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Turkey Invades Kurd Areas of Syria

Intensifying contradictions among imperialist powers and regional powers aligned to them are giving rise to new conflicts and wars in the Middle-east. The situation is growing increasingly complex as new conflicts supervene over and influence the ongoing conflicts.

Turkey has invaded the Afrin enclave controlled by Kurds led forces in Northern Syria on the western border with Turkey. Turkey had earlier occupied an area of Syria along its border including Al-bab thus separating Afrin enclave from the broader north-eastern Syria where Kurds’ YPG and SDF (Syrian Democratic Forces) led by them have gained control to the east of Euphrates river and Manbij area to the west of the river. Both US and Russia have their military forces deployed in Syria. While Russia has deployed its Air Force to help Syrian Govt. and controls its air space, US has deployed more than two thousand of its military personnel to aid YPG forces besides providing equipment and ammunition.

The immediate provocation for Turkey’s Afrin offensive is an announcement by US Admn. to arm and equip 30,000 Kurd led forces to control north-eastern Syria and Syrian border with Turkey and Iraq. Trump Admn. has been claiming that it is in Syria only to defeat the ISIS.… Read More

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Oppose US Decision to Recognize Jerusalem as the Capital of Israel : Support National Struggle of Palestinians


US President Trump’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel makes US open partner in the Zionist crimes against Palestinians. The decision goes against several UN resolutions on Jerusalem and is a clear reversal of US stand on two state solution of conflict between Zionist Israel and Palestinians. The decision has been condemned by most of the countries and the people around the world. US Admn. is facing total isolation on the issue in the world.

Trump is a representative of the most reactionary sections of the US ruling bourgeoisie. He had tapped into the anger of the working people of America only to push reactionary, racist white supremacist and anti-people agenda. In this he is backed by the big capitalist supporters of Israel, the Jewish lobby, in USA.

While Govt. of Israel has obviously welcomed Trump’s move. Complicit in this move are rulers of Saudi Arabia, UAE and Bahrain who are forging close ties with Israel to save their undemocratic anti-people rule. This is an offensive of Trump Admn. in league with rulers of Israel and Saudi Arabia. They have been trying to force Palestinians to come to an agreement with Israel giving their national rights and forgoing their national aspirations.… Read More


Missiles and MOAB : To Russia With Love

Donald Trump is nothing if not a businessman. He knows how to sell his ware or more, importantly to produce what is going to sell. In his campaign to become President, Trump took the posture of an outsider to cater to the anti-establishment mood among the people. That he could sell this newly adorned image speaks volumes of the need of the ruling elite to hoodwink the people and also persistent propaganda of the corporate media which kept describing this rank insider as an outsider and anti-establishment. So pervading was this propaganda that many believed it despite the fact that Trump had received more media space than all other candidates combined. In fact this was a sort of pre-emptive strike by the establishment so that the anti-establishment mood sweeping the people does not throw up any surprise. And they are good at it, having done it in country after country, India not excepted.

This mood centred on kowtowing of the establishment to the interests of big capitalists or what is called Wall Street and secondly perpetual wars being perpetrated by the establishment. During the campaign Trump dramatically took up cudgels against the establishment, asserted that he would challenge Wall Street and that he was against the wars being engineered by US Admn.… Read More

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Trump Administration, Hands Off Syria

In an about turn on his campaign rhetoric, US President Trump ordered missile attack against Syria targeting an airbase in Homs. The avowed reason for this attack was alleged use of chemical weapons by Assad Govt. of Syria against civilians in Idlib province controlled by the rebel forces mainly Al-Qaeda linked Al-Nusra now renamed. Trump and his Admn. has flaunted this missile attack as a proof of his decisive action compared to Obama’s alleged dithering in face of such a situation in 2013.

In fact this action had little to do with any use of chemical weapons. It is born out of domestic compulsion where the ‘deep state’ and bipartisan leadership is mounting pressure on Trump, investigating links of his campaign with Russian Govt. His National Security Advisor has been forced to quit and the chairman of the Congressional committee has been forced to recuse himself. This investigation implies the alleged softness of Trump towards Russia. Acolytes of Obama Admn. and many top leaders of Democratic Party have mounting pressure on Trump to act against Syria. Trump has sought to parry these attacks by this missile attack.

That this attack had little to do with alleged use of chemical weapon by Govt.… Read More

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Of Shifting Sands and Pursuing Mirages From ‘Surgical strike on black money’ to ‘Going cashless’

SK Mohan
‘Oh, what a tangled web we weave…when first we practice to deceive.’ – Walter Scott, Marmion
After sounding the bugle for ‘War on black money’ on the night of 8th November, the Generals appear to have changed the tack, hardly three weeks into it. Prime Minister’s ‘Mann ki Baat’ and the RBI Governor’s interview on 27th November emphasised the need for ‘Going cashless’ with less cash. It is interesting to note that the Government’s press release and the Prime Minister’s speech announcing demonetisation harped primarily on the issue of ‘black money’ and terror funding through counterfeit notes. There wasn’t much about ‘Going cashless’ then. There is an obvious shift in the narrative. While one can agree to the fact that there exists a (close) association between ‘cash’ payments and ‘black money’, it needs to be recognised that they are not the same. Curbing black money and encouraging ‘cashless’ payments are two different objectives. The means and methods to achieve those objectives would have to be different. Leaving aside the political motives of the party in power, the new objective and policies of the government need to be assessed based on the ground reality and the consequences.
There are estimates that ‘black money’ in the form of currency notes does not exceed 6% of the total ‘black money’.… Read More

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Homage to Fidel Castro, Leader of the Cuban Revolution & Fighter against US Imperialism

Fidel Castro who had led the overthrow of US backed Batista dictatorship in Cuba and had also led Cuba in the direction of socialism after this, died on November 25, 2016 aged 90 years.

Son of a wealthy plantation owner, Fidel was active in the democratic movement since his student days. In 1945 there was a widespread movement in Cuba against US intervention in the Caribbean in which Fidel also participated. As a student activist, during 1947-48 while pursuing his law degree, he was attracted towards Marxism. He joined the Party of Cuban People led by Chibas. From 1950 to 52 he practiced law. However, with the help of CIA, Batista seized power and annulled 1952 elections.

After the end of Second World War, US Administration was alarmed at the victorious advance of the Communist movement worldwide and had taken to supporting all the reactionaries and dictators in its anti-communist strategy. US rulers any way considered Latin America its backyard and an exclusive zone for exploitation. Towards the end of Cuban war of independence from Spain, US had militarily intervened in 1898 and made Cuba its virtual colony as it had done in Philippines and Puerto Rico. Jose Marti who had become a symbol of Cuban independence struggle, had died at the beginning of this third and final war of independence from Spanish colonialism.… Read More

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Oppose Warmongering by BJP Govt., Foil Communal Conspiracies of RSS-BJP

Chest thumping by ruling BJP leaders over so-called surgical strikes carried out by Indian Army on the morning of September 29, 2016. Prime Minister Modi, Defense Minister Parriker and a host of ministers and BJP & RSS leaders have claimed these to be proof of new assertiveness of the BJP Govt. against Pakistan abandoning what is being termed as “strategic restraint”. Since these claims by the Govt. functionaries, other ruling class politicians have doubted the veracity of these strikes on the one hand and Congress and other UPA constituents claiming that such strikes were carried out earlier by the UPA Govt. on the other. Denial of any such strike by Pakistan, even carrying a large posse of foreign journalists to the sites claimed to have been hit in these strikes and the statement of UN monitoring mission Kashmir that no LoC violation had occurred on the time claimed in the Govt. statement, has resulted in confusion further confounded. Moreover, the claim by Govt. ministers and BJP leaders that this was first time that such an action was carried out by the Indian Army has been disputed and has been so admitted by the foreign secretary. It is clear that Modi Govt.… Read More

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Condemn LEMOA Signed by Modi Govt. with USA

The Modi Govt. has taken a significant step in the direction of forging military alliance with USA with the signing of the Logistics Exchange Memorandum of Agreement (LEMOA). This document, signed during Defence Minister Manohar Parriker visit to USA, aims at allowing USA to use Indian military facilities including naval bases for supplies, spare parts and refuelling. The text of this agreement was finalized during Narendra Modi’s visit to USA in June this year. Through this agreement, Modi Govt. has aligned India with US imperialism in its drive to contain China with particular reference to South China Sea. US intends to use India for its Pivot to Asia, meant to confront the increasing strength of China, under which US wishes to deploy 60% of its naval forces in Asia-Pacific region by the end of the year. This agreement will enable US to use readymade Indian facilities for military purposes and is a key part of the US strategy in the region.

The agreement, long sought by US Admn., has been in the pipeline for over a decade and a half. It was first mooted during the earlier tenure of the BJP led NDA Govt. in 2002. It was one of the four agreements sought by US Admn., others being the Communications Interoperability and Security Memorandum of Agreement (CISMOA), Basic Exchange and Cooperation Agreement for Geo-spatial Cooperation (BECA) and End User Verification Agreement.… Read More

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Failed Coup in Turkey and the Emerging Equations in the Middle-East – Aditya Prakash

The failed coup by sections of the Army and Air Force in Turkey and the subsequent massive arrests and purge in military, police, judiciary, education department and press by Erdogan Govt. to tighten its control over the country have been both the result and cause of intensifying contradictions in Turkey and the larger Middle-East. This intensification is linked to growing contradictions among imperialist powers and among the regional powers aligned to them.

To go briefly into the events preceding, Erdogan’s project to carve out an area of influence in Levante with the blessings and aid of US and other western powers, has come a cropper. Islamic State, emerging from the resistance of Iraqi people against US led aggression and bolstered by imperialist machinations in Syria, has unnerved the monarchies in the region which are caught between supporting the Sunni Islamist groups and suppressing their own people. While they embarked on these objectives as complementary to each other, these groups are threatening to assume a life of their own becoming players in their own right or along with their benefactors. Arab Spring, that upsurge of the people’s struggles in Arab countries which imperialists and their allies sought to utilize to their own advantage, has been drowned in the blood of ruthless suppression and sectarian strife.… Read More


Modi Govt. Intensifies Tying of India to US Military Chariot

Mouthing slogans of ‘nationalism’ the Modi Govt. has taken one more step to tie India to the chariot wheels of US imperialism. India has decided to sign an agreement to share military logistics with US imperialism. The Logistics Exchange Memorandum of Agreement was reached during the recent visit of US Secretary of Defence Ashton Carter to India. Two more agreements, again long demanded by US imperialism, one on communications security and interoperability and the other on geospatial cooperation, are in the pipeline.

The agreement signed will give visiting US aircrafts and warships access to resources like fuel and water at India’s military bases. Modi Govt.’s step reverses India’s longstanding position not to sign such agreements. Though Indian Govt. has since some time been conducting joint military exercises with US military it had been hesitating to sign the aforesaid agreement pressed by US since 2004. Though the agreement as usual mentions bilateral use, it is obvious that US imperialism in its hegemonic pursuit will be using Indian military facilities. Indian Govt. has long cooperated with imperialist powers including US imperialism but Modi Govt. is openly entering into such an agreement which is in the direction of forging military alliance.

This agreement is not only a surrender of Indian sovereign interests by the Modi Govt., it is also a body blow to whatever ‘independence’ has been in the foreign policy.… Read More