Month: October 2015

Communalism Protests

Joint Protest in Delhi against Dadri lynching

Prime Minister Modi, Speak up on Dadri

Stop Dividing People on Communal Lines.

Progressive and democratic organizations came together in Delhi in the first major protest since Muzzafarnagar against the drive for communal polarization by Hindutva forces as also the first major protest against the Dadri lynching. On Sunday the 11th of October 2015, Delhi Committee of Indian Federations of Trade Unions(IFTU), PDSU (Delhi), NBS(Delhi), Pragatisheel Mahila Sangathan PMS) along with several student, youth, women, trade union and democratic rights organizations like Janhastakshep as well as progressive and democratic individuals held a march from Mandi House demanding that Prime Minister Modi speak up on Dadri , that Cabinet Minister and MP from Dadri Mahesh Sharma be removed from the Central Ministry and the guilty of the lynching be speedily punished. Over 800 people including over 300 working class activists and leaders, students and youth from several organizations and a large number of working class women many clutching the hands of their small children, as well as several intellectuals gathered at Mandi House to march to the Prime Minister’s residence. The march was flagged off by veteran Human Rights activist and ex President of PUCL Justice Rajinder Sacchar who was introduced by Shri Pankaj Singh, poet and member of Janhastakshep.… Read More


Turkey : Bomb Blasts at Peace Rally

Peace Rally against growing attacks by Turkey state forces against Kurd fighters, called by Kurdish organizations and Labour Unions was disrupted by two bomb blasts which killed nearly a hundred people and seriously injured more than two hundred participants. Death toll is expected to rise as more and more people succumb to their injuries. These bomb blasts have come merely three weeks before the parliamentary elections in Turkey which ruling Peace and Development Party is determined to win. Since failing to win in last parliamentary elections largely due to strong showing by HDP supported by Kurds and a section of workers, Erdogan and AKP have torn away their ceasefire agreement with Kurds and launched a series of attacks against PKK intensifying armed conflict in Turkey. Earlier in June 2015 bomb blast had killed 32 Kurds in Suruc. HDP leader, Demitras, has blamed Turkish Govt. for these blasts. He has labeled Erdogan Govt. as ‘Mafia Govt.’ behaving like a ‘serial killer’. Rallies have been held across Europe against this attack on Peace Rally.

Ever since Muslim Brotherhood (MB), AKP being a new incarnation of MB, leader Erdogan, after the upswing in people’s struggles in Arab world, started executed his expansionist plans to countries of Middle-East and in particular toppling Assad regime in Syria to bring that country into its orbit, the conflict inside Turkey has grown.… Read More

Communalism IFTU

Press Statement on Arson at the house of Com. Radheyshyam


Early this morning the room from which IFTU National Committee member Com. Radheyshyam operates in Greater Noida was set on fire and more than 500 books, manuscripts and papers related to trade union work, photographs of great teachers of working class and great patriots like Bhagat Singh and Chandrashekhar Azad were totally gutted. Com. Radheyshyam is the ex-President of the Shramik Sangh of Denso India Ltd., a multinational company.

On 29th September Com. Radheyshyam had led a team of the workers’ leaders of the company to the home of their colleague whose brother, Aflaq Ahmed, was lynched in Bisada village the previous night. Aflaq had worked in Denso for some time as a temporary worker while his brother is a permanent workman of Denso. The arsonists specifically attacked this room; Com. Radheyshyam owns this flat but lives somewhere else. The room is above the floor which is empty and was left untouched. His relative lives on the ground floor and woke in the morning in time to see someone going out from the house. He found his house bolted from the outside and his power switched off from the meter. Meanwhile neighbour saw smoke emanating from the rood and alerted Com.… Read More


Statement Against Indian Govt.’s Big-brotherly Actions and Unofficial Blockade of Nepal

Central Committee of CPI(ML)-New Democracy strongly opposes the big brotherly attitude of the Indian Govt. towards Nepal. Indian govt. had tried to stop promulgation of the constitution in Nepal and had sent Foreign Secretary to pressurize the Nepal govt. and political parties. Since promulgation of the Constitution Indian Govt. has openly and blatantly interfered in the internal affairs of the neighbouring country by publicly demanding changes in their Constitution. Indian Govt. has sought to build pressure on the ruling establishment of Nepal by imposing an undeclared blockade of the land locked small neighbour. Hundreds of trucks are stranded at the check posts due to deliberate inaction of Indian authorities. The undeclared blockade has created shortages of fuel, medicines and other essential items.

CPI(ML)-New Democracy condemns this undeclared blockade and demands that Indian Govt. immediately resume supplies to Nepal. We also strongly condemn the open interference by Indian Govt. in the internal affairs of Nepal. It is not the first time that Indian Govt. has imposed blockade on Nepal. Rajiv Gandhi Govt. had done so in 1989 when the then Nepal Govt. had contracted purchase of some military equipment from China. This blackmail of Nepal is against the friendship of the people of India and Nepal.… Read More



Those employees of Denso India Limited (situated in NOIDA) who lived in Dadri learnt in the early hours of 29th September that the brother of one of their workers had been beaten to death late the previous night by a mob in his village Bishada situated 4 kms. north of Dadri. The son of the dead man had also been severely beaten and was fighting for life in a nearby hospital where had been admitted by the police.

Led by Com. Radheyshyam, Member of the National Committee of Indian Federation of Trade Unions (IFTU) and also ex-General Secretary of the Shramik Sangh along with Shri Vinod Bhati ex-President of Shramik Sangh and other workmen associated with the Shramik Sangh, a team of employees of Denso India Ltd. went to Bishada to console the workman Jan Mohammed and his family on 29th September, 2015. There they learnt the details of the horrible circumstances concerning these killings.

This village is the native village of Jan Mohammed (family has lived here for generations) who himself lives in Dadri and works as a technician in Denso India Ltd. His brother, Ikhlaq Ahmed (who was killed) worked as a blacksmith and was a living in the village.… Read More



The TRS government in the new State of Telangana seems to be toeing the same policy as adopted by the previous governments in regard to dealing with political activities of communist revolutionary organizations. The gunning down of two Maoists under the facade of `encounter’ is a testimony to the repressive approach that the government is adopting to contain a political movement, extra-judicial or fake encounter killings being a violent mode of state repression. It appears to be following a line of stifling any democratic protest against such killings as is clear from the way in which it tried to suppress the Chalo Assembly programme organized under the auspices of Telangana Democratic Forum.

 In the first place it is highly reprehensible that the police refused to give permission to the protest rally against the killing of Shruti and Vidyasagar in a fake encounter under the false plea that some anti-social elements were going to create trouble. The police in a big way began to arrest leaders of the TDF a day before and prevented people coming to Hyderabad from the districts.

 This morning the police arrested leaders of nine political parties, that included V. Venkataramaiah of CPI(ML) New Democracy, Veerabhadram (CPM), Chada Venkat Reddy (CPI), when they tried to take out a rally from the Sundaraiah Park.… Read More