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On Agrarian Question- Is there any place for Naxalbari ? by Amit Chakrabarti

‘There is no prospect for naxalite politics’,’Naxalbari shall never repeat’, ’Naxalites’ position on land question does not conform to reality’,’Big landholdings do not exist then where is the basis for naxalite politics’ – with all these interesting remarks we are going to face the 50th anniversary of Naxalbari peasant struggle.
I am delighted to listen to all these comments which denote Naxalbari struggle to be without any prospect or any basis and a struggle which does not conform to reality etc. etc. But I am still unable to solve a simple puzzle-Then why is there so much discussion about Naxalbari? Why does Indian state still consider different Naxalite groups as its main internal security threat? Contemporary to Naxalbari peasant struggle there was another big peasant movement in Sonarpur, West Bengal. CPM peasant leader, late Harekrishna Konar, considered it a very important struggle for land but astonishingly 50 years later, today nobody can recollect that struggle. On the other hand 50 years after Naxalbari, toiling people- peasants, adivasis and youth in Chhattisgarh, Bihar, Jharkhand, West Bengal, Vidarbha, Odisha, Telengana, Andhra, Punjab are still fighting in the name of Naxalbari. They are sacrificing their lives. Is it only sheer romanticism? Is there any socio economic relevance for Naxalbari?… Read More

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Fifty Years of Spring Thunder over India

Communist movement in the country reached a turning point half a century ago when the Naxalbari peasant uprising burst forth on the political scene of the country. After Great Telengana People’s Armed Struggle, Naxalbari once again brought on the agenda the Armed Agrarian Revolution for the liberation of the people of India. Further, it led to ideological, political and organizational parting of ways with revisionism and neo-revisionism and their parliamentary path. Naxalbari paved the way for the formation of Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist) which adopted Marxism-Leninism-Mao Zedong Thought as the ideological guide, the programme of New Democratic Revolution and the path of Protracted People’s War. The cobwebs of parliamentarianism were cleared and the clarion call of Naxalbari rose above the din of parliamentary humdrum of revisionists and neo-revisionists.
Struggles of the peasants in Bengal (Tebhaga), Worli, Punappa Vyalar and Telengana, the latter an armed peasant struggle over a vast area, placed the Armed Agrarian Struggle on the agenda for the liberation of Indian people. But the then revisionist leadership not only betrayed Telengana Armed Struggle but also pushed the struggle of Indian people for liberation into the quagmire of refomism and parliamentarianism. Struggle against this revisionist line continued uninterrupted in the communist movement of the country and Naxalbari struggle became an expression of this struggle.… Read More

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Rajasthan: Attack by RSS affiliated organizations

Since coming to power at the Centre, RSS cadres have been regularly attacking minorities particularly Muslims. These attacks in recent years in the name of ‘gau raksha’ are no manifestation of bovine love, but of hatred towards fellow countrymen.

On April 1, 2017, a dairy owner Pehlu Khan, his two sons- Irshad and Arif, Azmat and Rafiq bought two cows and three calves from Ramgarh and were travelling from Jaipur to Nuh in Haryana. In the evening near Behror they were stopped by a vigilante group and were pulled out of the vehicle. Their vehicles were smashed and they were brutally beaten with stones, sticks and iron rods. Pehlu Khan and Azmat Khan were badly injured and along with others were taken to Kailash hospital of Union Culture Minister Mahesh Sharma. Neither police nor hospital transferred them to a hospital where they could be properly treated. According to Rajasthan PUCL’s letter to the Chief Minister, the family members of the injured alleged that they were treated like criminals. Pehlu Khan died while Azmat Khan is critically ill.

Important aspects of this murderous that these Pehlu Khan and his associates had proper receipts of purchase of these cattle and also ravanna receipt for their transport.… Read More

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Largesclae Destruction in Bhadrak (Odisha) by Hindutva forces : Stop Appeasing RSS

RSS-BJP have once again targeted Odisha. They have done well in the recent panchayat elections and are now aiming to come to power in the state. To contend for power in the state, RSS selected Bhadrak, a commercial town with nearly 40% Muslim population, shopkeepers and labourers.

The oft-repeatedly story went like RSS-BJP people who had assembled to celebrate formation of their party two day after Ram Navami procession alleged that some Muslim youth have posted derogatory remarks against Ram and Sita. But even before the police and administration are allowed to act on their complaint, RSS mobs burn down shops belonging to Muslim community. A rumour was floated by these past masters of rumour-mongering and owners of the largest rumour mill, that Muslims have burnt down a shop of a Hindu owner to spur the crowd collected by them to indulge in burning down shops.

In the ‘peace committee’ routinely called by the Administration in such cases, mainly to cover up their inaction and shield the guilty, representatives of Muslims denied any wrong doing or indulging in any destruction. As soon as this meeting ended, the RSS mobilized a big motor cycle procession to terrorize the Muslims and another orgy of violence and destruction followed.… Read More

CPI-ML Democratic Rights Kashmir

Respect Democratic Aspirations of Kashmiri People

Widespread protests in Kashmir in which 8 persons have been killed and over three hundred (including a hundred security persons) have been injured marked the election to Srinagar by-election. According to the Election Commission only 7% votes were cast and polling had to be folded up by noon in most of the polling booths due to people’s protests. This tells about the real situation in Kashmir. State’s plan to hold election and to flaunt it as a proof of Kashmiris acquiescence with status quo has fallen flat in face of determined opposition of the people.

According to reports, a new phase in the people’s struggle in Kashmir has unfolded in which people intervene in encounters of militants by security forces. There are numerous such incidents. Army authorities including Army Chief have warned the protesters calling them as supporters of ‘terrorism’. Functionaries of Central Govt. have also issued statements on similar lines.

The large scale participation of the people in protests unequivocally questions the narrative of Indian Govt. that unrest in Kashmir is a handiwork of Pakistan aided handful of ‘terrorists’. That this has not sunk deep into minds of the people of the country as mainstream media does not cover it, and to that extent it does, it is to reinforce the narrative of the Govt.… Read More

CPI-ML Imperialism Middle East

Trump Administration, Hands Off Syria

In an about turn on his campaign rhetoric, US President Trump ordered missile attack against Syria targeting an airbase in Homs. The avowed reason for this attack was alleged use of chemical weapons by Assad Govt. of Syria against civilians in Idlib province controlled by the rebel forces mainly Al-Qaeda linked Al-Nusra now renamed. Trump and his Admn. has flaunted this missile attack as a proof of his decisive action compared to Obama’s alleged dithering in face of such a situation in 2013.

In fact this action had little to do with any use of chemical weapons. It is born out of domestic compulsion where the ‘deep state’ and bipartisan leadership is mounting pressure on Trump, investigating links of his campaign with Russian Govt. His National Security Advisor has been forced to quit and the chairman of the Congressional committee has been forced to recuse himself. This investigation implies the alleged softness of Trump towards Russia. Acolytes of Obama Admn. and many top leaders of Democratic Party have mounting pressure on Trump to act against Syria. Trump has sought to parry these attacks by this missile attack.

That this attack had little to do with alleged use of chemical weapon by Govt.… Read More

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RSS-BJP Plunge for Violent Hindutva Mascot as UP CM

After winning assembly elections in UP, RSS-BJP has completely thrown off its mask by imposing Yogi Adityanath as the new Chief Minister of the state. After coming to power at the Centre on its own, and now scoring more than three fourth seats in UP assembly, RSS-BJP do not feel need for this mask. They have given the reins of the most populous state of the country to a man who not only makes derogatory and violent statements against minorities but has many times openly incited violence against them. He has been accused of violence against Muslims in a number of cases. It is also ironical that RSS-BJP who pride themselves for having got support from backwards and dalits, have brought to power a person who openly justifies caste system and its oppressive institution. But that hardly matters for RSS-BJP who feel emboldened to crush all dissent and impose their fascist version of rule over the country. This victory will pave the way for removal of certain hurdles from their path.

RSS-BJP are openly proclaiming that they have won through reverse communalization, their term for having polarized Hindus. With the help of corporate media they have conducted a campaign of falsehood from which even Goebbels had much to learn.… Read More

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Elections for Five Assemblies : Anger of the People and Advance of Fascism

Results of the election to five state assemblies held in the months of February and March have witnessed rising anger of the people against the Govts. in saddle in these provinces. While ruling parties in Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand and Punjab have received serious defeats, BJP ruling in Goa and Congress ruling in Manipur too faced electoral decline. BJP despite lagging behind Congress in both these provinces has resorted to rank opportunism and manipulation utilizing the offices of Governors to come to power, though BJP’s rejection by the electorate in these states was unmistakable. This has been an important aspect of the electoral verdict.

Corporate Media Helps Ruling Class Agenda

Elections in India have increasingly come to be dominated by money, media and muscle power. Election Commission guidelines have virtually eliminated inexpensive means of propaganda and the guidelines on permissible expenditure which has been raised very high, are seldom observed. EC does little to rein in blatant violation of the guidelines issued by it. Use of money and abuse of power, blatant whipping up of communal passions and parochial sentiments is done without restraint. Election Commission expresses eventual satisfaction for having conducted the election at all. Corporate media tried to marginalize the people’s issues, trivialize their concerns and focus the election on persons rather than policies.… Read More