Month: September 2017

CPI-ML New Democracy Students

Police Attack on Girl Students of BHU Condemned

UP committee of CPIML New Democracy has condemned the brutal baton charge on peacefully protesting girl students of BHU and has demanded immediate suspension of all officials concerned including the Vice Chancellor, Proctor and administrative and police officials pending a judicial enquiry by a Woman Judge.
The baton charge was obviously consented to by the BHU VC and the district officials to quell the protest against eve teasing and to assert imposition of Hindutwa code of restrictions on girl students of BHU, against which they have been struggling since long.
The VC has not only been justifying acts of violence against the girls, he is lending moral support to eve teasers, the BHU proctor and guards who failed in their duty to prevent sexual harassment and the officials who led the cane charge on girls. This is integral to male supremacy which excuses sexual assaults against women and is in harmony with Hindutwa ideology.
In order to divert attention from the basic demand for security by the girls and not answer for his abject failure to provide it, he is giving lame excuses ‘no written complaint on Sept 21st’, ‘protest by outsiders and political forces’, ‘petrol bombs’, ‘politically motivated to trigger fiasco during Modi visit’.… Read More

IFTU Labour Laws

Big Rally of Construction Workers at Jalandhar (Punjab)

Nearly five thousand construction workers of Punjab marched through the streets of Jalandhar on 18th September, 2017 to submit their charter of demands to the Chief Minister of Punjab through the Dist. Commissioner Jalandhar. Earlier the workers held a big public meeting on the grounds of Deshbhagat Yadgar Hall in Jalandhar where construction workers drawn from various districts of Punjab gathered under the banner of Mistri Mazdoor Union (IFTU) to highlight their issues.

The workers were addressed by the Central leaders of IFTU, President Com. Aparna and General Secretary Com. B. Pradeep, Punjab state leaders of IFTU, President Com. Kulvinder Singh and General Secretary Com. Raj Singh (Convenor All India Coordination Committee of Construction Workers – IFTU) who also conducted the proceedings. Com. K. Suryam (Co-convenor, All India Coordination Committee of Construction Workers) from Telengana and Dinesh Parmar who is organizing construction workers in Gujarat also addressed the meeting.  Leaders of IFTU affiliated construction workers’ unions of Andhra Pradesh (Com. U. Venkateshwarulu), Bihar (Com. Suresh Kanojia, NCM of IFTU), Delhi (Com. Animesh Das, President of Delhi IFTU) were among the speakers.

Speakers highlighted that despite the huge amount of over Rs. 7000 crores lying with various state governments as the 2% construction cess, hardly 15% has been spent on construction workers.… Read More

CPI-ML New Democracy


 S.S. Mahil

Chief of Dera Sacha Sauda, who designated himself as Gurmit Ram Rahim Singh pretending to be inclusive of all religions, and whose original name is Harpal Singh has been sentenced for twenty years of imprisonment in two separate cases of rape filed by his two close followers and has been sent to jail (In each of the two cases he has been sentenced for ten years of rigorous imprisonment) and a fine of thirty lakhs, out of which each victim is to be paid 14 lakhs each. After hearing this sentenced this so called baba squatted on the ground crying and started pleading for forgiveness. He was behaving like a child saying will not go to jail. Thus a self created aura of divinity around him was smashed proving him to be a coward. Even when his crime is proved and he is in jail, his representatives claim that they have been denied justice, some of his chieftains continue to say that even Jesus Christ was crucified and Guru Nanak was also put behind bars and all great gurus had to face such injustice. A majority of his followers still think that their guru is innocent, has not committed any crime and is wrongly jailed.… Read More

Communalism CPI-ML New Democracy

Murderers of Pehlu Khan must not be allowed to escape Justice

CID-CB of Rajasthan has exonerated the six accused of the murder of dairy owner of Haryana, Pehlu Khan and injuring his relatives. Acting under the pressure of RSS-BJP Govt. of Rajasthan, Rajasthan police has taken this unprecedented step of removing their names from the FIR though these six were named in the dying declaration of Pehlu Khan and in the account of eye-witnesses who were also targeted in the attack. This shows that RSS and its affiliates will go to any extent to protect the culprits of these murders, the cow vigilante groups.

CID-CB is allegedly relying on the statements of employees of Rath Gaushala, situated nearly 4 km from the site of the attack, to exonerate the accused. This is hardly the type of evidence which can counter the dying declaration and eye-witness accounts and that too at the stage of investigation. This is a brazen subversion of justice and shows how far the police and administrative machinery has been infiltrated and subverted by the Hindutva forces.

The incident clearly shows that the state Govt. and the police & administrative machinery will ensure that accused are not even tried let alone be convicted. It also shows that the attacks by these “Gau Rakshaks” are neither spontaneous reactions nor being indulged in by isolated bands but are part of a well orchestrated conspiracy by the Hindutva forces led by RSS currently ruling in the country and in many states.… Read More

Communalism CPI-ML New Democracy

Gauri Lankesh : Strong in Life, Stronger in Death

The more they kill to silence, the more people raise their voice in protest. RSS-BJP’s plan to intimidate the intellectuals into silence through murderous attacks, is forcing more and more people to come out to protest. A sea of humanity marched in Bengaluru on September 12 to denounce the murder of fearless journalist Gauri Lankesh, a strident critic of Hindutva brand of politics, its attacks on Muslims and Dalits and a convinced supporter of the movement against oppression and exploitation. She supported the struggle against caste oppression. She supported the struggles waged by communist revolutionaries. She took up the struggle against religious bigotry and persecution of minorities. All these brought her onto the hit list of fascist Hindutva forces. She was gunned down outside her house on September 5th by motor cycle borne killers. This followed the pattern of killing of Narendra Dhabolkar, Govind Pansare and M.M. Kulburgi, all of them strong critics of Hindutva brand of politics of RSS-BJP.

Thousands of people marched in protest in Bengaluru not only denouncing the murder but proclaiming upholding of the ideals for which Gauri Lankesh lived and died. The intellectuals of the country are breaking their silence and came out in large number in protests.… Read More

CPI-ML New Democracy Myanmar

Down with Ethnic Cleansing of Rohingyas in Myanmar! Suu Kyi must be made to answer for genocide by her Govt.! Indian Govt., deal humanely with this humanitarian crisis in our neighbourhood!

While prosecution of Rohingyas by the Burmese State and Army has evoked worldwide condemnation, the Indian Govt. has issued instructions to identify and deport Rohingyas who have come to India. Nearly 40,000 Rohingyas are in India, about 16,000 of them are documented. This inhuman and insensitive stand of the Indian Govt. has been criticized by the UN Human Rights Commissioner.

Rohingyas are facing a genocide in Myanmar (Burma) where they live in the south west state of Rakhine (along the sea coast and bordering Bangladesh to the west) constituting an overwhelming majority of the inhabitants in the northern part of the state and a majority of the people in the state if those who are forced to flee are taken into account. Myanmar Army and Buddhist gangs patronized by the Army are killing people, raping women and burning whole villages. Myanmar Army is even shooting dead the people who are crossing the border with Bangladesh and has mined the border crossings. The unprecedented scale of violence against Rohingyas has forced nearly one million of them out of Myanmar, nearly 370,000 since August 25, 2017 when the current round of violence against them was unleashed by the Army. The scale of military action against Rohingyas clearly proves that this is aimed at ethnic cleansing.… Read More