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NRC Assam Communal Drive of Fascists Feeds on Linguistic and Ethnic Divide

The final draft of the National Register of Citizens (NRC) was published on July 30, 2018 leaving out over four million people who had applied to enroll in the Register making it an attempt to deprive largest number of people of citizenship. While Govt. has stated in the Parliament that this is only a draft and those left out will have an opportunity to produce the requisite documents before the NRC is finalized in December 2018, President of ruling BJP Amit Shah has stated that all these four million people left out are infiltrators from Bangladesh and will be thrown out. This statement of Shah is in line with Modi’s statements during Assam elections that Bangladeshis should pack their bags to be deported. There is an ominous ring to the exercise.

Assam is linguistically, culturally, ethnically and religiously a mixed society where people with different identities have been living for centuries, contributing to the economic life of the region and interacting to produce what is Assamese society today. These have come to Assam over last two centuries since Assam was brought under colonial rule by British in 1826 taking it from the then Burma. Even before this, Assam had a large number of tribals.… Read More

Communalism CPI-ML New Democracy

Kasganj: Conspiracy of RSS

Kasganj (UP) has become another centre on the map of India where RSS goons have attacked Muslims. These goons waving saffron flags on January 26 attacked Muslims observing 26th January Republic Day with tricolor.

CPIML-New Democracy strongly condemns the local police and administration of Kasganj for deliberately permitting anti Muslim communal violence by RSS/ BJP outfits and leaders. They are behaving as if it is already Hindu Rashtra of RSS as claimed by its Chief, Mohan Bhagwat. They do not bother to even appear even handed.

The incident occurred during the Republic Day program celebrations at Veer Abdul Hamid Crossing in Badda Mohalla when hundreds of people were waiting to unfurl the National flag, a decades long tradition. At this time motorcycle born RSS activists arrived there with their Tiranga Yatra, sporting one Tiranga and rest Saffron flags and tried to force their way through the programme. While this was objected to the rallyists raised slogans of ‘Hindu-Hindu Hindustan, Muslim Jao Pakistan’ and ‘Hinudstan mein rehna hai to Vande Matram Kehna hai’n. Although the assembled crowd chased away these miscreants the police came and fired in which Chandan Gupta, a bystander died and 15 year old Naushad suffered a bullet injury in his thigh.… Read More

Communalism CPI-ML New Democracy

Observe December 6 as Anti-Communalism Day : Intensify struggle against fascist drive of RSS-BJP

25 years back, on December 6 communal hordes of RSS with the indulgence of the then ruling Congress Govt. demolished Babri Masjid delivering powerful blow to the secularism. It was a culmination of a contention between Congress and RSS-BJP to whip up majority communalism and it marked a new normal in the ruling class politics of the country. Higher judiciary too failed to uphold the principles of secularism and help continuation of the new status quo brought about by the communal forces. While the cases pertaining to demolition continue even after a quarter century, periodically pressure is brought upon the minority community to surrender their claims in the name of mediation. Allahabad High Court invented a novel principle to discard the law of the land and even the Highest Court has not come forth to adjudicate the matter according to the existing law of the land.

In 2014, fascist Hindutva forces led by RSS have come to power at the Centre on their own and are presently ruling in 18 states. Not only there are increasing attacks against the Muslims under one pretext or the other, anti-Dalit and anti-women character of Hindutva has come to the fore. Hindutva is essentially upper caste chauvinism.… Read More

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Murderers of Pehlu Khan must not be allowed to escape Justice

CID-CB of Rajasthan has exonerated the six accused of the murder of dairy owner of Haryana, Pehlu Khan and injuring his relatives. Acting under the pressure of RSS-BJP Govt. of Rajasthan, Rajasthan police has taken this unprecedented step of removing their names from the FIR though these six were named in the dying declaration of Pehlu Khan and in the account of eye-witnesses who were also targeted in the attack. This shows that RSS and its affiliates will go to any extent to protect the culprits of these murders, the cow vigilante groups.

CID-CB is allegedly relying on the statements of employees of Rath Gaushala, situated nearly 4 km from the site of the attack, to exonerate the accused. This is hardly the type of evidence which can counter the dying declaration and eye-witness accounts and that too at the stage of investigation. This is a brazen subversion of justice and shows how far the police and administrative machinery has been infiltrated and subverted by the Hindutva forces.

The incident clearly shows that the state Govt. and the police & administrative machinery will ensure that accused are not even tried let alone be convicted. It also shows that the attacks by these “Gau Rakshaks” are neither spontaneous reactions nor being indulged in by isolated bands but are part of a well orchestrated conspiracy by the Hindutva forces led by RSS currently ruling in the country and in many states.… Read More

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Gauri Lankesh : Strong in Life, Stronger in Death

The more they kill to silence, the more people raise their voice in protest. RSS-BJP’s plan to intimidate the intellectuals into silence through murderous attacks, is forcing more and more people to come out to protest. A sea of humanity marched in Bengaluru on September 12 to denounce the murder of fearless journalist Gauri Lankesh, a strident critic of Hindutva brand of politics, its attacks on Muslims and Dalits and a convinced supporter of the movement against oppression and exploitation. She supported the struggle against caste oppression. She supported the struggles waged by communist revolutionaries. She took up the struggle against religious bigotry and persecution of minorities. All these brought her onto the hit list of fascist Hindutva forces. She was gunned down outside her house on September 5th by motor cycle borne killers. This followed the pattern of killing of Narendra Dhabolkar, Govind Pansare and M.M. Kulburgi, all of them strong critics of Hindutva brand of politics of RSS-BJP.

Thousands of people marched in protest in Bengaluru not only denouncing the murder but proclaiming upholding of the ideals for which Gauri Lankesh lived and died. The intellectuals of the country are breaking their silence and came out in large number in protests.… Read More

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Protests Against Amit Shah’s Visit to Naxalbari

Communist revolutionary organizations including CPI(ML)-New Democracy under the banner of “Committee to Observe 50 Years of Naxalbari” protested against the visit of BJP Chief Amit Shah to Naxalbari on April 25. Protesters shouted slogans against communal and fascist designs of RSS-BJP and burnt the effigy of Amit Shah.

Protesters condemned the attempts of BJP to communally polarize the people of West Bengal. Protesters also condemned their attacks against Muslims in West Bengal and other parts of country. Protesters strongly opposed the armed demonstrations by RSS hoodlums to terrorize members of minority community.

The Committee organizing the protest called for a determined struggle against RSS designs in West Bengal and called upon the people of West Bengal to unite against Hindutva forces and resist their attacks.

April 26, 2017… Read More

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Rajasthan: Attack by RSS affiliated organizations

Since coming to power at the Centre, RSS cadres have been regularly attacking minorities particularly Muslims. These attacks in recent years in the name of ‘gau raksha’ are no manifestation of bovine love, but of hatred towards fellow countrymen.

On April 1, 2017, a dairy owner Pehlu Khan, his two sons- Irshad and Arif, Azmat and Rafiq bought two cows and three calves from Ramgarh and were travelling from Jaipur to Nuh in Haryana. In the evening near Behror they were stopped by a vigilante group and were pulled out of the vehicle. Their vehicles were smashed and they were brutally beaten with stones, sticks and iron rods. Pehlu Khan and Azmat Khan were badly injured and along with others were taken to Kailash hospital of Union Culture Minister Mahesh Sharma. Neither police nor hospital transferred them to a hospital where they could be properly treated. According to Rajasthan PUCL’s letter to the Chief Minister, the family members of the injured alleged that they were treated like criminals. Pehlu Khan died while Azmat Khan is critically ill.

Important aspects of this murderous that these Pehlu Khan and his associates had proper receipts of purchase of these cattle and also ravanna receipt for their transport.… Read More

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Largesclae Destruction in Bhadrak (Odisha) by Hindutva forces : Stop Appeasing RSS

RSS-BJP have once again targeted Odisha. They have done well in the recent panchayat elections and are now aiming to come to power in the state. To contend for power in the state, RSS selected Bhadrak, a commercial town with nearly 40% Muslim population, shopkeepers and labourers.

The oft-repeatedly story went like RSS-BJP people who had assembled to celebrate formation of their party two day after Ram Navami procession alleged that some Muslim youth have posted derogatory remarks against Ram and Sita. But even before the police and administration are allowed to act on their complaint, RSS mobs burn down shops belonging to Muslim community. A rumour was floated by these past masters of rumour-mongering and owners of the largest rumour mill, that Muslims have burnt down a shop of a Hindu owner to spur the crowd collected by them to indulge in burning down shops.

In the ‘peace committee’ routinely called by the Administration in such cases, mainly to cover up their inaction and shield the guilty, representatives of Muslims denied any wrong doing or indulging in any destruction. As soon as this meeting ended, the RSS mobilized a big motor cycle procession to terrorize the Muslims and another orgy of violence and destruction followed.… Read More

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RSS-BJP Plunge for Violent Hindutva Mascot as UP CM

After winning assembly elections in UP, RSS-BJP has completely thrown off its mask by imposing Yogi Adityanath as the new Chief Minister of the state. After coming to power at the Centre on its own, and now scoring more than three fourth seats in UP assembly, RSS-BJP do not feel need for this mask. They have given the reins of the most populous state of the country to a man who not only makes derogatory and violent statements against minorities but has many times openly incited violence against them. He has been accused of violence against Muslims in a number of cases. It is also ironical that RSS-BJP who pride themselves for having got support from backwards and dalits, have brought to power a person who openly justifies caste system and its oppressive institution. But that hardly matters for RSS-BJP who feel emboldened to crush all dissent and impose their fascist version of rule over the country. This victory will pave the way for removal of certain hurdles from their path.

RSS-BJP are openly proclaiming that they have won through reverse communalization, their term for having polarized Hindus. With the help of corporate media they have conducted a campaign of falsehood from which even Goebbels had much to learn.… Read More

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Resist Fascist Attacks in Educational Institutions

Goondaism of RSS affiliated organizations was unleashed when Akhil Bhartiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP) hooligans targeted a protest march by students and teachers from the gate of Ramjas College of Delhi University on February 22nd 2017. Students and teachers were protesting against cancellation of a Seminar on “Culture of Protests” which was scheduled to be held in Ramjas College a day earlier. This cancellation came on the demand of ABVP. This has assumed a pattern wherein Universities and Colleges are not permitting democratic discourses on the campuses invariably on the demand of ABVP. Action is often taken against the organizers for holding such meetings or discussions as was the case recently in Jodhpur (Rajasthan) where a teacher has been placed under suspension for organizing a lecture by JNU Professor, Ms. Nivedita Menon.
Campuses of the Institutions of higher learning in the country are being targeted by RSS to snuff out the culture of dissent against the policies of the rulers of the day. Scientific enquiry, critical assessments and questioning attitudes are sought to be snuffed out. It is vital for them so that their baseless, non-factual, Goebellsian propaganda on different aspects does not have to face any scrutiny. The intelligentsia is being targeted to decapitate the country, to make them uncritical followers of Sangh ideology whether by conviction or largely out of fear.… Read More