Month: September 2016

Communalism CPI-ML New Democracy

CPI(ML) Condemns communal killings of Muslims in Peda Village (Bijnor)

UP Committee of CPI(ML) ND strongly condemns the Bijnor administration, particularly SP Bijnor for manipulating the Peda village anti Muslim flare up to cover up and save the communal elements and the role of SI Anurag Chowdhary, local Jat landlords Sansar Singh, Pritam Singh and Manoj Lala who organized the attack yesterday on the houses of poor Muslim landless workers of Dhobi community.

CPI(ML) has  demanded

  1. Registration of cases against the guilty SI, policeman, Home guards and other accused. Immediate arrest of all the accused.
  2. Registration of a case of criminal conspiracy and abetment to communal disharmony against SP Bijnor.
  3. A Judicial enquiry into the incident, especially into the communal role of the police officials.
    Sections of the media have wrongly reported the incident as a clash between two communities. The entire attack was by Jat goondas belonging to a powerful family of Peda and the Home Guards on the Muslims. All the dead and injured are Muslims. They have also wrongly reported the matter as one of Muslim youth eve teasing Jat girls. The truth is that Jat boys were eve teasing Muslim girls going to school.
    As has been widely reported in local papers, several girls of Peda village go to study at their KPS school every day and assemble at the local bus stop at 8 am.
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CPI-ML New Democracy Land Struggles

14th September 2016 : CPI(ML)New Democracy Protest at Telengana Bhawan against Attack on Adivasis’ Land by TRS Govt.

On 14th September, Delhi Committee of CPI(ML) New Democracy organized a protest at Telengana Bhawan against the TRS Govt. in Telengana . This Govt. is attacking the podu lands and even the patta lands in the forests which are being cultivated by the adivasis. The TRS Govt. is acting in the name of protecting forest and is uprooting those who for centuries have lived in these forests and been both its inhabitants and its protectors. The irony is even more pronounced when it is remembered that the Telengana Govt. tamely allowed 7 mandals of predominantly forest area to be axed from Telengana to be drowned for the Polavaram Project though this was opposed by the entire spectrum of the movement for Telengana State including the TRS. The forests of Telengana are anyway covered under Schedule V of the Constitution and are directly under the protection of the President of India. The TRS Govt. has no right to seize the land of the adivasis.

Protestors gathered a short distance away from Telengana Bhawan and marched towards it holding up red flags and posters and raising slogans. The posters condemned the police actions against Adivasis in Telengana, burning of their huts, destruction of standing crops, beatings and lathi charges on protesting adivasis false cases and arrests especially in Khammam and Warangal Districts.… Read More

CPI-ML New Democracy Kashmir Revisionist Parties


Photos in the newspapers showing Hurriyat leaders refusing to talk to leaders of the parliamentary opposition parties including CPI & CPM, have served the cause of the Indian Govt. to portray the Kashmir leaders as rigid and unreasonable. Sitaram Yechury of CPM and D. Raja of CPI are all over the print media standing outside the residence of Hurriyat leader S. A. Geelani. This portrayal is meant to cover the fact that leaders of the parliamentary opposition parties had chosen to be part of the delegation led by the Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh whose ministry and Govt. is unleashing severe repression on the people of Kashmir including use of pellet guns which have blinded over a hundred. Nearly 70 Kashmiris, mostly youth, have been killed by the Govt. security forces in the recent crackdown. Prior to trying to meet the Hurriyat leaders, the parliamentary opposition parties had not even insisted that the Hurriyat leaders be released from detention. They were seen to be keen on talking down to Kashmir leaders in Govt. custody and the Hurriyat leaders refused to be treated in this way.

By participating in the delegation led by the Union Home Minister, the parliamentary opposition parties have sent a signal that they broadly endorse the route of repression taken by the Govt.… Read More

AIKMS Land Struggles Peasants

AIKMS Statement on Supreme Court Verdict on Singur

AIKMS Central Executive Committee has welcomed the Supreme Court verdict on Singur land acquisition, annulling the acquisition of 997 acres on grounds of lack of proper procedure and ordering the land be returned to the cultivators and owners. Though the judgement has not clarified how the sharecroppers and other dependents will be compensated, it has said that all 83% owners who took compensation will not have to return it and the remaining owners will be compensated for not having enjoyed possession their land for last many years.
CEC has demanded that since the entire acquisition process has been held to be illegally conducted and invalid, the state govt should immediately pay compensation to all the share croppers, landless workers and other dependents on this land for 12 years as they all depended on it for their living.
CEC, AIKMS also demanded that all financial burden of this should be recovered from Tatas.
The judgement squarely exposes the nefarious and illegal method in which farm lands are being acquired by ruling class parties to serve interests of corporate profits including of foreign exploiters, as against the interests of Indian people. It questions acquisition “of agricultural land under emergency clause for industrial projects of private companies”.… Read More

IFTU Protests Trade Union

Successful One Day Strike Emphasizes the Need To Intensify Struggle

The National Committee of the Indian Federation of Trade Unions extends revolutionary greetings to the working class of India for the successful one day strike on 2nd September 2016. IFTU calls on the Modi Govt. to heed the voice of the working class and to withdraw the anti- worker, anti- national policies of its Govt. We demand that Rs 18000 be fixed as minimum wage, labour laws be implemented , and the anti- worker changes being proposed in the major labour laws be scrapped, divestment in PSUs be stopped .

Today, IFTU units throughout the country implemented the strike call, along with other unions in some places and on its own in some places. In UCIL( Uranium Corporation of India Limited) in Tatanagar, IFTU workers started a day long dharna at the gate from 11am onwards. A lunch hour meeting was also held. One other union also participated. In Punjab,marches and road blocks were held by IFTU in Nawashahr, Jallander, Malout, Roop Nagar(Ropar), Hoshiarpur in Gar Shankar, Patiala, Muktsar, Fazilka, Gurdaspur, Pathankot, Hariyya in Amritsar, Faridkot and Rampur Phool in Bhatinda district. In some places other forces also joined us.

In West Bengal, Jute, engineering and Biscuit industries affiliated to IFTU observed strike including India Jute Mill ( Srirampur), Jayshree Jute, Jayshree Insulators and Jayshree Textiles (Hoogly), Hindustan Glass( Hoogly) and Anmol Biscuits.… Read More

Imperialism NDA

Condemn LEMOA Signed by Modi Govt. with USA

The Modi Govt. has taken a significant step in the direction of forging military alliance with USA with the signing of the Logistics Exchange Memorandum of Agreement (LEMOA). This document, signed during Defence Minister Manohar Parriker visit to USA, aims at allowing USA to use Indian military facilities including naval bases for supplies, spare parts and refuelling. The text of this agreement was finalized during Narendra Modi’s visit to USA in June this year. Through this agreement, Modi Govt. has aligned India with US imperialism in its drive to contain China with particular reference to South China Sea. US intends to use India for its Pivot to Asia, meant to confront the increasing strength of China, under which US wishes to deploy 60% of its naval forces in Asia-Pacific region by the end of the year. This agreement will enable US to use readymade Indian facilities for military purposes and is a key part of the US strategy in the region.

The agreement, long sought by US Admn., has been in the pipeline for over a decade and a half. It was first mooted during the earlier tenure of the BJP led NDA Govt. in 2002. It was one of the four agreements sought by US Admn., others being the Communications Interoperability and Security Memorandum of Agreement (CISMOA), Basic Exchange and Cooperation Agreement for Geo-spatial Cooperation (BECA) and End User Verification Agreement.… Read More

Land Struggles Protests

Organize Protests Against Telengana Govt.’s Attack on Tribals

K.C.R. led TRS Govt. has launched an all out offensive against the tribals in Telengana to dispossess them of their podu lands. Big police contingents are being sent along with forest officials to destroy crops in tribal lands, to get trenches dug to dispossess the tribals and unleash cruel repression against tribals wherever they resist the Govt. offensive. Even women and elderly are not spared by the force sent by KCR Govt.

Tribals are resisting this offensive which is depriving them their means of livelihood, their habitat and their traditional vocations. They are coming forward in struggles through demonstrations, rallies, processions and resisting the digging of trenches and destruction of crops. Tribals are being attacked by the police sent by KCR Govt. In these attacks tribals have sustained injuries, tribal women ill treated, tribal women and men framed and arrested in false cases, tribal houses burnt in several villages and tribal life disturbed in the vast areas. Forest areas of Khammam and Warangal have emerged as the centres of the resistance to this Govt. offensive though the offensive is against the tribals throughout the state.

To carry this attack through KCR Govt. is targeting CPI(ML)-New Democracy which has been organizing tribals in Telengana for several decades.… Read More