hectares, and Moga had 15,000 hectares of cotton planted. Read more
Imperialism • Ruling Class • Semi-feudal • US Imperialism
Considering the strategic and sensitive nature of defence sector, the production of defence equipment had been entirely under the domain of the public sector since 1947. But clamour for the privatization of the defence industry in India started since 1990s when Manmohan Singh further opened the Indian markets to imperialist abuse. Read more
Inquilabi Sada Rahh, November 2015
Inqlabi Sada Rahh
Joint Protest in Delhi against Dadri lynching
Communalism • Protests
Prime Minister Modi, Speak up on Dadri Stop Dividing People on Communal Lines. Progressive and democratic organizations came together in Delhi in the first major protest since Muzzafarnagar against the drive for communal polarization by Hindutva forces as also the first major protest against the Dadri lynching. Read more
Pratirodh Ka Swar, September 2015
Pratirodh Ka Swar
Statement Against Indian Govt.’s Big-brotherly Actions and Unofficial Blockade of Nepal
Central Committee of CPI(ML)-New Democracy strongly opposes the big brotherly attitude of the Indian Govt. towards Nepal. Indian govt. had tried to stop promulgation of the constitution in Nepal and had sent Foreign Secretary to pressurize the Nepal govt. and political parties. Since promulgation of the Constitution Indian Govt. has openly and blatantly interfered in the internal affairs of the neighbouring country by publicly demanding changes in their Constitution. Indian Govt. Read more
Oppose Communal Offensive of RSS-BJP
Communalism • Ruling Class
Demand Punishment to Guilty of 1984 Sikh Genocide, 2002 Gujarat Pogrom and other murderous attacks on minorities Mobilize the people for secularism of shared aspirations based on unity of workers, peasants and all sections of people 6th December, the day RSS-BJP hordes in connivance with the then Congress Govt. had demolished Babri Masjid in Ayodhya, has come to be marked as the day of struggle of aggressive Hindu communalism. Read more
Release of IFTU National Committee on the Seventh Pay Commission Report
The IFTU National Committee holds that the Seventh Pay Commission Report released recently by the Central Govt. is a severe let down for the major sections of the 47 lakh govt employees it will cover. Setting a minimum wage of Rs.18,000 per month at the lower end marks a increase of a mere 14.33 % over the earlier wage. This, when at the other end of the spectrum, Secretaries will be entitled to Rs.2.25 lakhs per month (Rs. 2. Read more
Statement on Paris Attacks
France • Paris Attacks
On the night of 13th November 2015, in six attacks in Paris, more than 150 people have been killed and over 200 have been injured. These coordinated attacks have shaken France. A concert hall was the main scene of these killings. The attackers are said to be holding French bombing of Syria as the reason for their attack. While targeting of innocent civilians deserves to be condemned, the attack has however thrown up a large number of questions. Read more
Pratirodh Ka Swar, October 2015
CPI-ML • Pratirodh Ka Swar
Condemn Arrest of PALA Artist Com. Kovan
Protests • Ruling Class
Arrest of Com. Kovan, a folk artist of the People’s Arts and Literary Association (PALA) of Tamilnadu, on charges of sedition has evoked widespread condemnation in Tamilnadu and all over the country. Com. Kovan (Sivadas), a popular artist, was participating in a campaign against Govt. liquor shops in Tamilnadu. Through his art he has exposed Jayalalitha Govt. for fooling the people of Tamilnadu, contrasting distribution of freebies with opening of more liquor vends in the state. Read more
Lessons of Munnar Women Workers Struggle - D.V.Krishna
Protests • Trade Union
Women Workers Struggle
The seven thousand strong Munnar women workers’ 9 day struggle has attracted the attention of the country and the national and international media. For the one and half months during which Munnar women workers' struggle lasted, the press and electronic media in Kerala covered this struggle every day. Read more
Biplabi Ganaline, September 2015
Biplabi Ganaline
Turkey : Bomb Blasts at Peace Rally
Peace Rally against growing attacks by Turkey state forces against Kurd fighters, called by Kurdish organizations and Labour Unions was disrupted by two bomb blasts which killed nearly a hundred people and seriously injured more than two hundred participants. Death toll is expected to rise as more and more people succumb to their injuries. These bomb blasts have come merely three weeks before the parliamentary elections in Turkey which ruling Peace and Development Party is determined to win. Read more
Press Statement on Arson at the house of Com. Radheyshyam
Communalism • IFTU
Press Statement by INDIAN FEDERATION OF TRADE UNIONS (IFTU) Early this morning the room from which IFTU National Committee member Com. Radheyshyam operates in Greater Noida was set on fire and more than 500 books, manuscripts and papers related to trade union work, photographs of great teachers of working class and great patriots like Bhagat Singh and Chandrashekhar Azad were totally gutted. Com. Radheyshyam is the ex-President of the Shramik Sangh of Denso India Ltd., a multinational company. Read more
Those employees of Denso India Limited (situated in NOIDA) who lived in Dadri learnt in the early hours of 29th September that the brother of one of their workers had been beaten to death late the previous night by a mob in his village Bishada situated 4 kms. north of Dadri. The son of the dead man had also been severely beaten and was fighting for life in a nearby hospital where had been admitted by the police. Led by Com. Read more