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Against Yaqub Memon’s Hanging

The judicial hanging of Yaqub Memon, an accused of Mumbai blasts of 1993, and the undue haste in which this was carried out on July 30, 2015 has once again highlighted the discrimination practiced by the different wings of the Indian state towards sections of Indian citizens. It has raised many questions and large sections of people have protested against this. A large attendance at the funeral of Yaqub Memon which has been dubbed as anti-national by BJP and Shiv Sena, testifies to the growing unease among large sections of people against the brazenness of such exercise.
Besides, the debate on desirability and efficacy of capital punishment, which has been going on for a long time and which gets particularly sharp whenever any capital punishment is going to carried out, the hanging of Yaqub Memon has raised two important sets of questions. The first of these relates to whether Yaqub Memon’s culpability in the blasts has been correctly assessed, whether mitigating factors like his cooperation with investigative agencies have been given due weightage and whether Indian agencies had promised him lenient treatment in exchange for his cooperation; in all, whether it qualified to be the “rarest of rare” case deserving capital punishment as repeatedly enunciated by the Supreme Court.… Read More

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Report of Delhi IFTU Team to Khajuri Khas & Press Release

Press Release

The Delhi IFTU Committee sent a team to the Khajuri Khas area of North East Delhi to investigate alleged communal clashes there after we received reports of the same from several workers who reside in the area. In Delhi in the months since Modi Govt came to power, there have been several such incidents in all of which investigations found that the actual situation was that Hindutva elements abetted by the local police had attempted to, or at times actually succeeded in provoking anti muslim violence. In addition, there have been attacks on churches usually in the early hours of the morning . The report of our team is released herewith.

Dr. Animesh Das
President, Delhi IFTU Committee
August 3rd 2015

Report of Delhi IFTU Team to Khajuri Khas
On 1st August newspapers were full of reports that there were ‘clashes between two groups’ in Khajuri Khas area of north east Delhi and that the Delhi police had acted to restore law and order. We were also contacted by several workers residing in the kuccha colony of Khajuri Khas, a poor and working class colony, that the area was communally disturbed. As this is an area where both Hindus and Muslims reside and also because the memory of incidents in Trilokpuri and Seelampur in the past few months are there, the Delhi Committee of Indian Federation of Trade Unions sent a team to investigate the incident.… Read More

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Observe Anti-Emergency Day

Offensive of Modi Govt. against the people of the country is bringing the memories of Emergency Rule back. In its eagerness to serve foreign and domestic corporate, Modi Govt. is going all out to attack not only different sections of the people but also the existing institutional framework coming in way. It has changed the existing Land Acquisition Law, it has changed labour laws to the detriment of workers, it has violated environmental regulations, in short it has done everything to hand over resources to foreign and domestic corporate and further depressed already low wages of workers.

In this drive Modi led Govt. is undermining different institutions. It is sidelining parliamentary procedures and is trying to control higher Judiciary. This offensive is coupled with attacks against minorities particularly Muslims. In different parts of the country Muslims are being attacked, their properties destroyed and their religious places brought down. RSS-BJP are unleashing a large number of such attacks to polarize the society and marginalize the minorities. There is a systematic attempt to communalize the education, history writing and historical research and make majority religious symbols as national symbols. For that they are appointing RSS nominees to head various bodies in the fields of education, historical research and culture.Read More

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Astonishing, undemocratic and unconstitutional are mild words to describe the ban by HRD Ministry via administration of IIT Madras on the Ambedkar  Periyar Study Circle being run by 20 of the students. This apparently followed an anonymous complaint to the HRD Ministry about this group ‘spreading hatred’ against the current Prime Minister and Hindus. The HRD Ministry which instructed the IIT Administration to take action is now trying to wash its hands off the matter by citing the ‘autonomy’ of the IIT.

What sort of ‘hatred’ spread was on? The student group regularly holds discussions on the issues before the country and its people. They invite experts on various fields to conduct these discussions. They have apparently been discussing the labour law changes being effected by Modi Govt. against working class of India, the several anti peasant land ordinances, communalism and such issues affecting the country and its common people. During such a discussion, the speaker stated that the Modi Govt. was selling the country to corporate and dividing the people on communal lines. Is this ‘spreading hatred’ or exercising the right to criticize an anti people Govt.’s policies and exposing its intentions? Is condemning ghar wapsi, anti minority venom, love jihad as RSS brand of hindutva ‘spreading hatred’?Read More

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Oppose Hashimpura Verdict

CPI(ML)-New Democracy expresses its grave concern at the acquittal by the Sessions Court of all accused of the cold blooded killings of 42 Muslims of Hashimpura (Meerut) on May 22, 1987 by UP Provincial Armed Constabulary. This verdict, 28 years after, has clearly demonstrated the deep communalism seeping through different wings of the state. It is not mere miscarriage of justice but systematic annihilation of justice to the minorities, particularly Muslims. The way the killings were carried out, the way the case was dealt, the way prosecution was conducted and the judgement itself brought into sharp focus the utter contempt of rule of law and justice to the citizens of minority community.

These cold blooded killings were carried out by the PAC on the orders of Union Home Ministry which ordered that “lesson should be taught” to the Muslims protesting against opening of locks of the then Babri Masjid in April 1987. This was the period when Congress, then ruling both at the Centre and in UP, was unleashing Hindu communal frenzy to garner votes of majority community. The then Union Minister of State for Home is reported to have ordered “crush them”. Every protest by Muslims against the communal act of opening the locks of Babri Masjid was converted into “riots” with indiscriminate police attacks on the protesting Muslims.… Read More


Mark 16th December a day of struggle against sexual violence against women

Fight Back Sexual Violence Against Women!

Punish the guilty of Sexual Violence!

No to Khap panchayats, ‘honour killings’ and ‘Love Jihad’ myths!

16th December 2014 would mark two year since the brutal, inhuman gang rape and physical violence against a young woman in Delhi resulting in her death. This evoked upsurge of students, youth, women and citizens of Delhi and many other parts of the country. This countrywide upsurge brought focus on the sexual violence against women in different spheres. This Day should be observed as Day against sexual violence against women in different spheres, in public places, at work place, in homes, during communal violence, against dalit women.

Under the pressure of the movement Govt. formed Verma Commission which made several suggestions and for some time change was seen in the dealing of the state and judicial authorities in cases of sexual violence against women, at least in major cities. However the suggestions too were overlooked. The Act on Sexual Harassment at Work Place is pro-employer ad anti-woman employee on the demands of corporate. Registration of cases in sexual violence is still carelessly done, and speedy justice still not answerable except in certain high publicity cases.

In communal violence targeting Muslims in Muzaffarnagar last year started by Hindutva organizations and carried on in connivance with state agencies, Muslim women were gang raped.… Read More


Observe December 6 as Anti-Communalism Day – CPI(ML)-New Democracy Central Committee Call

On this day in 1992 RSS-BJP hordes in league with Congress led Govt. at the Centre demolished Babri Masjid. It was followed by large scale killings of Muslims who came out to protest in police firing and in organized rioting. This day reminds the Indian people of the challenge posed by Hindu communal forces to the unity of the people. It symbolizes attempts by most reactionary sections to deny dynamism of Indian society and its composite culture and heritage. It also symbolizes the attempt of Indian ruling classes to sow communal hatred and discord to push their anti-people economic policies. It also underscores the need to fight these forces and their nefarious designs in the service of imperialists and their Indian lackeys to disrupt the unity of Indian people. Since 1992 we have been observing December 6 as Anti-Communalism Day.

The observance of this day assumes special significance this year with RSS-BJP having captured power at the Centre in May 2014. For their advent to power they orchestrated a campaign of communal polarization and organized large scale communal violence in certain regions and communal campaign everywhere. Since their advent to power this campaign has assumed dangerous proportions along with already existing deep communalization of state agencies.… Read More

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Press Release – An Investigation into Communal Violence in Trilokpuri

The morning papers of 26th October 2014 carried news of communal clashes in Trilokpuri area with policemen among 14 injured, gunshot injuries and police claims of the situation as ;tense but under control’. The police also claimed that aman committees have been set up in the area.

The undersigned three member team from two progressive organizations of Delhi- Advocate Ms. Poonam Kaushik, General Secretary and Advocate Ms. Shobha, President of Pragatisheel Mahila Sangathan (PMS) and Rajesh, Delhi Committee Member of Indian Federation of Trade Unions (IFTU) visited Trilokpuri area on Sunday 26th October. We saw the people sitting at the Mata ki Chowki in Block 20 (few youth who locals said were unemployed), residents of Block 20, Block 26, and of Sanjay Camp just adjacent to Block 27. We met the ACP of the area and also tried to meet the DCP.

The facts that we could ascertain were briefly as follows. Trilokpuri is a resettlement colony set up since 1975, with residents having 22 yards plots. Residents of the area are mostly Dalits (Valmikis) and Block 27 and Sanjay Camp are overwhelmingly Muslim populated. The Councillor of the area is Gurmeet Kaur (Congress); MLA is Raju Dhingan (AAP) and MP Mahesh Giri (BJP).… Read More

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Modi Govt. Unleashes Anti-People Measures After Assembly Elections

Assembly elections in Maharashtra and Haryana have demonstrated continuing trend of collapse of Congress and decline of caste based regional parties resulting in BJP getting a majority in Haryana and emerging as the single largest party in Maharashtra. With little to separate the ruling class parties in terms of economic policies and on the issues affecting the common people, money power and support of corporate media became decisive in favour of BJP. BJP openly sold its tickets to highest bidders fielding a large number of super rich candidates. However, the hope with which BJP had snapped ties with Shiv Sena to form a single party govt. in a large state like Maharashtra has been belied and only an alliance can assume power which would not be difficult given the rank opportunism of ruling class parties.

In the months after May 2014 Lok Sabha elections, Modi Govt. has focused on showcasing its ‘achievements’ in foreign policy and ‘increasing’ India’s standing on global scene. What Modi Govt. has specifically done is to draw India deeper into US embrace. Tensions with neighbouring countries Pakistan and China have been escalated to justify this embrace in public opinion. Modi’s visit to Japan, Australian PM’s visit to India and Modi’s visit to USA have all been hailed as successes irrespective of the specific agreements forged or Indian interests secured while Chinese President’s visit was continuously bogged down in border tensions during the days of his visit.… Read More

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Saharanpur: Oppose RSS-BJP Designs to Deepen Communal Division

Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist)-New Democracy strongly condemns attempts of RSS and BJP to unleash virulent communal campaign utilizing the incidents in Saharanpur where three persons lost their lives and a large number of shops were burnt down. Violent campaign of RSS-BJP is part of their drive to deepen communal division in the country, particularly in the most populous state of Uttar Pradesh. They have not only launched a hate campaign against Muslims but are also trying to pit other minorities and oppressed castes against Muslims. Attacks by Sangh organizations in different parts of the country are part of this. It should be borne in mind how in village Akbarpur Chanderi, near Kanth in Moradabad district, RSS-BJP tried to foment communal trouble by getting a loudspeaker installed permanently in a temple there and getting it played at prayer time during Ramzan days.

CPI(ML)-New Democracy also condemns the incidents in Saharanpur over extension of a Gurudwara on a piece of land claimed by Muslims to be the site of a Mosque earlier. This matter has been under litigation and courts have had occasion to give their judgments which were in favour of the Gurudwara committee. Disputants should take legal recourse to settle such disputes rather than street action which will be utilized by RSS-BJP to foment communal trouble.… Read More