Imperialism Iraq

Obama’s strategy up in the air

‘Barack the Bomber’

(New Democracy News)

On the 10th of September, US President Barack Obama declared war on Islamic State. The key points of the strategy he cooked up over a few days, having remarked earlier that he had no strategy, entail air strikes against IS positions in Iraq and building of an international coalition to “degrade and ultimately destroy” IS. Secretary Kerry has been scouting the Middle East to earn allies for this offensive. The visit has earned empty support complementing the hollow strategy of his President.

What has prompted Obama Admn. to embark on this course? He had famously remarked while backtracking on the decision to bomb Syria last year that he was not in the White House to unleash wars. Obama repeatedly announces that he would only take military action when threat to American security arises. Admittedly, there is no threat to American security from IS and this is vouchsafed by FBI, Department of Homeland Security and National Intelligence Alliance, a conglomerate of a myriad of intelligence agencies of USA. Obama in his address talked of threat to core interests and further amplified the same by talking of threat to US and its allies. It is clear from the address that the present US action is in defense of its allies.… Read More

Imperialism Iraq

West Bengal : Massive Rally Against US Aggressors

Thirteen political parties and organizations in West Bengal, including CPI(ML)-New Democracy, gave a call for a protest march to US Embassy on 19th December 2002 to oppose the US conspiracy to attack Iraq. Thousands of people from the province, with banners, posters and placards, gathered at the Subodh Mallik Square in Kolkata at 2 p.m. on that day and started marching towards the US Embassy raising slogans against the war campaign – “No to US Aggression on Iraq”, “Down with the universal terrorists, the Bush-Blair Clique”, “Not oil at the cost of blood, not war for oil” etc.

The marchers were, however, blocked at the US Information Centre in the city, way ahead of the destination, by the faithful dogs of the ‘Left’ Front Govt. of the state. And naturally so. Though at times resorting to anti-US imperialism rhetoric, the ‘Left’ Front was prompt in taking up the ‘immediate’ task of providing fool-proof protection and security to US imperialism and its official ‘control room’ in Kolkata, the US Embassy and deployed a huge police force for the purpose.… Read More