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On Union Budget 2016-17 : Continuing Bonanza for the Super-rich and Burden on the Poor

Union Budget presented by Finance Minister Arun Jaitley does not address any concern relating to the economic growth nor takes any step to ameliorate the deteriorating conditions of the people. It does not address the questions of peasant distress, industrial stagnation or the rising economic burden on the common people.

The Budget exercise of Indian Govt. has lost much of its importance due to year round increase in taxes and levies as also jugglery of figures. Incomes are inflated to balance the figures and expenditures are announced to hear plaudits from apologist commentators. However the money is not spent and thus people are fooled without any exertion on the part of the Govt. Govt. makes big announcements to hide continuing slowdown of economic growth, the announcements which are never implemented. Schemes are renamed (after Sangh icons), regrouped under different head to show increased allocation and tricks of the kind are galore in Jaitley’s Budget. Appropriate noises are made of care for the peasants and common person but all the benefits accrue to less than 0.1 percent of the super rich. Homilies are paid to the poor with loud mouth but the fine print discloses the real bonanza for the super rich.… Read More


Change the system to fight climate change

Agreement between states on Climate Change reached in Paris on December 12 marks expression on pious wishes on curtailing the climate change with little action to show for them. Moreover it marks a big victory for the imperialist countries particularly USA which pulled all strings to prevent actionable goals in the agreement. The Agreement has set a laudable target of containing rise in global temperature to 1.5 Celsius till the end of the present century compared to pre-industrial time i.e. 1850 but has not outlined any action to achieve the same. If the targets set by different countries are taken into account, the rise in temperature is estimated to be in the vicinity of 3 Celsius. It is estimated that if global temperature rise by over 2 Celsius sea levels would rise due to melting of ice caps thus drowning a number of countries and wiping them off the map of the world. This danger is creating pressure to contain the change in the climate. Paris Agreement is high on the noise but low on action.

First and foremost, the agreement does away with historical responsibility of the developed countries for over production of hydrocarbons responsible for the degradation of the environment.… Read More

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Turkey shoots down Russian military aircraft – Comment

War in Syria escalated with Turkey downing a Russian military plane on the Syria-Turkey border. The incident has brought into focus the turmoil in the Middle-East which has become the most troubled region in the world. The incident shows the intensification of contradiction among imperialist powers and the regional powers aligned to them. All these powers claiming to fight the Islamic State are pursuing their own agenda. Turkey which had initially refused to join the US led coalition against IS, later joined it bombing the Syrian Kurds which were holding their own against the IS and had carved out an area of self-rule. Western imperialist powers support anti-Assad Jihadis while Russia is bombing all anti-Assad militant groups including the Islamic State. Iran is supporting Basher Assad regime while Saudi Arabia and Kuwait are financing and supporting their own groups of Jihadis. The scramble to secure their influence in Syria is resulting in high casualties mainly of civilians. More than half of the population of Syria (20 million) has been forced to leave their homes and take shelter elsewhere, half of these inside Syria and another half outside Syria. Every imperialist power and regional power aligned to them is trying to secure its foothold in Syria through militant groups to be stakeholder in the negotiations on Syria’s future.… Read More

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Comment on Myanmar Elections

Holding of elections in Myanmar (earlier called Burma) and defeat of the Army controlled party in the elections are significant political developments in our neighbouring country Myanmar. These elections resulted in the massive victory of NLD (National League for Democracy). Even in the earlier election held in 1990 after massive struggle of the people, the NLD had won a resounding victory. However, Military rulers of Myanmar had refused to transfer power to civilian leadership.

These elections were held after the Army had amended the Constitution and allotted one fourth of the seats to nominees of the armed forces in both chambers of Parliament. Moreover, many other restrictions on the rights of elected representatives have been built into the Constitution.

This election and the victory of the NLD also mark a compromise between NLD leader Aung San Suu Kyi and military rulers. This outcome of the longstanding struggle of the people of Myanmar for democracy is to safeguard against struggles of different nationalities and different sections of the people over a long period of time. At best this is a reformist outcome of these struggles.

Myanmar has seen rise in the violence against Rohingya Muslims, a minority inhabiting south western region of Myanmar.… Read More


Statement on Paris Attacks

On the night of 13th November 2015, in six attacks in Paris, more than 150 people have been killed and over 200 have been injured. These coordinated attacks have shaken France. A concert hall was the main scene of these killings. The attackers are said to be holding French bombing of Syria as the reason for their attack.

While targeting of innocent civilians deserves to be condemned, the attack has however thrown up a large number of questions. Killing of innocents whether it is by spraying bullets or throwing/planting bombs is as dastardly and heinous a crime as killing of innocents by raining bombs from the sky or carpet bombing of the whole regions which is so routinely done by imperialist countries including France in the countries of Asia and Africa. Targeting of civilians everywhere is condemnable. While in case of imperialists it represents their arrogance and could not care less attitude towards the lives of people of backward countries, also their relative strength; in case of those resorting to such attacks in urban centres it represents asymmetrical war, in fact their relative weakness rather than their strength. In recent years France has increased its participation in bombing campaigns in Africa and Middle-East under ‘socialist’ president Hollande.… Read More

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Considering the strategic and sensitive nature of defence sector, the production of defence equipment had been entirely under the domain of the public sector since 1947. But clamour for the privatization of the defence industry in India started since 1990s when Manmohan Singh further opened the Indian markets to imperialist abuse. With the backdrop of a beautifully orchestrated hostility against China and Pakistan, the miserable performance by our indigenous defence industry created the perfect atmosphere for allowing FDI in it. A decade later, since May 2001, successive governments have succeeded in opening the sector to FDI. The last UPA Government permitted 100% equity with a maximum of 26% FDI component, both subject to licensing and security clearance. Now with the coming of Modi government to power, Indian big comprador capitalists and international capital are demanding immediate pushing through of a raft of socially explosive measures, along with complete deregulation of the Indian defense industry. Recent ‘Made in India’ and ‘Digitalized India’ campaigns are just another attempt to develop positive public perception towards disinvestment and undermine real issues like poverty, starvation and unemployment. Under this flagship of Modi’s ‘Make in India’ campaign, ironically the upper ceiling of FDI has already increased from 26% to the tune of 49%.… Read More

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Observe Anti-Emergency Day

Offensive of Modi Govt. against the people of the country is bringing the memories of Emergency Rule back. In its eagerness to serve foreign and domestic corporate, Modi Govt. is going all out to attack not only different sections of the people but also the existing institutional framework coming in way. It has changed the existing Land Acquisition Law, it has changed labour laws to the detriment of workers, it has violated environmental regulations, in short it has done everything to hand over resources to foreign and domestic corporate and further depressed already low wages of workers.

In this drive Modi led Govt. is undermining different institutions. It is sidelining parliamentary procedures and is trying to control higher Judiciary. This offensive is coupled with attacks against minorities particularly Muslims. In different parts of the country Muslims are being attacked, their properties destroyed and their religious places brought down. RSS-BJP are unleashing a large number of such attacks to polarize the society and marginalize the minorities. There is a systematic attempt to communalize the education, history writing and historical research and make majority religious symbols as national symbols. For that they are appointing RSS nominees to head various bodies in the fields of education, historical research and culture.Read More


Observe 23rd March as Anti-imperialist Day

On 23rd March 1931, Bhagat Singh, Rajguru and Sukhdev offered supreme sacrifice to free Indian people from the yoke of colonial rule. Their martyrdom is a shining example of the sacrifices given by the people of India in the course of freedom struggle. However, the ruling classes which came to power as a result of transfer of power by British imperialist rulers, have sought to keep India perpetually dependent on imperialism and keep India as a happy hunting ground for imperialist capital. The dreams of these great martyrs were not fulfilled in 1947 and the dreams for which they laid down their lives are yet to be realized. Their martyrdom has inspired and continues to inspire people of the country in their struggle against imperialist exploitation and rule of reactionary classes subservient to imperialist powers, in their struggle for a new India, genuinely independent and democratic.
This struggle has become all the more necessary and urgent as the present rulers have moved on to increase the stranglehold of imperialist capital on all aspects of economic life of the country. Their new economic policies represented intensification of imperialist loot and plunder of the country in which Indian comprador corporate, acted as partners.… Read More

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How Prime Minister Modi and his RSS-BJP Govt. bent over backwards to please the chief of the most powerful imperialist power, the biggest aggressor against the world people, is now known to everyone. No effort was spared to showcase personal bonhomie between US President Obama and Indian Prime Minister only to hide the unequal nature of the relationship between the two countries. It is well known how the weak take pride in their friendship with the strong only to cover up their weakness. However, when the results of the visit are analyzed it is obvious that the obvious has prevailed. The Indian Govt. has weakly succumbed to the demands of the powerful visitor.
The operationalization of US-India civil nuclear agreement has been much talked about and has clearly shown how little Indian rulers care about the law of the land and the right of the parliament to frame them. Modi, like his predecessor Manmohan Singh, termed this deal as the cornerstone of the US-India strategic partnership. But it is obvious that from the beginning this deal was, for the US, primarily an opportunity to sell its outdated and untested nuclear reactors to India at exorbitant costs. Indian rulers are bent on serving the interests of US MNCs by proposing to buy their reactors.… Read More

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President of the biggest imperialist power, USA, Barrack Obama is coming to India. USA is engaged in a number of wars in third world countries for controlling their natural resources, trade routes and establishing its military bases in all parts of world. Its hands are soiled with the blood of millions of people of oppressed countries. It is behind almost all the wars being waged around the world. It is bombing a number of countries of middle-east and Africa and also Afghanistan and Pakistan. It bullies, threatens and causes subversion in a number of countries. Though facing setbacks in its wars of aggression and economic crisis at home, imperialist America, like a leopard, cannot change its spots.
Obama is coming to India to seek greater avenues for its giant MNCs to exploit rich natural resources of the country, cheap labour power and extensive markets. It is seeking to force the Govt. of India to change its Nuclear Liability Law to sell it nuclear reactors. It is seeking to deepen strategic defence partnership with India to sell its military equipment as well as further India’s involvement in its efforts to contain rising China. It is seeking greater market access for its companies in different fields of economic life.… Read More