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Down with Ethnic Cleansing of Rohingyas in Myanmar! Suu Kyi must be made to answer for genocide by her Govt.! Indian Govt., deal humanely with this humanitarian crisis in our neighbourhood!

While prosecution of Rohingyas by the Burmese State and Army has evoked worldwide condemnation, the Indian Govt. has issued instructions to identify and deport Rohingyas who have come to India. Nearly 40,000 Rohingyas are in India, about 16,000 of them are documented. This inhuman and insensitive stand of the Indian Govt. has been criticized by the UN Human Rights Commissioner.

Rohingyas are facing a genocide in Myanmar (Burma) where they live in the south west state of Rakhine (along the sea coast and bordering Bangladesh to the west) constituting an overwhelming majority of the inhabitants in the northern part of the state and a majority of the people in the state if those who are forced to flee are taken into account. Myanmar Army and Buddhist gangs patronized by the Army are killing people, raping women and burning whole villages. Myanmar Army is even shooting dead the people who are crossing the border with Bangladesh and has mined the border crossings. The unprecedented scale of violence against Rohingyas has forced nearly one million of them out of Myanmar, nearly 370,000 since August 25, 2017 when the current round of violence against them was unleashed by the Army. The scale of military action against Rohingyas clearly proves that this is aimed at ethnic cleansing.… Read More

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Comment on Myanmar Elections

Holding of elections in Myanmar (earlier called Burma) and defeat of the Army controlled party in the elections are significant political developments in our neighbouring country Myanmar. These elections resulted in the massive victory of NLD (National League for Democracy). Even in the earlier election held in 1990 after massive struggle of the people, the NLD had won a resounding victory. However, Military rulers of Myanmar had refused to transfer power to civilian leadership.

These elections were held after the Army had amended the Constitution and allotted one fourth of the seats to nominees of the armed forces in both chambers of Parliament. Moreover, many other restrictions on the rights of elected representatives have been built into the Constitution.

This election and the victory of the NLD also mark a compromise between NLD leader Aung San Suu Kyi and military rulers. This outcome of the longstanding struggle of the people of Myanmar for democracy is to safeguard against struggles of different nationalities and different sections of the people over a long period of time. At best this is a reformist outcome of these struggles.

Myanmar has seen rise in the violence against Rohingya Muslims, a minority inhabiting south western region of Myanmar.… Read More