Month: October 2013



(The following letter was sent from CPI(ML)-New Democracy to Rt. Hon. Theresa May M.P., Home Secretary, U.K. through British High Commission, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi on October 10, 2013)

Through this letter we wish to draw your kind attention to the proposed introduction of the £ 3000.00 UK Visitor visa pilot scheme which applies to visitors from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Ghana and Nigeria only. While there is no scientific immigration data to substantiate that visitors from these countries overstay the permitted period of their visa, the proposed imposition of £ 3000 cash bond scheme only on the visitors from these countries, four South Asian and two African, is highly discriminatory and smacks of racism.

This scheme will cause a lot of hardships to the families and prevent them from sharing their happiness on occasions like weddings and other social events and also their sorrows in cases of deaths and terminal illnesses.

Besides smacking of racism, this scheme also creates division between haves and have nots as not all can afford £ 3000.00 cash for the bond.  It will put a lot of burden on the common families who can not afford the above mentioned sum. These ought not be used as occasions for earning money by the Govt.… Read More

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Press Release – CPI(M-L) New Democracy opposes High Court decision to free Bathe killers

             The Bihar State Committee of the CPI(M-L) New Democracy strongly opposes the decision of the Patna High Court declaring all the accused in the Bathe genocide not guilty and freeing them. The result is that after a long process of 16 years, the govt., its police machinery and the judiciary has not found guilty or punished a single person for the brutal cold-blooded massacre of 58 landless poor peasants mostly dalits in Laxmanpur Bathe on the night of 1-2nd December 1997. It is no secret that Bathe massacre was a part of a series of murderous assaults unleashed by landlord goonda gangs and private armies in order to terrorize landless and poor peasants of Bihar who were daring to stand up against feudal exploitation and oppression. This decision and the earlier similar decision in the Bathani Tola massacre case will further embolden the oppressor upper caste landlords and their goonda gangs and armies like the erstwhile Ranvir Sena in Bihar. This decision is another reminder to the exploited and oppressed toiling masses particularly dalits, adivasis, minorities that they cannot expect to get justice under the present law enforcement system and it is only through intensifying their own struggles that they can defend themselves.… Read More