Month: December 2013

CPI-ML New Democracy

Homage to Com. Madala Narayan Swamy, Central Leader of CPI(ML)-New Democracy

Nearly two months short of hundred years, veteran communist revolutionary leader and central leader of CPI(ML)-New Democracy Com. Madala Narayan Swamy (MNS) breathed his last on December 9, 2013 in a nursing home in Guntur in Andhra Pradesh. Spanning eight decades of active communist work and taking active and leading role in two revolutionary periods that of Great Telangana Armed Struggle and the revolutionary movements after Naxalbari peasant armed struggle, three party phases of communist movement in India that of united CPI, CPM and CPI(ML), Com. MNS remained a steadfast revolutionary in thought and action till he breathed his last inspiring generations of communist revolutionary activists, particularly in Andhra Pradesh. Full of richness of his revolutionary experience, vastness of his field of action and consistency of his outlook and devotion to the revolutionary cause of Indian people, life of Com. MNS served and continues to serve as a shining example of all that was and is glorious in the revolutionary movement of the country. In his long life he remained steadfastly with the revolutionary movement and even with his death, his thought and actions will continue to guide CPI(ML)-New Democracy and the communist revolutionary movement of the country. Central Committee of CPI(ML)-New Democracy is proud of his long association with the Party and indebted to his untiring guidance and revolutionary zeal in advancing the revolutionary movement and Party’s influence.… Read More


Homage to Nelson Mandela

Symbol of South African people’s struggle against colonial white racist apartheid rule and first democratically elected President of South Africa, Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela breathed his last on 5th December 2013. Born in 1918 in Cape province, he studied law in Johannesburg and became a student organizer of ANC. He was among the founders of ANC Youth League, taking an active role in the struggle against white colonial apartheid regime. He became a prominent leader during ANC’s ‘defiance campaign’. He was repeatedly arrested on treason charges.

In the course of his participation in the ANC led struggle against white colonial regime, he drew close to communists and was inspired by Russian and Chinese revolutions. In 1952 he was arrested along with other leaders of ANC under Suppression of Communism Act and convicted under it.

 He was gradually convinced that white colonial regime could not be overthrown through peaceful means concluding ANC had no alternative to armed and violent resistance. He was convinced of the necessity of forming an armed wing of the movement. To this end, he formed an organization, Umkhonto we Sizwe (MK), along with communists of South Africa. After Sharpville massacre during anti-pass campaign during a rally organized by Pan African Congress (PAC), Mandela led a wide and sharp campaign throughout South Africa, working underground and organizing the resistance.… Read More