Second International Mining Workers Conference Will Commence In Godavari Khani from 2nd February 2017

From the 2nd to the 5th of February, the Second International Mining Workers Conference will be held in Godavari Khani situated in the Singareni coal belt in Telengana. It is being organized by the National Preparatory Committee, consisting of ten unions of India for the International Coordination Group (ICG). The first conference was held in Peru four years earlier. Com. B. Pradeep, General Secretary of the IFTU and member of the ICG is the National Coordinator of the Preparatory Committee.

The International conference is being held in India at a time when our Govt. is accelerating the policy of opening up our natural resources for loot of MNCs and Corporate without virtually any stops. It is also opening up India wide for the Corporate to exploit our labour. Thus the mining sector in India faces contractualization, lowering of wages, poor implementation of safety standards, and increasing privatization in the name of outsourcing,… Read More

IFTU Protests Trade Union

Successful One Day Strike Emphasizes the Need To Intensify Struggle

The National Committee of the Indian Federation of Trade Unions extends revolutionary greetings to the working class of India for the successful one day strike on 2nd September 2016. IFTU calls on the Modi Govt. to heed the voice of the working class and to withdraw the anti- worker, anti- national policies of its Govt. We demand that Rs 18000 be fixed as minimum wage, labour laws be implemented , and the anti- worker changes being proposed in the major labour laws be scrapped, divestment in PSUs be stopped .

Today, IFTU units throughout the country implemented the strike call, along with other unions in some places and on its own in some places. In UCIL( Uranium Corporation of India Limited) in Tatanagar, IFTU workers started a day long dharna at the gate from 11am onwards. A lunch hour meeting was also held. One other union also participated. In Punjab,marches and road blocks were held by IFTU in Nawashahr, Jallander, Malout, Roop Nagar(Ropar), Hoshiarpur in Gar Shankar, Patiala, Muktsar, Fazilka, Gurdaspur, Pathankot, Hariyya in Amritsar, Faridkot and Rampur Phool in Bhatinda district. In some places other forces also joined us.

In West Bengal, Jute, engineering and Biscuit industries affiliated to IFTU observed strike including India Jute Mill ( Srirampur), Jayshree Jute, Jayshree Insulators and Jayshree Textiles (Hoogly), Hindustan Glass( Hoogly) and Anmol Biscuits.… Read More

IFTU Labour Laws

Amendments in Child Labour Act Attack Child Rights

The Parliament of India has passed amendments to the Child Labour Act which are designed to attack child rights and also to legalize the use of children above 14 years of age in industries hitherto considered hazardous. Passed in the Upper House earlier, it was passed by the Lok Sabha on 26th July 2016. Such a Bill had earlier been designed by the erstwhile UPA Govt. but it had lapsed.

The new amendments deregulate the employment of children under 14 years of age. This is done by stating that children below 14 years can only be employed in ‘family enterprises’ in ‘home based work’ and in forest gathering and in family fields after school hours. The earlier Act prescribed hours of work, time off for school and had other stipulations. Children between the ages of 14 to 18 years will now be termed adolescents and such adolescents can be employed in professions other than hazardous professions. This is while bringing down the list of such hazardous industries from 83 to just 3 (Mines, inflammable substances and hazardous processes). Children (meaning below 14 years) can be made to work in family grocery stores, enterprises and shops after school hours – all this camouflages the real purpose of the Bill, which is deregulating the employment of child labour as it does not specify what is implied by ‘family’.… Read More


Victims of Accidental Fire in Colony in Kakinada (AP) Must Be Compensated

The thatched roof huts of residents of Mahatma Jyothi  Rao Phule Colony in Parlova Peta area of Kakinada caught fire on 29th April 2016. Nearly two hundred and fifty families became homeless in this calamity. The hard work and sweat put in by the residents in building this colony was reduced to ashes. Though the Deputy Chief Minister and Home Minister of Andhra Pradesh, N. China Rajappa, visited the victims and announced that the State Govt.  would stand by them, subsequently,  the Kakinada City MLA,  the Tehsildar (Urban),  the RDO in charge,  visited the spot and said that the people had encroached on this site  and that there was no G.O. to rehabilitate the people on such a site. Due to the mismatch in the voices emanating from the Govt, the people of the area began to lose hope. In this situation, several days after the fire, on 5th May, CPI(ML)-New Democracy along with IFTU and AIKMS  led  the victims for a Dharna  against the Govt’s inaction. Memoranda were submitted to the District Collector, the Joint Collector and the Municipal Commissioner.

In 2012, people who owned no houses cleared the bushes, weeds and grass in the port area here, made the place habitable and built huts for themselves.… Read More

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Condemn Central Govt’s Continual Limiting of EPF Benefits! – Solidarity With All Struggles Against the Modi Govt’s Attacks on EPF!

Scarcely has the dust settled over the attempt of the Central Govt. of RSS BJP to limit the workers’ rights to withdraw from their PF deposits in times of need, the Govt. has made another attack. The Finance Ministry has decided to limit the interest rate on PF deposits to 8.7% against the 9% demanded by central unions and also the 8.8% recommended by the Board under the Central Labour Ministry. Calculations for the year had shown that the Govt. could easily pay an interest rate of 8.95% to workmen on the basis of the returns of the investment of PF funds. But the Govt. has chosen to refuse to pass on the benefits of the workers’ investments to them.

The situation is both in keeping with the desperate need of the Govt. for money in view of the economic slump in the country and also the determination of the Modi Govt. to attack workers’ benefits and rights at all costs. The working class movements have forced this Govt. to either retract on or keep in abeyance several steps including the infamous anti worker amendments to almost all the major labour laws as also the attempts to tax PF withdrawals and also to restrict workers’ rights to withdraw their own deposits apart from the rules already in place.… Read More


Release of IFTU National Committee on the Seventh Pay Commission Report

The IFTU National Committee holds that the Seventh Pay Commission Report released recently by the Central Govt. is a severe let down for the major sections of the 47 lakh govt employees it will cover. Setting a minimum wage of Rs.18,000 per month at the lower end marks a increase of a mere 14.33 % over the earlier wage. This, when at the other end of the spectrum, Secretaries will be entitled to Rs.2.25 lakhs per month (Rs. 2.5 lakh for Cabinet Secretary) where as they were earlier below the one lakh mark. This increase of 14.33% is less than half of what was given in the earlier two pay panels. This is also a very low increase in the context of the sharpest price rise witnessed over the last ten years. Secondly, the employees at the lower end of the spectrum have got a very small increase where as the upper bracket has got a much higher increase, resulting in greater disparity with the increase of the huge gap between the minimum and the maximum.

The overall increase of 23.55% in pay and pension of the Govt. employees and the 52 lakh retirees compared to the 35% increase in the last Pay Commission was to be expected given that the terms of reference of the 7th Commission itself directed that the fiscal situation should be kept in mind – to conform to ‘fiscal prudence’.… Read More

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Press Statement on Arson at the house of Com. Radheyshyam


Early this morning the room from which IFTU National Committee member Com. Radheyshyam operates in Greater Noida was set on fire and more than 500 books, manuscripts and papers related to trade union work, photographs of great teachers of working class and great patriots like Bhagat Singh and Chandrashekhar Azad were totally gutted. Com. Radheyshyam is the ex-President of the Shramik Sangh of Denso India Ltd., a multinational company.

On 29th September Com. Radheyshyam had led a team of the workers’ leaders of the company to the home of their colleague whose brother, Aflaq Ahmed, was lynched in Bisada village the previous night. Aflaq had worked in Denso for some time as a temporary worker while his brother is a permanent workman of Denso. The arsonists specifically attacked this room; Com. Radheyshyam owns this flat but lives somewhere else. The room is above the floor which is empty and was left untouched. His relative lives on the ground floor and woke in the morning in time to see someone going out from the house. He found his house bolted from the outside and his power switched off from the meter. Meanwhile neighbour saw smoke emanating from the rood and alerted Com.… Read More

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IFTU Statement on Success of 2nd Sept. All India Strike

The National Committee of the Indian Federation of Trade Unions (IFTU) congratulates the working class of India for coming out in one day strike across the country, thereby issuing notice to the Modi Govt. against any attempts to execute anti worker changes in the labour laws of the country. We call on the working class to prepare to intensify and further broad base the struggle for implementation of labour laws, strengthening of labour law implementation machinery, RS 15,000 minimum wage, for status of Govt. employees to Asha and Anganwadi workers, against privatization of PSUs, against FDI in railways, defense, retail, media and other sectors with subsequent attacks on existing workforce and against the anti worker anti people polices of globalization, privatization and liberalization, against contractualization , against allowing coal deposits being opened for commercial use, for effective functioning of raw jute purchasing bodies and protection to the jute sector, for universal PDS and to curb price rise of essential commodities.

IFTU workers and activists throughout the country led strike actions in various states and in various sectors. In the Coal sector the BCCL observed total strike and there was total strike in Singareni coal mines in Telengana, in both of which IFTU participated.… Read More

Communalism IFTU

Report of Delhi IFTU Team to Khajuri Khas & Press Release

Press Release

The Delhi IFTU Committee sent a team to the Khajuri Khas area of North East Delhi to investigate alleged communal clashes there after we received reports of the same from several workers who reside in the area. In Delhi in the months since Modi Govt came to power, there have been several such incidents in all of which investigations found that the actual situation was that Hindutva elements abetted by the local police had attempted to, or at times actually succeeded in provoking anti muslim violence. In addition, there have been attacks on churches usually in the early hours of the morning . The report of our team is released herewith.

Dr. Animesh Das
President, Delhi IFTU Committee
August 3rd 2015

Report of Delhi IFTU Team to Khajuri Khas
On 1st August newspapers were full of reports that there were ‘clashes between two groups’ in Khajuri Khas area of north east Delhi and that the Delhi police had acted to restore law and order. We were also contacted by several workers residing in the kuccha colony of Khajuri Khas, a poor and working class colony, that the area was communally disturbed. As this is an area where both Hindus and Muslims reside and also because the memory of incidents in Trilokpuri and Seelampur in the past few months are there, the Delhi Committee of Indian Federation of Trade Unions sent a team to investigate the incident.… Read More


Srirampur- West Bengal – 6th All India Conference of Indian Federation of Trade Unions (IFTU) Calls for Intensifying Struggle

The sixth All India Conference of IFTU was held at Srirampur, Hoogly, West Bengal on 12th and 13th April, 2015. It was preceded by a rally on 11th April evening through the town which is known for the India Jute Mill situated there. The union of the workers here is led by IFTU. The rally was followed by a public meeting addressed by leaders of National Committee (NC) of IFTU at Saifuddin Grounds (Mahesh Sanpiri Ground renamed for the rally in memory of Com. Saifuddin Vice-president of IFTU).
Delegates coming for the conference were greeted by a huge red archway marking the entrance to Com. Paltu Sen Nagar, wherein the Maya Bhawan (and an adjoining building housing delegates) or the residential complex was called Ram Naresh Tyagi Hall, named after Treasurer of IFTU who died in an accident in 2013. The common eating space for all delegates was named in the memory of Com. H.M. Upadhyay (Vice-president of IFTU). 327 delegates from different unions affiliated to IFTU along with 17 observers attended the Conference. The delegates were from Telengana, Punjab. Andhra Pradesh, West Bengal, Jharkhand, Bihar, Delhi, Odisha, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana and Maharashtra apart from the members of NC. Thus 11 states where IFTU has work were represented in the Conference.… Read More