Month: July 2014

CPI-ML New Democracy

CC Statement on Gaza

Ground assault by Israel Army after heavy bombing for several days is one new chapter in Zionist crimes against Palestinians. Nearly 300 people, women and children, young and old have perished in these attacks. Brutality of the attacks is obvious from hospitals and schools being targeted. Unrelenting attacks on densely populated Gaza have made almost every Palestinian living in Gaza a target. A human catastrophe is being unleashed on Gaza by Zionist rulers. World people are angry and dismayed at this display of might against Palestinians.

Zionist rulers and their western imperialist backers with their control over international media have sought to portray this as Israeli response to abduction of three Jew youth in West Bank. This is only a cooked up excuse is obvious from not only its disproportionate nature but also the fact that kidnappings occurred in West Bank and this brutal military assault is being carried out against Gaza. Even if Israeli and western propaganda is believed, this collective punishment is colonial legacy which is proscribed under the international law.

This assault is Zionist Israeli rulers’ response to the unity forged between Hamas ruling in Gaza and Fatah ruling in West Bank. This unity achieved after painstaking efforts has deprived Zionist rulers and their western imperialist backers their pet excuse that Palestinians are divided so there is no partner for peace negotiations while the fact is that Zionist rulers do not want to have any peace talks at all.… Read More


Sand Workers Injured in Firing by Sand Mafia

Dozens of workers have been injured in firing by sand mafia on workers on 13th July morning. Of the injured, Bhaiyalal Nishad, s/o Ramchandra, r/o Kanjasa is serious with hundreds of pellet injuries, is admitted to Colvin hospital. Others include Radheyshyam Nishad and Ghanshyam r/o Kanjasa and Krishnanad and Lalji r/o Jalapur were treated at Jasra CHC.

Massive police mobilization was done by Alld administration after goons of sand mafia Ram Lochan Yadav, brother of SP MLA Vijma Yadav fired on the workers at Madaripur ghat today morning at 6 am. More than 3000 workers had gathered to protest illegal and unscrupulous lifting of dry river ghat sand by loader machines by Ram Lochan’s men. This illegal minning was being done under ‘watchful’ glare of senior officials of the district administration. Workers have been protesting this destruction of river ecology and their employment for long. They have also lodged protests against Rs 1200 excess charges imposed by mafia for permits.

Only recently, on June 20 workers had protested at Allahabad collectorate and then met the DM, Sri Guruprasad on 26th. He was extremely insensitive to the problem and had told sand workers that boats are not meant for sand mining and if they argue he will get all of them behind bars.Read More


Union Budget 2014-15: Ignoring the people, Caring for the corporate

Central Budget for 2014-15 presented by the Union Finance Minister today has been in macroeconomic sense a continuation of neoliberal model of Manmohan Singh- Chidambaram. It ignores the big concerns of people which BJP emphasized during recent election campaign like price-rise, unemployment and declining economic growth. No concrete measures have been announced on addressing rise in the prices of essential commodities. Moreover Govt. decisions like raising railway fare and freight, increasing prices of petroleum products including kerosene and cooking gas will fuel further price rise increasing economic burden on the common people already groaning under economic hardships. Similarly the Union Budget is devoid of any measures of addressing stagnation in industry and agriculture, the core sectors of economy providing employment to large sections of people. Finance Minister has resorted to tokenism in addressing these serious issues and setting up committees. BJP Govt. has lived up to Modi’s announcement of adhering to Manmohan Singh’s economic policies and Arun Jaitley sounded like his predecessor in announcing schemes after schemes with token allotments, mostly recycled and renamed versions of the existing schemes, while giving largesse to foreign and domestic corporate. This budget shows that Modinomics is but a continuation of Manmohanomics. He even retained fudging of Budget figures which BJP had criticized while in opposition like figures for revenue (an increase of 17%) etc.… Read More


Anti-people Railway Budget

Having already inflicted on the people of the country the most steep hike in railway fares and freight charges, Railway Budget presented by Union Minister Sadanand Gowda is bereft of any succor to the people. Having heaped such a burden on the people, it is cynical on part of railway minister to claim that he could not burden the passengers.

Outlining the policy direction of Modi Govt. Railway Budget looks to FDI and Private Public Partnership even for providing foot bridges and escalators on railway stations. Foreign and domestic corporate investment in railways would add burden on the people as this investment would come only for extraction of maximum profits whose burden would ultimately be borne by the common people. In fact, Modi Govt. like its predecessor cannot look beyond FDI and doing everything to facilitate high profits for corporate. With operational costs amounting to 94% of total receipts and Govt. unwilling to make investments, the ground is prepared for large scale privatization of Indian railways.

Union Railways Minister has continued with privatization spree and contractualization of workforce. Cleanliness on railway stations is being outsourced. All this is being done in the name of cleanliness while engaging contractors has already played havoc with pantry services with low quality and high cost of food served in trains and also other services.… Read More


BJP’s Communal Designs Condemned

UP Committee of CPI(ML) New Democracy has condemned the BJP’s nefarious plan to unleash communal violence in Uttar Pradesh utilizing the minor controversy over installation of a loud speaker in a Shiva temple in village Akbarpur Chanderi near Kanth. Moradabad. BJP MPs Sarvesh Kumar Singh and Satyapal Saini, notorious Sardhana MLA Sangeet Som, MLA Rajesh Chunnu and others have come from outside and have been camping in the area for last 20 days, making determined effort to unleash violence against the majority Muslims of the village by whipping up emotions around the temple and using the loud speaker as an excuse.

The temple, used mainly by approximately 10% dalit population of this Muslim majority village has been using loud speakers only on special occasions like Shivratri that too hiring it. After the parliamentary elections, Moradabad MP Sarvesh Kumar Singh gave money for purchasing and installing a loudspeaker. While the loud speaker had been installed on June 16, it is claimed to have been removed by district authorities on June 29 after compromise between the communities. The Mahapanchayat plan and the vicious communal campaign by RSS and its various wings have been unleashed by persons entirely from outside the village and area.… Read More