Thirteen initial remarks by the Communist Organization of Greece (KOE) – A disgraceful agreement

{Este mensaje lo vamos a enviar en español más tarde}

To our fraternal parties and movements, to all our international friends *

1. The whole world has been informed that a few hours ago the Greek government finally surrendered unconditionally to the EU bandits and accepted a disgraceful, humiliating and destructive Third Memorandum.

2. With this act, the government led by Alexis Tsipras, and the small group of SYRIZA leading cadres who decide in a close and secretive circle the fate of Greece, got divorced from the courageous Greek People.

3. At the same time, in the eyes of the whole world Germany and the other EU main powers revealed for the first time so clearly their true nature as gang of criminal rapists. The cynical threats and blackmailing upon Greece (and the preparation of the conditions for it to be successful) has no precedent in the post-war world history.

4. From this morning the estimation that SYRIZA is no more the party that, with all its weaknesses and errors, used to be, becomes officially valid. SYRIZA is pushed rapidly to be transformed into a pro-Memorandum force. As we have said in the past, this is not a surprising development, since the leading group of SYRIZA has ignored all the warnings and the proposals to adopt a realistic and radical policy that would offer a way out and would prevent the total disarming of Greece in front of its enemies.… Read More