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Homage to Senior Leader of CPI(ML)-New Democracy Com. Pandu Ranga Rao, former member of APPC and Secretary of Prakasam DC
Veteran communist revolutionary leader, former member of AP State Committee of CPI(ML)-New Democracy and former secretary of the party’s Prakasam District Committee, Com. Pandu Ranga Rao, breathed his last on May 30th, 2014 at his residence in Palukuru village in Prakasam district after a prolonged illness. Central Committee and APPC of CPI(ML)-New Democracy expressed condolences at the death of Com. Pandu Ranga Rao and paid homage to his revolutionary legacy, his untiring efforts throughout ... Read more
UP Communist Revolutionary Leader Com. Sant Ram Passes Away
Former member of Uttar Pradesh Provincial Committee of CPI(ML)-New Democracy and Vice-President of UP State Executive Committee of AIKMS, veteran communist revolutionary Com. Sant Ram breathed his last today at his native village in Unnao district in UP. Com. Sant Ram was recently diagnosed as suffering from lung cancer. He has been a member of the UP Provincial Committee of the Party for a very long time and was relieved from PC due to ill health only in the last state conference. Com. Sant ... Read more
Red Salute to CPI(ML) New Democracy Leader Com. Umadhar Singh!
Senior leader of the Communist Revolutionary Movement of India and of CPI(ML)-New Democracy, Com. Umadhar Prasad Singh, died on June 18, 2014 in a hospital at Patna. He had suffered a heart attack on June 16 and was brought to Patna from Darbhanga on June 17. In his death, CPI(ML)-New Democracy and the whole communist revolutionary movement lost a leader of eminence, ability and perseverance in the cause of struggling workers and peasants of the country. Com. Umadhar Singh was well renowned ... Read more
Lok Sabha Elections and Challenges Ahead
With the collapse of ruling Congress, Narendra Modi, installed by Hindutva outfit RSS, powered by corporate media, projecting the issue of development and polarizing the voters on communal lines in key north Indian states, led BJP secure a majority in 16th Lok Sabha. The most expensive elections have concluded with the victory of overwhelming majority of crorepatis and a large number of people with serious criminal cases. Thanks to the first past the post system, BJP having secured only 31% of ... Read more
Prof. Saibaba’s Arrest Condemned, Release Demanded
While a spectacle in the name of democracy is on in India in the name of general elections, the real state of democratic rights in India is once again apparent in the arrest of G.N. Saibaba, a teacher (Associate Professor) of Delhi University on 9th May in Delhi by Maharashtra police. While ruling class parties fight each other bitterly for power, their policy consensus and intolerance of those who expose this system and the policies of loot and plunder to the people of India is displayed ... Read more
New Democracy, March 2014
CONTENTS CPI(ML)-New Democracy Call to The People for Loksabha Elections Muzaffarnagar: Communal Onslaught on Minorities exposes Opportunism of Revisionist Parties and so called Secular Forces 13 March: IFTU holds All India Rally of Construction Workers Corporate, big Media and Modi wave Two Genocides, Two Culprits, No Closure CPI(ML)-New Democracy Organizes Massive Podu Garjana in Khammam It is not only Crimea, it is Ukraine Middle-East: Growing Conflicts, Smouldering ... Read more
CPI(ML)-New Democracy Call to The People for Loksabha Elections - Vote and Elect CPI(ML) New Democracy Candidates! - Reject Ruling Class and Revisionist Parties
    Anti-people Rule Elections to 16th Lok Sabha scheduled in April-May 2014 are taking place at an important juncture. Over two decades of the implementation of the new economic policies of globalization, liberalization and privatization have played havoc with the Indian economy and brought sufferings to the overwhelming majority of the people. Economy is facing deepening economic crisis evidenced by falling growth rate, near stagnant agricultural production, stagnation and decline ... Read more

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