Month: December 2015


Change the system to fight climate change

Agreement between states on Climate Change reached in Paris on December 12 marks expression on pious wishes on curtailing the climate change with little action to show for them. Moreover it marks a big victory for the imperialist countries particularly USA which pulled all strings to prevent actionable goals in the agreement. The Agreement has set a laudable target of containing rise in global temperature to 1.5 Celsius till the end of the present century compared to pre-industrial time i.e. 1850 but has not outlined any action to achieve the same. If the targets set by different countries are taken into account, the rise in temperature is estimated to be in the vicinity of 3 Celsius. It is estimated that if global temperature rise by over 2 Celsius sea levels would rise due to melting of ice caps thus drowning a number of countries and wiping them off the map of the world. This danger is creating pressure to contain the change in the climate. Paris Agreement is high on the noise but low on action.

First and foremost, the agreement does away with historical responsibility of the developed countries for over production of hydrocarbons responsible for the degradation of the environment.… Read More