Month: July 2013

Uttarakhand: Manmade tragedy, Govt. apathy and Call for help

Uttarakhand: Manmade tragedy, Govt. apathy and Call for help

NewUttarakhandMapThe loss of human life and properties in the Uttarakhand flood/landslide disaster after heavy downpour for 3 days since June 16 is amongst the worst in its history. Call it heavy downpour or cloud burst, the cause of damage was manmade. It has resulted from uncontrolled human interference with nature’s line of defense. With the govt. still understating the casualties, more than 10,000 are feared dead. Consider here that more than 2.5 crore tourists visit Uttarakhand annually whose population is 1.08 crores. As reported, close to a thousand villages still remain cut off with the people battling severe starvation, thirst and injuries. The mud flowing down the river has already silted and closed all the turbines along Bhagirathi and Mandakini save Tehri. The total damage is yet to be assessed.

The Govt’s response and Relief work:

When the landslides began, the govt. kept mum, in denial. Their claim was that only a few hundred have lost their lives and a similar number are untraceable.… Read More