Month: March 2017

Communalism CPI-ML New Democracy

RSS-BJP Plunge for Violent Hindutva Mascot as UP CM

After winning assembly elections in UP, RSS-BJP has completely thrown off its mask by imposing Yogi Adityanath as the new Chief Minister of the state. After coming to power at the Centre on its own, and now scoring more than three fourth seats in UP assembly, RSS-BJP do not feel need for this mask. They have given the reins of the most populous state of the country to a man who not only makes derogatory and violent statements against minorities but has many times openly incited violence against them. He has been accused of violence against Muslims in a number of cases. It is also ironical that RSS-BJP who pride themselves for having got support from backwards and dalits, have brought to power a person who openly justifies caste system and its oppressive institution. But that hardly matters for RSS-BJP who feel emboldened to crush all dissent and impose their fascist version of rule over the country. This victory will pave the way for removal of certain hurdles from their path.

RSS-BJP are openly proclaiming that they have won through reverse communalization, their term for having polarized Hindus. With the help of corporate media they have conducted a campaign of falsehood from which even Goebbels had much to learn.… Read More

Labour Laws Trade Union

Protest against Conviction and Sentences to Maruti Suzuki Workers

Conviction and sentencing of workers of Maruti Suzuki plant in Manesar, Haryana by Gurgaon Sessions Court is a serious blow to the attempts of MNC workers to organize themselves. The trial and prosecution demonstrated a clear nexus between management of MNC and police and administration. While 13 workers were convicted of murder, 18 others were convicted under different other charges. On March 18, 13 workers convicted of murder were given life imprisonment, 4 others were given 5 years’ imprisonment and rest of the period already served.

This judgment is not only miscarriage of justice, it is and meant to be a blow to the workers’ attempts to organize, a right avowedly granted by the Constitution but rarely respected in practice. Maruti management, police, administration and the state govt. has utilized the death of an officer of the company to unleash a reign of terror and crush the workers’ struggle. The attitude of the managements, police, administration and ruling parties towards the workers’ movement clearly shows their determination to crush the workers’ movement and how they utilized that incident. There is systematic attempt to deny the workers of their rights including their rights to organize. Their unions are not registered and even if they are registered, leaders and activists are routinely thrown out of job to deter the workers from such attempts.… Read More

CPI-ML New Democracy Politics

Elections for Five Assemblies : Anger of the People and Advance of Fascism

Results of the election to five state assemblies held in the months of February and March have witnessed rising anger of the people against the Govts. in saddle in these provinces. While ruling parties in Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand and Punjab have received serious defeats, BJP ruling in Goa and Congress ruling in Manipur too faced electoral decline. BJP despite lagging behind Congress in both these provinces has resorted to rank opportunism and manipulation utilizing the offices of Governors to come to power, though BJP’s rejection by the electorate in these states was unmistakable. This has been an important aspect of the electoral verdict.

Corporate Media Helps Ruling Class Agenda

Elections in India have increasingly come to be dominated by money, media and muscle power. Election Commission guidelines have virtually eliminated inexpensive means of propaganda and the guidelines on permissible expenditure which has been raised very high, are seldom observed. EC does little to rein in blatant violation of the guidelines issued by it. Use of money and abuse of power, blatant whipping up of communal passions and parochial sentiments is done without restraint. Election Commission expresses eventual satisfaction for having conducted the election at all. Corporate media tried to marginalize the people’s issues, trivialize their concerns and focus the election on persons rather than policies.… Read More

PSU Students

Punjab : Students Force Roll Back of Fee Increase

Punjab University Chandigarh had been increasing fees of students by 10% every year. The economic crisis of the university has deepened, so the university has decided to put the whole burden on students, and also increased examination fee by 75% in 2016-2017 session. Students of the University campus and of various colleges under it were protesting against the fee hike. But the struggle at M.R Govt. College Fazilka played the decisive role in compelling the university to roll back the enforced fee.

M.R Govt. College Fazilka Students under the banner of Punjab Students Union decided to boycott the fee deposit. There are a few reasons for this struggle. Fazilka area facing its worst agrarian crisis, cotton crop has been failing for 10 years, health crisis has also deepened here compared to rest of Malwa region, due to border area no industry exists here, M.R Govt. college Fazilka is the only one Govt. College in a 100 kilometer radius and just 13 kilometer away from indo-Pak border, majority of students are children of peasants and agricultural labourers that’s why they decided to fight back against fee hike.

Students started off their agitation from 13th February. They burnt the effigy of the Vice Chancellor; from holding protest march at the DC Office to taking out a candle light march, students went all out.… Read More

IFTU Trade Union

An Anti-worker Judgement On the Maruti Suzuki Workers Issue

March 10th 2017 is a dark day for the working class of India and its struggle to keep alive the right to unionize. It is also a dark day for the democratic rights movement. Almost five years earlier, as the workers of the Manesar unit of Maruti Suzuki fought for their right to unionize, the MNC management succeeded in twisting this dispute into a violent criminal law and order incident on 18th July 2012. An Indian manager lost his life,148 workers were charged with murder, rioting etc. on a single charge sheet, and the MNC managed to get rid of over 2300 workers, the union leaders and the union. The police description of the incident itself stands testimony to the collusion between the police and the MNC management- 90 executives and police personnel injured and not a single worker with a scratch! The parallels with similar ‘law and order’ situations to wipe out workers’ struggles in other MNCs like Hero Honda, Graziano etc are too striking to ignore. It should be noted that the Govt. of both Haryana and the Centre ignored all demands of Trade Union Centres including IFTU for enquiry by a sitting Judge of the Supreme Court into the incident especially the circumstances leading to the death of the Manager.… Read More

CPI-ML New Democracy Democratic Rights

On Life Sentence to Activists under UAPA

CPI(ML)-New Democracy expresses its serious concern at the judgement delivered by Gadchiroli Sessions Court convicting Mahesh Tirki, Pandu Narote, Hem Mishra, Prashant Rahi, Vijay Tirki and GN Saibaba under provisions of UAPA. Five of them have been sentenced to life while Vijay Tirki has been awarded 10 years’ imprisonment.

The judgement shows scant regard for the provisions of existing law. Court has not taken cognizance of the fact that material relied upon by the Court was not sealed nor of the fact that alleged confessions were obtained under coercion. Such vital aspects which undermine the basis of the prosecution case were disregarded by Court in its judgement. Court has not based itself on facts as it ought to have done but has made observations on revolutionary ideology as it ought not to have done. The latter are also against Supreme Court judgements on the issue.

This judgement deals a serious blow to the democratic rights of the people. It is part of the general attack on the democratic rights of the people being unleashed by Modi led RSS-BJP Govt. It is not accidental that the people like Aseemanand are being acquitted for lack of evidence while people like G.N.Saibaba are being sentenced despite lack of evidence.… Read More

Communalism Democratic Rights

Resist Fascist Attacks in Educational Institutions

Goondaism of RSS affiliated organizations was unleashed when Akhil Bhartiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP) hooligans targeted a protest march by students and teachers from the gate of Ramjas College of Delhi University on February 22nd 2017. Students and teachers were protesting against cancellation of a Seminar on “Culture of Protests” which was scheduled to be held in Ramjas College a day earlier. This cancellation came on the demand of ABVP. This has assumed a pattern wherein Universities and Colleges are not permitting democratic discourses on the campuses invariably on the demand of ABVP. Action is often taken against the organizers for holding such meetings or discussions as was the case recently in Jodhpur (Rajasthan) where a teacher has been placed under suspension for organizing a lecture by JNU Professor, Ms. Nivedita Menon.
Campuses of the Institutions of higher learning in the country are being targeted by RSS to snuff out the culture of dissent against the policies of the rulers of the day. Scientific enquiry, critical assessments and questioning attitudes are sought to be snuffed out. It is vital for them so that their baseless, non-factual, Goebellsian propaganda on different aspects does not have to face any scrutiny. The intelligentsia is being targeted to decapitate the country, to make them uncritical followers of Sangh ideology whether by conviction or largely out of fear.… Read More


8th March 2017 : Fight Gender Discrimination! Fight for Equality!

Gender discrimination is faced by women in India in all walks of life. In the workplace, it begins with unequal and lesser wages for the same work and also refusal to employ in permanent posts. The other important manifestation is to restrict women’s access to higher managerial posts. The markedly lower number of women in the higher positions of the judiciary despite there being a large number of women lawyers, the lesser number of women heads of Universities, are all pointers to the restricted access for women to the higher posts. At the other end of the spectrum, women workers are more likely to be piece rate and informal workers in the textile industry; one hardly finds skilled or even semi skilled workers in the construction industry.
And so it remains in other walks of life. The female foetus is sought to be discarded through sex determination and selective abortions. The birth of the girl child is met with sorrow and she is discriminated against in food and education in comparison to brothers. Where there is want, the girl child is discriminated against in diet. The women are the last to eat in the home and if there is not enough they will feed the family even if they have to sleep on empty stomachs.… Read More