Delhi : Convention Against US Attack

The Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist)-New Democracy and its like minded organizations, the All India People’s Resistance Forum and the Revolutionary Unity Centre, Punjab, held an impressive protest-demonstration at Jalandhar on 30th January 2003 against US war-threats and aggression on Iraq. Before the commencement of protest demonstration, a mass meeting was held in Desh Bhagat Yadgar Hall Complex where speakers made seething attacks on US by saying that being the sole superpower in the world, US imperialism wishes to get license for forcing governments of its liking throughout the world by use of military might.

Calling upon the people to come forward against the war-designs and plots of US, the speakers asserted that aggression against Iraq will be naked violations of human rights, international law and the principles of UN itself. They stated that there is no danger of war against USA and no threat to world peace from Iraq. Rather US war-designs are clearly threatening world peace today.

Com. Ajmer Singh, a senior provincial leader of CPI(ML)-New Democracy, said US imperialism, in the name of “war against terrorism”, is playing the game of making weak countries submit before it. Com. Ajmer Singh alleged that Mr. Bush wishes to be a candidate for presidency next time by getting applause through such actions.… Read More


West Bengal : Massive Rally Against US Aggressors

Thirteen political parties and organizations in West Bengal, including CPI(ML)-New Democracy, gave a call for a protest march to US Embassy on 19th December 2002 to oppose the US conspiracy to attack Iraq. Thousands of people from the province, with banners, posters and placards, gathered at the Subodh Mallik Square in Kolkata at 2 p.m. on that day and started marching towards the US Embassy raising slogans against the war campaign – “No to US Aggression on Iraq”, “Down with the universal terrorists, the Bush-Blair Clique”, “Not oil at the cost of blood, not war for oil” etc.… Read More

Imperialism Protests

15th February 2003 : Anti-War Protests Sweep Across Continents

Anti-war protests swept across continents on 15th February 2003 in response to a call to observe the day as one of protests against the imminent US led attack on Iraq. 11-14 million people are estimated to have participated in these. Big rallies and angry protests took place in America itself, where people came onto the streets in over 150 cities including demonstrating near the UN Head Quarters in New York itself. The turn out in New York was reportedly around three and a half lakhs. 50 people were taken into custody and 8 policemen injured here. Anti-war rallies were also held in Chicago, Philadelphia, Miami and Seattle. A few lakhs demonstrated in San Francisco. The protesters in America chanted “Drop Bush, not bombs” and “World says no to war”.

London marked the protest by a three and a half mile long anti-war rally in which a million people participated. This protest was led by
the “Stop the War Coalition”, the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament and Muslim Association for Britain. In Britain over 75% of the people oppose war against Iraq and the popularity of its Prime Minister Blair has dropped to an all time low due to his hawkish stand on war.… Read More