Month: March 2015

CPI-ML New Democracy PSU

Statement Condemning Lathicharge on Students in Punjab

Central Committee of Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist)-New Democracy strongly condemns the brutal lathicharge on the students in Nawanshahr in Punjab on March 26, 2015. 13students including girl students were injured, 10 of them are in Govt. hospitals while the rest have been treated at private clinics. Students were protesting under the banner of Punjab Students Union (PSU) against failure of the college managements to reimburse the fees charged from Scheduled Castes (SC) and Other Backward Classes (OBC) students against the Govt. order of not charging fees from students of these categories.
Managements of K.C. College of Engineering, Doaba College of Engineering and Reyat College of Engineering charged fees from the SC and OBC students. PSU led the protests against this illegal extortion from students by these managements. District Administration organized a meeting between the managements of these colleges and agitating students. In this meeting it was decided that fees collected would be reimbursed from February 17th. However, college managements violated this agreement and failed to reimburse the fees collected. Students had assembled to protest against flouting of this agreement when they were surrounded by the state police and brutally lathicharged injuring several of them.
This police action shows that ruling Akali Dal-BJP Govt.… Read More

Communalism Ruling Class

Oppose Hashimpura Verdict

CPI(ML)-New Democracy expresses its grave concern at the acquittal by the Sessions Court of all accused of the cold blooded killings of 42 Muslims of Hashimpura (Meerut) on May 22, 1987 by UP Provincial Armed Constabulary. This verdict, 28 years after, has clearly demonstrated the deep communalism seeping through different wings of the state. It is not mere miscarriage of justice but systematic annihilation of justice to the minorities, particularly Muslims. The way the killings were carried out, the way the case was dealt, the way prosecution was conducted and the judgement itself brought into sharp focus the utter contempt of rule of law and justice to the citizens of minority community.

These cold blooded killings were carried out by the PAC on the orders of Union Home Ministry which ordered that “lesson should be taught” to the Muslims protesting against opening of locks of the then Babri Masjid in April 1987. This was the period when Congress, then ruling both at the Centre and in UP, was unleashing Hindu communal frenzy to garner votes of majority community. The then Union Minister of State for Home is reported to have ordered “crush them”. Every protest by Muslims against the communal act of opening the locks of Babri Masjid was converted into “riots” with indiscriminate police attacks on the protesting Muslims.… Read More


Observe 23rd March as Anti-imperialist Day

On 23rd March 1931, Bhagat Singh, Rajguru and Sukhdev offered supreme sacrifice to free Indian people from the yoke of colonial rule. Their martyrdom is a shining example of the sacrifices given by the people of India in the course of freedom struggle. However, the ruling classes which came to power as a result of transfer of power by British imperialist rulers, have sought to keep India perpetually dependent on imperialism and keep India as a happy hunting ground for imperialist capital. The dreams of these great martyrs were not fulfilled in 1947 and the dreams for which they laid down their lives are yet to be realized. Their martyrdom has inspired and continues to inspire people of the country in their struggle against imperialist exploitation and rule of reactionary classes subservient to imperialist powers, in their struggle for a new India, genuinely independent and democratic.
This struggle has become all the more necessary and urgent as the present rulers have moved on to increase the stranglehold of imperialist capital on all aspects of economic life of the country. Their new economic policies represented intensification of imperialist loot and plunder of the country in which Indian comprador corporate, acted as partners.… Read More

Ruling Class

Progressivism versus Religious Sectarianism – P. Nadkar

Ideology in social life for human beings is as important as oxygen for life. The shared beliefs and values common to social communities are part of the intangible culture of the given social communities. These social beliefs and values sometimes need to be questioned and even challenged. When they are challenged, it becomes uncomfortable for the vested interests linked to the ruling classes in the society. These vested interests linked to the economically powerful sections of the society act in their service to effectively propagate and mould the social thought system of the society. Communal sectarianism is on the rise in our country. This phenomenon has paid rich electoral dividends to a section of ruling classes. They are doing everything to boost and defend this way of thinking in our society.
CPI leader Govind Pansare (popularly called as Com. Pansare) had embarked on the path of confronting this phenomenon. He challenged the myths floated and lies told about the social and political history of Maharashtra. His murder by unknown hitters who fired bullets on him and his wife Uma Pansare was a reaction to his bold mission to challenge the obscurantist notions prevailing in the society and his opposition to the political patrons upholding those values.… Read More


Lift the Ban on Documentary ‘India’s Daughter’

The short-sighted, reactive ban on the documentary ‘India’s Daughter’ by the RSS-BJP Govt. at the Centre must be harshly condemned. It is trying to project its indefensible act in the name of “nationalism” vis a-vis Congress as permission for filming the documentary was given in UPA’s tenure. It is its defensive response to the fact that the opinions expressed by the convict not only exactly match that of his lawyer, but are also the outdated anti-women views to which RSS itself subscribes. And these views are evoking outrage not admiration. Many of the RSS-BJP’s leaders have advocated the view that women should abide by ‘Lakshman Rekhas’ and a godman went on to say that the victim of the 16th December gangrape should have pleaded with the rapists as ‘brothers’; i,e, the essential position that women who get raped have only themselves to blame. This is insulting to women and a blatant lie.
That this thinking is prevalent widely in semi-feudal India is no secret and its root lies in the decadent social structure which allows patriarchy to flourish. It is also the thinking of the powerful in India- whether landlords, khaps, goons and mafia in rural India or many godmen, judges, editors, politicians of various ruling class parties and so on.… Read More

Ruling Class Semi-feudal

Land Acquisition Ordinance is anti farmer – Bhalachandra

In contrast to its promise of bringing “Good Days” for the people, the Modi Govt has once again declared a war against the common people of the country, the farmers. The recently promulgated Land Acquisition Ordinance by the Central Govt. is not only against political morality and parliamentary propriety but also a sinister attack on the rights of the peasants including tribals and also on the national interests. By bringing this ordinance Modi Govt. has only tried to carry out the most important part of the agenda of the foreign and Indian corporate that were instrumental in bringing his Govt. to power.
The Ordinance which is meant to amend the Land Acquisition Act, does not merely expand the list of projects that would be exempted from requirements of consent and Social Impact Assessment but also quietly makes other provisions in the law less stringent. Apart from diluting the definition of ‘public purpose’ and ‘private company’ it also dilutes the requirement that unused acquired land be returned to the original owners, makes it tougher to prosecute defaulting civil servants, reduces the scope of the retrospective clause and expands the definition of permissible infrastructure.
The present law, ‘The Right to Fair Compensation and Transparency in Land Acquisition, Rehabilitation and Resettlement Act’ was enacted by the UPA Govt in 2013.… Read More