CPI-ML New Democracy

CPI-ML New Democracy

CC Statement on Gaza

Ground assault by Israel Army after heavy bombing for several days is one new chapter in Zionist crimes against Palestinians. Nearly 300 people, women and children, young and old have perished in these attacks. Brutality of the attacks is obvious from hospitals and schools being targeted. Unrelenting attacks on densely populated Gaza have made almost every Palestinian living in Gaza a target. A human catastrophe is being unleashed on Gaza by Zionist rulers. World people are angry and dismayed at this display of might against Palestinians.

Zionist rulers and their western imperialist backers with their control over international media have sought to portray this as Israeli response to abduction of three Jew youth in West Bank. This is only a cooked up excuse is obvious from not only its disproportionate nature but also the fact that kidnappings occurred in West Bank and this brutal military assault is being carried out against Gaza. Even if Israeli and western propaganda is believed, this collective punishment is colonial legacy which is proscribed under the international law.

This assault is Zionist Israeli rulers’ response to the unity forged between Hamas ruling in Gaza and Fatah ruling in West Bank. This unity achieved after painstaking efforts has deprived Zionist rulers and their western imperialist backers their pet excuse that Palestinians are divided so there is no partner for peace negotiations while the fact is that Zionist rulers do not want to have any peace talks at all.… Read More

CPI-ML New Democracy

Red Salute to CPI(ML) New Democracy Leader Com. Umadhar Singh!

Senior leader of the Communist Revolutionary Movement of India and of CPI(ML)-New Democracy, Com. Umadhar Prasad Singh, died on June 18, 2014 in a hospital at Patna. He had suffered a heart attack on June 16 and was brought to Patna from Darbhanga on June 17.

In his death, CPI(ML)-New Democracy and the whole communist revolutionary movement lost a leader of eminence, ability and perseverance in the cause of struggling workers and peasants of the country. Com. Umadhar Singh was well renowned as a Naxalite leader in the country, particularly in Bihar. Party and the communist revolutionary movement lost a stalwart and one of the last organizational links with the days of Naxalbari – Mushahari struggles was snapped. His life was a long saga of struggle, in its different phases Com. Umadhar Singh acquitted himself successfully with determination and heroism, braving hardships and offering sacrifices.

Umadhar Singh was born in a peasant family in Sighwara village in Darbhanga district on December 21, 1938 to Shri Bilat Singh and Shrimati Jewardevi Kunwar. In his childhood he was schooled in the anti-colonial struggle led by socialists of the time. His elder brother Shri Ganga Prasad Singh, who died recently after completing 100 years, was an established leader of the socialists led by J.… Read More