Month: December 2014


Rape in Uber Cab in Delhi – The MNC and the Comprador vs. Women’s Security

On the evening of 5th December2014, a young lady executive of an MNC in Gurgaon attended a party with her friends in a nearby area and was dropped by a friend to South Delhi around 10pm. From here she took an Uber cab for Inderlok. Taking advantage of the fact that the girl slept off in the cab, the driver switched off his phone and thereby the GPS or tracking device on it activated the baby lock system so that the girl could not open the car doors to escape and raped her. He silenced her by threatening her with a rod and himself citing the fate of the 2012 victim of 16th December. He then threatened her against telling the police and dropped her home. However she photographed the registration plate of the cab with her mobile and reached the police the same night (1.30am). The outcry in Delhi forced the Central Govt’s Home Minister to act fast to deflect attention from the role of the police. He made a statement in Parliament assuring justice, banning Uber in Delhi until it gets a license to operate and calling on all states to impose such a ban.

Subsequently, a wealth of information surfaced revealing much about the various aspects involved.… Read More

CPI-ML New Democracy Imperialism Protests Ruling Class

Another Black Law : Consign it to the dustbin of history – S. Mahil

First choice of Indian and international corporate, Narendra Modi, is at the helm of affairs as Prime Minister of India. Modi, even before coming to power had clearly said that he will not only continue the policies followed by Dr. Manmohan Singh, he will deliver where Manmohan failed to deliver. It makes the direction of the Modi government very clear. UPA govt. signed many memoranda of understanding with Indian and Multinational Companies but most of those could not be put into effect because of people’s resistance against the govt. efforts at displacing them to acquire land. Now it is more than clear that Modi govt. is going to adopt all methods of high-handedness and resort to brutal repression to fulfill the promises given to the corporate. Statements rejecting any dialogue with Maoists, sending of more forces and allotting of more funds for suppression of “left wing extremism”, retrogressive and anti-worker amendments in labour laws and proposal of anti-people amendments in Land Acquisition Act clearly show the direction of Modi government. Following the footsteps of its senior partner, Punjab government led by Prakash Singh Badal is moving in the same direction. Punjab government brought a draconian law, named “Prevention of Damage to the Public and Private Property Act, 2014” in the last session of Vidhan Sabha, which was summarily passed without any opposition by Congress party, the only opposition party in the assembly.… Read More


Mark 16th December a day of struggle against sexual violence against women

Fight Back Sexual Violence Against Women!

Punish the guilty of Sexual Violence!

No to Khap panchayats, ‘honour killings’ and ‘Love Jihad’ myths!

16th December 2014 would mark two year since the brutal, inhuman gang rape and physical violence against a young woman in Delhi resulting in her death. This evoked upsurge of students, youth, women and citizens of Delhi and many other parts of the country. This countrywide upsurge brought focus on the sexual violence against women in different spheres. This Day should be observed as Day against sexual violence against women in different spheres, in public places, at work place, in homes, during communal violence, against dalit women.

Under the pressure of the movement Govt. formed Verma Commission which made several suggestions and for some time change was seen in the dealing of the state and judicial authorities in cases of sexual violence against women, at least in major cities. However the suggestions too were overlooked. The Act on Sexual Harassment at Work Place is pro-employer ad anti-woman employee on the demands of corporate. Registration of cases in sexual violence is still carelessly done, and speedy justice still not answerable except in certain high publicity cases.

In communal violence targeting Muslims in Muzaffarnagar last year started by Hindutva organizations and carried on in connivance with state agencies, Muslim women were gang raped.… Read More