Month: October 2014


The rise of BJP in Maharashtra – Pravin Nadkar

 2014 Assembly Election results in Maharashtra are indicative of the changing equations in Maharashtra’s political arena. At the time of writing this article, BJP is undecided about its choice of alliance partner and looks as though this Diwali in Maharashtra will have to go without the name plate at the CM office in Mantralaya. Voters in Maharashtra have fallen short of giving a clear majority to the BJP. Regional parties like Shiv-Sena, MNS and NCP were rejected by the voters, who gave maximum number of seats to the BJP. The party however is now compelled to find a partner among these regional forces to lay its claim to Government formation in the state. As such, BJP has done remarkably well in Maharashtra by winning maximum seats on its own. Without having a network of party cadres comparable to Congress, NCP and Shiv Sena, it has stormed other party citadels in Mumbai, Western Maharashtra, Marathwada and Northern Maharashtra. Congress fought the Elections with a losers’ mentality and the leaders of the Party were busy safeguarding their own individual vested interests. The agenda of the so called development program of the Manmohan Singh Government was successfully utilized by BJP to favorably mobilize the voters for its own victory.… Read More

Communalism Ruling Class

Press Release – An Investigation into Communal Violence in Trilokpuri

The morning papers of 26th October 2014 carried news of communal clashes in Trilokpuri area with policemen among 14 injured, gunshot injuries and police claims of the situation as ;tense but under control’. The police also claimed that aman committees have been set up in the area.

The undersigned three member team from two progressive organizations of Delhi- Advocate Ms. Poonam Kaushik, General Secretary and Advocate Ms. Shobha, President of Pragatisheel Mahila Sangathan (PMS) and Rajesh, Delhi Committee Member of Indian Federation of Trade Unions (IFTU) visited Trilokpuri area on Sunday 26th October. We saw the people sitting at the Mata ki Chowki in Block 20 (few youth who locals said were unemployed), residents of Block 20, Block 26, and of Sanjay Camp just adjacent to Block 27. We met the ACP of the area and also tried to meet the DCP.

The facts that we could ascertain were briefly as follows. Trilokpuri is a resettlement colony set up since 1975, with residents having 22 yards plots. Residents of the area are mostly Dalits (Valmikis) and Block 27 and Sanjay Camp are overwhelmingly Muslim populated. The Councillor of the area is Gurmeet Kaur (Congress); MLA is Raju Dhingan (AAP) and MP Mahesh Giri (BJP).… Read More

Labour Laws Ruling Class

Modi Govt. bares its anti-worker fangs

The so-called labour reforms announced by Narendra Modi on 16th October 2014, a day after polling in Haryana and Maharashtra, are a proclamation of blatantly pro-corporate and anti-worker measures unfettered by immediate electoral considerations. The operative measure announced by it is further chaining of labour dept. machinery in the name of doing away of ‘Inspector Raj”. In place of filling up 16 forms of compliance with labour laws, companies will fill one single, self-attested form. Even with sixteen forms, labour laws are better characterized by their violations. A large number of workers are without basic rights like minimum wage, PF and ESI. According to Labour Dept. figures, in the industrial establishments in the capital Delhi, nearly 93% workers do not have these basic rights. Situation is equally bad, if not worse, in the industrial areas elsewhere. This is due to corrupt anti-worker character of labour law machinery which abets these violations unless and to the degree forced by the working class movement.

Thus the most lethal provision in the new dispensation will be inaction on complaints against violations unless inspection is allowed by ‘central authority’, which is an amorphous term. The net result will be that the changes will also be unnecessary.… Read More

Communalism Imperialism Ruling Class

Modi Govt. Unleashes Anti-People Measures After Assembly Elections

Assembly elections in Maharashtra and Haryana have demonstrated continuing trend of collapse of Congress and decline of caste based regional parties resulting in BJP getting a majority in Haryana and emerging as the single largest party in Maharashtra. With little to separate the ruling class parties in terms of economic policies and on the issues affecting the common people, money power and support of corporate media became decisive in favour of BJP. BJP openly sold its tickets to highest bidders fielding a large number of super rich candidates. However, the hope with which BJP had snapped ties with Shiv Sena to form a single party govt. in a large state like Maharashtra has been belied and only an alliance can assume power which would not be difficult given the rank opportunism of ruling class parties.

In the months after May 2014 Lok Sabha elections, Modi Govt. has focused on showcasing its ‘achievements’ in foreign policy and ‘increasing’ India’s standing on global scene. What Modi Govt. has specifically done is to draw India deeper into US embrace. Tensions with neighbouring countries Pakistan and China have been escalated to justify this embrace in public opinion. Modi’s visit to Japan, Australian PM’s visit to India and Modi’s visit to USA have all been hailed as successes irrespective of the specific agreements forged or Indian interests secured while Chinese President’s visit was continuously bogged down in border tensions during the days of his visit.… Read More


Condemn Turkish Bombing of PKK; Support Kobane

Support Kurdish Struggle for their national aspirations
In the backdrop of declining power of US imperialism and rising anger of the people of West Asia, turmoil in the Middle-East intensifies. To divert the people’s struggles in Arab countries and to drown upswing in people’s struggles in sectarian bloodshed, imperialism and reactionaries have lifted a huge stone which is crushing their feet. There is widespread anger in the Arab countries against US led wars of aggression and US imperialism led expropriation of their natural resources.
US imperialism is back to bombing IS targets in Iraq and Syria with Arab monarchies in tow. Islamic State controls vast swathe of land in Iraq and Syria withstanding US led bombing campaign and is posing an existential threat to the Arab monarchies, particularly Saudi monarchy, a pillar of imperialist influence in the region. IS, a conglomerate of different forces particularly Salafi Islamists, Muslim Brotherhood and Bathists, is fighting several battles, directed against western imperialist powers and their cronies but also against minorities in the region.
This turmoil has given an opportunity to the long suppressed Kurdish nationality inhabiting several countries of the region. In Iraq, Kurdish autonomous region has resisted onslaught of IS. In Sinjar mountain while US trained Iraqi Army had abandoned them without even giving weapons to them for self-defence, it was PKK and its supporters in Syria and Iraq who had defended them.… Read More


Sarada Scam in West Bengal – Behind a Shadow economy

By Amit Chakraborty (New Democracy News)
The Sarada scam in West Bengal has created a sensation. The Sarada group, a consortium of over 200 companies that claimed to run a wide variety of schemes, has bankrupted lakhs of small investors robbing them of their life savings. The multi-level marketing scheme of the group — a Ponzi scheme — has taken its toll.
The scam highlights the failure of the Trinamool Congress led government and its regulatory agencies to rein in the mushrooming of multi level marketing companies in the name of chit fund companies in West Bengal. It also brings under the scanner the Trinamool Congress’ close relationship with the group.
The group collected an estimated amount of INR 200–300 billion (USD 4–6 billion) from over 1.7 million depositors before collapsing in April 2013. The Government of West Bengal, where the Sarada Group and the majority of investors were based, constituted an Enquiry Commission to investigate the scam. They set up a fund of INR 5 billion ($92M) to ensure that low-income investors are not bankrupted. The Central Government through the Income Tax Department and Enforcement Directorate also launched a multi-agency probe to investigate the Sarada scam, as well as other similar Ponzi schemes.… Read More


Appeal for help to Cyclone Affected People of AP and Odisha

Cyclone Hudhud which had a land fall at Vishakhatnam on October 12, has caused deaths and vast destruction in the North Andhra coastal districts of Visdhkhapatnam and Vijainagram besides causing damage in Shrikakulam district and several districts of South Odisha. In worst hit Vishakhapatnam, several bastis have been wiped out and tens of thousands of people rendered without shelter and support. Communications in the affected areas have been disrupted. People’s sufferings knows no bounds while Govt.’s assistance has been slow and small.
Natural calamities find Indian rulers totally unprepared to tackle the havoc unleashed on people’s lives. Despite warnings adequate precautionary measures are not taken and advance preparations are not made for even expected effects of these calamities. Besides policies of rulers being responsible for the destructive effects of natural calamities, their niggardly approach to the difficulties of the people show their utter anti-people character. They remain busy with aerial surveys and sound bites while on the ground people continue to suffer from entirely anticipated effects of such calamities.
CPI(ML)-New Democracy expresses its deep concern at the slow pace and inadequacy of relief work. Central Govt. has yet not declared it as a national calamity. Adequate steps are not being taken to restore communication and provide basic needs to the people.… Read More



Many changes have occurred for the young in India. Some happened slowly over the years. The rise in access to television and radio leading to spread of information, to rise of knowledge about consumer products including appliances to lighten household work. Young women and girls opting for education and careers and professions, initially as pioneers. Rising prices and the need for a double income increasing the demand for working girls for marriages. In the background, the comparative falling income from agriculture, making it necessary for some sons of a family to leave home for education and jobs. And over the past two decades the tremendous increase in jobs especially in IT sector and in call centres and in scope of higher education due to privatization, and the crisis in agriculture fuelling seekers of such opportunities. Girls go to schools in tremendously increasing numbers, not just to make better marriages but for careers, for higher education and jobs. The phenomenon has penetrated rural India and girls are increasingly coming to small towns and even living in large cities in hostels, in rented accommodation in groups, to acquire education with potential for jobs and also to do these jobs in bigger cities and in the metros.… Read More


Report on alleged plan of cow slaughter in JJ Colony Bawana



A team comprising of Dr. Mrigank (Delhi Committee, Indian Federation of Trade Unions, IFTU), Poonam Kaushik (Gen. Secy. Pragatisheel Mahila Sangathan, PMS), Rajeev (Convener, Progressive Democratic Students’ Union, PDSU) visited JJ Colony Bawana and made investigations into the reports of alleged planned cow slaughter and intimidation of Muslims.

[scribd-doc doc=”242200624″ key=”6WpBnUsqtpYjCBlTMRBX”]… Read More