Month: January 2015

CPI-ML New Democracy Imperialism Protests


President of the biggest imperialist power, USA, Barrack Obama is coming to India. USA is engaged in a number of wars in third world countries for controlling their natural resources, trade routes and establishing its military bases in all parts of world. Its hands are soiled with the blood of millions of people of oppressed countries. It is behind almost all the wars being waged around the world. It is bombing a number of countries of middle-east and Africa and also Afghanistan and Pakistan. It bullies, threatens and causes subversion in a number of countries. Though facing setbacks in its wars of aggression and economic crisis at home, imperialist America, like a leopard, cannot change its spots.
Obama is coming to India to seek greater avenues for its giant MNCs to exploit rich natural resources of the country, cheap labour power and extensive markets. It is seeking to force the Govt. of India to change its Nuclear Liability Law to sell it nuclear reactors. It is seeking to deepen strategic defence partnership with India to sell its military equipment as well as further India’s involvement in its efforts to contain rising China. It is seeking greater market access for its companies in different fields of economic life.… Read More


Sixth Conference of POW (Telengana) Successfully Held in Khammam

The sixth Conference of Progressive Organization of Women (POW) was held in Khammam, Telengana (It was the first conference of POW Telengana) on 4th and 5th January 2015. This was preceded by a rally and mass meeting by POW on 3rd January.
More than 10,000 women mostly holding red flags of POW, marched through Khammam town in a blaze of red from S.R. & B.G.N.R. College grounds to Pavilion grounds in a two and a half kilometer trek on 3rd afternoon. Preceded by Arunodaya activists who sang and danced folk dances (similar to dandiya) through the streets, they attracted the town’s population to come out of offices and homes to watch the procession. The rally was headed by flag and banner bearing executive committee members of POW Telengana along with guests from sister organizations of AP, Punjab and Delhi along with other guests.
The mass meeting at Pavilion grounds was packed with scintillating and colourful performances by Arunodaya teams of the various districts. Com Jhansi (President POW Telengana) conducted the proceedings. Chief Guest Shanta Sinha (erstwhile chairperson of National Childs Rights Committee, currently with Central University Hyderabad and also a founder member of POW) was the first speaker. She emphasized on the need to involve men in the defence of women’s rights, and placed the need for more schools equipped with basic services to cater to education needs.… Read More


A deluge of protests by Bidi Workers against 
Telangana Government – D.V. Krishna

An upsurge of protest of Bidi Workers is fast unfolding in 4 northern districts of Telangana (Viz: Nizamabad, Adilabad, Karimnagar and Medak) against the non-implementation of K.C.R.’s election promise of paying a special livelihood allowance of Rupees one thousand per month to all bidi workers presently working and those who had stopped working after their superannuation.
K.C.R and his party, Telangana Rashtra Samithi, had promised to pay each bidi worker in the state an amount of Rs. 1000/- per month, as a special Livelihood Allowance, if their party is elected to power. This promise was widely propagated through half page commercial advertisements in the daily newspapers. It was also propagated through advertisements in T.V. channels. Further, Telangana Rashtra Samithi’s Trade Union Wing (TRSKV) had published lakhs of pamphlets and distributed amongst the Bidi Workers. K.C.R. and other leaders of T.R.S. had reiterated this promise in umpteen election public meetings.
This helped sway seven lakh bidi workers and their family members to vote for T.R.S. candidates. As a result, TRS got all M.P. seats in 4 districts of Northern Telangana. It won all the Assembly seats in Nizamabad and Adilabad Districts. It won overwhelming majority seats in Karimnagar and Medak Districts also.… Read More

IFTU Trade Union

IFTU hails the success of the all-India strike of the coal workers

The Indian Federation of Trade Unions (IFTU) congratulates the coal workers of the Public sector coal industry for the overwhelming success of the all-India strike beginning from 6th January 2015 and calls upon them to continue this historic united struggle against the anti-worker, anti-national policy of the Modi Govt. More than 90% of the over 3.5 lakh workers in the various subsidiaries of Coal India and the Singareni Colliery Company Ltd. (SCCL) went on strike on 6th Jan., the first day of the five day strike call initiated jointly by the central trade unions recognized by the govt. in the coal industry and supported by IFTU. The recognized union in SCCL which is linked to the TRS party however has not supported the strike.

The strike has been called to oppose the Modi Govt.’s attempts to privatize the public sector coal industry. IFTU has demanded that the Govt. immediately withdraw the Coal Mines (Special Provisions) Ordinance 2014 which clears the way for large scale entry of the Corporates into the coal mining sector not only for their captive use for power plants, steel plants etc. but also for direct sale of coal in the market which has hitherto been restricted to the public sector companies.… Read More

CPI-ML New Democracy Land Struggles Mining

Call for Protests Against Ordinance Amending LARR 2013 – Oppose & Defeat Offensive of Modi Govt.

Central Committee of CPI(ML)-New Democracy strongly condemns the Ordinance promulgated by Central Govt. amending law governing the land acquisition – The Right to Fair Compensation and Transparency in Land Acquisition, Rehabilitation and Resettlement Act, 2013 (LARR). Promulgation of this Ordinance is not only against political morality and parliamentary propriety but is sinister attack on the peasants including tribals and also on the people as well as national interests. Modi Govt. has sought to carry out the most important part of the agenda of the foreign and Indian corporate who were instrumental in bringing Modi led Govt. to power.
This Ordinance seeks to negate the changes that UPA Govt. was forced to introduce under the pressure of peasants’ struggle against forcible displacement and attack on their land and means of livelihood. These struggles had swept the country- Kalinganagar, Anti-Posco, Niyamgiri, Singur, Nandigram, Raigarh, Kakrapally, Dadri, Karchana, Bhatta Parsaul, Gangavaram and several others challenged the central and state govts. who were handing over their land to foreign and Indian corporate. People gave supreme sacrifice of giving their lives but refused to give their land. These struggles brought changes in the colonial Land Acquisition Act, 1894 on the agenda. Though UPA Govt. did not accede to the demand for no forcible displacement, it was forced to make certain changes to address some of the defects of the earlier law.… Read More