Month: November 2014

Imperialism Ruling Class

Barddhaman Blast – Beyond the mainstream narrative – Amit Chakraborty

It is interesting to note that chief minister of West Bengal in a public meeting on 24th october stated Barddhaman blast which occurred on 2nd October 2014 in Khagragarh could be a conspiracy hatched by Indian intelligence agency Research & Analysis wing( RAW). This statement created a furore among RSS-BJP leaders along with the parliamentary oppositions including mainstream lefts. Ms. Mamata Banerjee also said that she was in central government for 23 years and she knows how things happen!

Sarada scam has defamed Trinamool Government putting two of its MP’s into jail and at present CBI is putting pressure on Ms. Mamata Banerjee, this must have prompted her to put forward this sort of serious allegation . Shamik Bhattacharya, the newly elected BJP MLA from Basirhat stated that Ms. Mamata Banerjee is the only chief minister of India who has alleged RAW in this way and also criticized her sense of nationalism. Siddhartha Nath Singh, BJP leader also criticized her. Question may be raised why Ms. Banerjee who claims to be very honest tolerated this sort of conspiracy organized by RAW for last 23 years.

But whatever may be the intention of Ms. Banerjee this statement needs serious appraisal.… Read More


Observe December 6 as Anti-Communalism Day – CPI(ML)-New Democracy Central Committee Call

On this day in 1992 RSS-BJP hordes in league with Congress led Govt. at the Centre demolished Babri Masjid. It was followed by large scale killings of Muslims who came out to protest in police firing and in organized rioting. This day reminds the Indian people of the challenge posed by Hindu communal forces to the unity of the people. It symbolizes attempts by most reactionary sections to deny dynamism of Indian society and its composite culture and heritage. It also symbolizes the attempt of Indian ruling classes to sow communal hatred and discord to push their anti-people economic policies. It also underscores the need to fight these forces and their nefarious designs in the service of imperialists and their Indian lackeys to disrupt the unity of Indian people. Since 1992 we have been observing December 6 as Anti-Communalism Day.

The observance of this day assumes special significance this year with RSS-BJP having captured power at the Centre in May 2014. For their advent to power they orchestrated a campaign of communal polarization and organized large scale communal violence in certain regions and communal campaign everywhere. Since their advent to power this campaign has assumed dangerous proportions along with already existing deep communalization of state agencies.… Read More

IFTU Labour Laws Protests Trade Union

AP: Struggle of Aurobindo Pharma Workers – P. Prasad

(New Democracy News)

A struggle is on in Aurobindo Pharma Company of Srikakulam Dist of AP. These employees fought for the right of formation of union last year. They had resorted to 83 days’ strike from 7 -7-2013 to 1-10-2013. Arrests, false cases, kidnappings, suspensions dismissals etc. frequently took place then. However finally they got victory, with support of solidarity movement. Union registration was done. IFTU union is functioning for last one year, in successful manner. Union also strengthened with increase of 450 membership of chemists. With this new strength, our union gave a ‘charter of demands’ for wage revision to the management on 2-04-2014. In this background, ongoing struggle began.

In erstwhile regime of Chandra Babu, i.e. in between 1995 – 2004, many new industries as extensions of old units were established in North Andhra coastal region. Industrialists and corporate companies were encouraged by then Chandra Babu govt with tax concessions etc. One declared reason was to avoid pollution in Jeedimetla, Patancheru, Nacharam, Bala Nagar etc. industrial areas surrounding Hyderabad City. Aurobindo Pharma Unit was also established in Srikakulam District 13 years ago.

Then Chandra Babu Govt established mainly four industrial belts in this coastal region, Pydi Bhimavaram, Chilaka Palem, Pusapati Gega and Thagarapuvalasu.… Read More

Protests Ruling Class

J&K : Withdraw AFSPA

Kashmir is aflame again. The issue this time is Army firing at a white Maruti car in Budgam killing two of the five teenagers in it and badly injuring the other two. The Army said that the car refused to stop despite being flagged at three checkpoints. The SDM enquiry (SDM Budgam) and SSP have established that the car skidded out of control so could not stop and it finally hit a lamp post and stopped. An NDTV team reported it had seen the dented lamp post with bullet marks too. Locals state there is only one check post. The Army earlier said militants were in the car and had fired and injured two soldiers; later Rashtriya Rifles retracted and said news of militants coming was there and when the car did not stop, it was fired on. Many have commented that the firing to stop a car should be at the tyres; firing at the window screen is to kill not stop. One of the four occupants was a 14 year old teenager who was killed on the spot. The killings took place on Muharram day.

At the same spot three years earlier, the Army had fired on three soldiers ‘by mistake’ killing one.… Read More

AIKMS CPI-ML New Democracy

AIKMS Protest Dharna at Hyderabad – Don’t make it Telangana of suicides

Since the formation of Telangana state and the Government of TRS, during the last 4 to 5 months, more than 319 farmers have committed suicide. The agriculture in Telangana is mainly dependent on rain water and bore wells. There is a huge deficit in the rainfall leading to the drying up of the fields and loss of crops. In addition to this, there are huge electricity power cuts. This has further made the farmers at loss. Ultimately credits taken by farmers have increased.  All these have demoralized poor and middle farmers and drove them to commit suicides.

The government of Telangana is not timely responding to the needs of the farmers. It is not taking actions which provide succor to the farmer community. Even as the rate of farmer suicides has reached around 5 to 6 per day, the government has not action to help farmers. TRS had promised to waive the farmer loans during their election campaign but has not taken any decision on those lines after they came to power. Rather, it has taken a u-turn on this after its promise of waiver. No decision supporting the farmer’s needs has yet been taken.

With the demands of taking up the action against the suicides of farmers, demanding the removal of power cuts, providing 9 hours power supply to the farmers for agricultural usage, giving support prices for all the crops, compensating the lost crops and other issues, All India Kisan Mazdoor Sabha (AIKMS) , Telangana State Executive conducted a Dharna at Indira Park, Hyderabad on 30.10.2014.… Read More


Tribal leader Haribandhu Kadraka arrested on false charges for opposing Vedanta’s mining project

(New Democracy News)

A strong opponent of Vedanta’s mining of Niyamgiri hills, tribal leader of Rayagada district and Muniguda block president of Lok Sangram Manch (LSM) Com. Haribandhu Kadraka was arrested on 19th October on trumped up charges. This arrest is part of a sinister design to remove and intimidate opponents of mining in Niyamgiri to favour Vedanta. Naveen Patnaik, whose govt. had openly backed this project and has been the main promoter of illegal mining in Odisha as demonstrated by MB Shah Commission report and now bolstered by another supporter of Vedanta, Narendra Modi in power at the Centre, is out to crush the movement against illegal mining.

On 19th October Com. Haribandhu Kadraka was called by inspector-in-charge of local police station that the SP wants to meet him. After reaching the police station in the afternoon he was told that SP is waiting at the nearby Bissum Cuttack police station and pursued him to go there. Haribandhu after reaching Bissum Cuttack did not find the SP there but was forced to board in a bolero by armed police present there and subsequently he was taken to the district police headquarters at Rayagada. There he was leveled false allegations and the SP, SDPO and other police officers present there abused him in filthy language.… Read More