Month: May 2016

AIKMS CPI-ML New Democracy

Brutal killing of tribal leader and AIKMS activist Comrade Adangu Gomango by Landlord goons

Comrade Adangu Gomango(55 years), one of the prominent leader of AIKMS (erstwhile Lok Sangram Manch) and a popular tribal leader of Ganjam district, was killed on the midnight of 22nd May 2016. He was cold bloodedly killed while sleeping on the veranda of his home.

Comrade Gomango came from a poor tribal family of Kumarabandha in Dharakote block of Ganjam district. He was active in organizing the poor people particularly the tribals in Ganjam district for the last 15 years. Even before joining the Lok Sangram Manch in 2001 he had been fighting for the cause of tribal people of his locality. He had earlier held the posts of  Dharakote block President and Ganjam dist President of Lok Sangram Manch. Under his leadership many struggles of the people, particularly tribals and dalits, over land, forest right, against the atrocities of police and forest officials and against caste oppression were held in Ganjam district. Though he was totally illiterate he was a good orator in his own tribal language i.e Soura and was having good organizing power. Three years back he was physically attacked by the armed goons of Bajrang Dal with the support of local landlords and ruling party leaders.… Read More

CPI-ML New Democracy

Observe 50 years of Launch of Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution

Half a century ago on this day, on May 16, 1966, Central Committee of the Communist Party of China adopted the Circular which is marked as the beginning of Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution in China. GPCR was an unprecedented mass movement targeting the capitalist roaders inside the leadership of the Communist Party of China and was aimed at preventing capitalist restoration in socialist China. GPCR enriched the Marxist-Leninist understanding of the class struggle after capture of political power by the working class and is an important part of Mao Zedong Thought which is further development of Marxism-Leninism, elevating it to new level of Marxism-Leninism-Mao Zedong Thought.

It was an established understanding of Marxism-Leninism that class struggle does not end with conquest of political power by the working class rather it is increased manifold under the new conditions. Remnants of the disempowered exploiting classes, petty bourgeois production which furnishes the class basis for the reversal of socialist construction and the capitalist elements in the superstructure in which they continue to exercise influence for a long period need be combated to fight against restoration of capitalism. Com. Mao showed that besides these, bureaucrats inside the party and state in socialism too are representatives of the capitalism.… Read More

Communalism Students

Jadavpur University students resist ABVP–RSS  communal  conspiracy

Jadavpur University students came to national news headline on 7th May, 2016. On 6th May the students of Jadavpur unitedly resisted the attack of ABVP-RSS goons in their campus. What happened on 6th May? During JNU incident and Rohit Vemula murder agitation Jadavpur students have shown strong solidarity that has annoyed BJP & RSS leadership. From that time they were planning to create communal tension within the campus, but very few students, only 10-20 out of 5000 students, were supporting them. They have floated a RSS backed platform “India Thinks” and planned to screen a film by Vivek Agnihotri on 6th May in Triguna Sen auditorium, Jadavpur. The Alumni association initially permitted them to screen but later on withdrew their permission. Students were ready to protest against the Hindutvawadi chauvinistic message of that film but had no objection regarding screening of that film. When the permission was withdrawn, ABVP with local lumpens assembled inside the Jadavpur University campus & started screening of that film in a ground. Hundreds of protesting students of all three faculties of university also started screening a film ‘Muzaffarnagar Baki Hai’ and shouting slogans against RSS-ABVP. Joint registrar of the University came to ABVP supporters and objected against screening of this film without permission.… Read More

CPI-ML New Democracy NDA Nepal

Statement Against Interference of Modi Govt. in the Internal Affairs of Nepal

Cancellation of the visit of President of Nepal and recall of the Nepal’s Ambassador to India have brought into sharp focus the extent to which Modi Govt. has soured relations with Nepal. Modi Govt.’s efforts to dislodge KP Sharma Oli Govt. have not been successful but these have further worsened relations between the two neighbours.

Indian Govt.’s opposition to the Constitution promulgated in Nepal and its blockade of Nepal to browbeat that small neighbour into accepting dictates of Indian Govt. have angered the people of Nepal. While Madhesis have been agitating for their legitimate grievances against the promulgated Constitution, Indian high handedness has turned people against their neighbour with whom they share a lot of ties. Modi Govt. was and is not bothered about grievances of Madhesis, it was just using the issue to teach a lesson to Nepal Govt. for not accepting the dictates of Indian Govt. Modi Govt. was further irked by Constitution declaring Nepal to be a secular state. It goes to the (dis)credit of Modi Govt. that it has turned the people of Nepal against itself by subjecting them to tremendous hardships in the thinly disguised blockade imposed by India. Going against the norms of international law governing transit rights of the landlocked countries, Modi Govt.… Read More