Month: April 2017

AIKMS Land Struggles

Tribals’ Struggle in Chettupalli Village (Telengana) in Defence of Their Land

Exposing that its electoral promises were totally hollow, the KCR led TRS Govt of Telengana has launched an all out offensive against land being cultivated by adivasis and non tribal poor. The KCR Govt. came to power in June 2014 and 30 months have passed since then. In the election manifesto, KCR promised that the TRS would give 3 acres of land to each adivasi and dalit family by purchasing land. Not even one cent of land has been given to adivasis and distribution of land to Dalit families is farcical. On the other hand the Govt. is evicting the Adivasis and poor non tribals from land they have been cultivating for years together, some for close to four decades. This is when they are entitled to pattas for the land under the Forest rights Act 2006. They are doing this also on land for which the tribals have already been issued patta certificates earlier. This offensive was started last year itself in the name of Harithaharam (Green Belt) and crops over thousands of acres were damaged in the adivasi areas. This year, from February itself, eviction was begun well in advance of the sowing season by digging trenches in the cultivated land using JCBs.… Read More

Communalism Democratic Rights

Protests Against Amit Shah’s Visit to Naxalbari

Communist revolutionary organizations including CPI(ML)-New Democracy under the banner of “Committee to Observe 50 Years of Naxalbari” protested against the visit of BJP Chief Amit Shah to Naxalbari on April 25. Protesters shouted slogans against communal and fascist designs of RSS-BJP and burnt the effigy of Amit Shah.

Protesters condemned the attempts of BJP to communally polarize the people of West Bengal. Protesters also condemned their attacks against Muslims in West Bengal and other parts of country. Protesters strongly opposed the armed demonstrations by RSS hoodlums to terrorize members of minority community.

The Committee organizing the protest called for a determined struggle against RSS designs in West Bengal and called upon the people of West Bengal to unite against Hindutva forces and resist their attacks.

April 26, 2017… Read More

IFTU Trade Union

Immediately Release IFTU Leader Com. Sujan Chakravorty

Mamata Banerjee Govt. has intensified attacks against communist revolutionaries and people’s struggles. In one such case it has arrested IFTU National Committee Secretary and a well known leader of revolutionary trade union movement of Srirampur Industrial Belt in Hoogly district in West Bengal on totally baseless and fabricated charges of murder and conspiracy. Com. Sujan Chakravorty was arrested from his residence on 20th April night at 9.30 pm by policemen and has since then been kept in Hoogly jail.

The fabricated charge against Com. Sujan pertains to a case of December 2015. All this while Com. Sujan Chakravorty’s name never figured in the case. No warrant was issued against him nor police all this while even questioned him. However, in the charge sheet deposited by the Uttarpara police in the case before the court naming Com Sujan has been as the 17th  accused and got arrest warrant against him on April 7, 2017.

The arrest of Com Sujan is part of the crackdown of the Mamata Govt. on democratic movements; revolutionary movement in particular. Com. Sujan is a well known revolutionary trade union leader active in the Hoogly industrial belt. Few days earlier he had led a demonstration against a real estate magnate known to be close to the local Trinamool MP.… Read More


Missiles and MOAB : To Russia With Love

Donald Trump is nothing if not a businessman. He knows how to sell his ware or more, importantly to produce what is going to sell. In his campaign to become President, Trump took the posture of an outsider to cater to the anti-establishment mood among the people. That he could sell this newly adorned image speaks volumes of the need of the ruling elite to hoodwink the people and also persistent propaganda of the corporate media which kept describing this rank insider as an outsider and anti-establishment. So pervading was this propaganda that many believed it despite the fact that Trump had received more media space than all other candidates combined. In fact this was a sort of pre-emptive strike by the establishment so that the anti-establishment mood sweeping the people does not throw up any surprise. And they are good at it, having done it in country after country, India not excepted.

This mood centred on kowtowing of the establishment to the interests of big capitalists or what is called Wall Street and secondly perpetual wars being perpetrated by the establishment. During the campaign Trump dramatically took up cudgels against the establishment, asserted that he would challenge Wall Street and that he was against the wars being engineered by US Admn.… Read More

CPI-ML New Democracy Land Struggles

On Agrarian Question- Is there any place for Naxalbari ? by Amit Chakrabarti

‘There is no prospect for naxalite politics’,’Naxalbari shall never repeat’, ’Naxalites’ position on land question does not conform to reality’,’Big landholdings do not exist then where is the basis for naxalite politics’ – with all these interesting remarks we are going to face the 50th anniversary of Naxalbari peasant struggle.
I am delighted to listen to all these comments which denote Naxalbari struggle to be without any prospect or any basis and a struggle which does not conform to reality etc. etc. But I am still unable to solve a simple puzzle-Then why is there so much discussion about Naxalbari? Why does Indian state still consider different Naxalite groups as its main internal security threat? Contemporary to Naxalbari peasant struggle there was another big peasant movement in Sonarpur, West Bengal. CPM peasant leader, late Harekrishna Konar, considered it a very important struggle for land but astonishingly 50 years later, today nobody can recollect that struggle. On the other hand 50 years after Naxalbari, toiling people- peasants, adivasis and youth in Chhattisgarh, Bihar, Jharkhand, West Bengal, Vidarbha, Odisha, Telengana, Andhra, Punjab are still fighting in the name of Naxalbari. They are sacrificing their lives. Is it only sheer romanticism? Is there any socio economic relevance for Naxalbari?… Read More

CPI-ML New Democracy New Democracy

Fifty Years of Spring Thunder over India

Communist movement in the country reached a turning point half a century ago when the Naxalbari peasant uprising burst forth on the political scene of the country. After Great Telengana People’s Armed Struggle, Naxalbari once again brought on the agenda the Armed Agrarian Revolution for the liberation of the people of India. Further, it led to ideological, political and organizational parting of ways with revisionism and neo-revisionism and their parliamentary path. Naxalbari paved the way for the formation of Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist) which adopted Marxism-Leninism-Mao Zedong Thought as the ideological guide, the programme of New Democratic Revolution and the path of Protracted People’s War. The cobwebs of parliamentarianism were cleared and the clarion call of Naxalbari rose above the din of parliamentary humdrum of revisionists and neo-revisionists.
Struggles of the peasants in Bengal (Tebhaga), Worli, Punappa Vyalar and Telengana, the latter an armed peasant struggle over a vast area, placed the Armed Agrarian Struggle on the agenda for the liberation of Indian people. But the then revisionist leadership not only betrayed Telengana Armed Struggle but also pushed the struggle of Indian people for liberation into the quagmire of refomism and parliamentarianism. Struggle against this revisionist line continued uninterrupted in the communist movement of the country and Naxalbari struggle became an expression of this struggle.… Read More

Communalism CPI-ML New Democracy

Rajasthan: Attack by RSS affiliated organizations

Since coming to power at the Centre, RSS cadres have been regularly attacking minorities particularly Muslims. These attacks in recent years in the name of ‘gau raksha’ are no manifestation of bovine love, but of hatred towards fellow countrymen.

On April 1, 2017, a dairy owner Pehlu Khan, his two sons- Irshad and Arif, Azmat and Rafiq bought two cows and three calves from Ramgarh and were travelling from Jaipur to Nuh in Haryana. In the evening near Behror they were stopped by a vigilante group and were pulled out of the vehicle. Their vehicles were smashed and they were brutally beaten with stones, sticks and iron rods. Pehlu Khan and Azmat Khan were badly injured and along with others were taken to Kailash hospital of Union Culture Minister Mahesh Sharma. Neither police nor hospital transferred them to a hospital where they could be properly treated. According to Rajasthan PUCL’s letter to the Chief Minister, the family members of the injured alleged that they were treated like criminals. Pehlu Khan died while Azmat Khan is critically ill.

Important aspects of this murderous that these Pehlu Khan and his associates had proper receipts of purchase of these cattle and also ravanna receipt for their transport.… Read More