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Oppose Warmongering by BJP Govt., Foil Communal Conspiracies of RSS-BJP

Chest thumping by ruling BJP leaders over so-called surgical strikes carried out by Indian Army on the morning of September 29, 2016. Prime Minister Modi, Defense Minister Parriker and a host of ministers and BJP & RSS leaders have claimed these to be proof of new assertiveness of the BJP Govt. against Pakistan abandoning what is being termed as “strategic restraint”. Since these claims by the Govt. functionaries, other ruling class politicians have doubted the veracity of these strikes on the one hand and Congress and other UPA constituents claiming that such strikes were carried out earlier by the UPA Govt. on the other. Denial of any such strike by Pakistan, even carrying a large posse of foreign journalists to the sites claimed to have been hit in these strikes and the statement of UN monitoring mission Kashmir that no LoC violation had occurred on the time claimed in the Govt. statement, has resulted in confusion further confounded. Moreover, the claim by Govt. ministers and BJP leaders that this was first time that such an action was carried out by the Indian Army has been disputed and has been so admitted by the foreign secretary. It is clear that Modi Govt.… Read More

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Condemn LEMOA Signed by Modi Govt. with USA

The Modi Govt. has taken a significant step in the direction of forging military alliance with USA with the signing of the Logistics Exchange Memorandum of Agreement (LEMOA). This document, signed during Defence Minister Manohar Parriker visit to USA, aims at allowing USA to use Indian military facilities including naval bases for supplies, spare parts and refuelling. The text of this agreement was finalized during Narendra Modi’s visit to USA in June this year. Through this agreement, Modi Govt. has aligned India with US imperialism in its drive to contain China with particular reference to South China Sea. US intends to use India for its Pivot to Asia, meant to confront the increasing strength of China, under which US wishes to deploy 60% of its naval forces in Asia-Pacific region by the end of the year. This agreement will enable US to use readymade Indian facilities for military purposes and is a key part of the US strategy in the region.

The agreement, long sought by US Admn., has been in the pipeline for over a decade and a half. It was first mooted during the earlier tenure of the BJP led NDA Govt. in 2002. It was one of the four agreements sought by US Admn., others being the Communications Interoperability and Security Memorandum of Agreement (CISMOA), Basic Exchange and Cooperation Agreement for Geo-spatial Cooperation (BECA) and End User Verification Agreement.… Read More

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Statement Against Interference of Modi Govt. in the Internal Affairs of Nepal

Cancellation of the visit of President of Nepal and recall of the Nepal’s Ambassador to India have brought into sharp focus the extent to which Modi Govt. has soured relations with Nepal. Modi Govt.’s efforts to dislodge KP Sharma Oli Govt. have not been successful but these have further worsened relations between the two neighbours.

Indian Govt.’s opposition to the Constitution promulgated in Nepal and its blockade of Nepal to browbeat that small neighbour into accepting dictates of Indian Govt. have angered the people of Nepal. While Madhesis have been agitating for their legitimate grievances against the promulgated Constitution, Indian high handedness has turned people against their neighbour with whom they share a lot of ties. Modi Govt. was and is not bothered about grievances of Madhesis, it was just using the issue to teach a lesson to Nepal Govt. for not accepting the dictates of Indian Govt. Modi Govt. was further irked by Constitution declaring Nepal to be a secular state. It goes to the (dis)credit of Modi Govt. that it has turned the people of Nepal against itself by subjecting them to tremendous hardships in the thinly disguised blockade imposed by India. Going against the norms of international law governing transit rights of the landlocked countries, Modi Govt.… Read More

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On Union Budget 2016-17 : Continuing Bonanza for the Super-rich and Burden on the Poor

Union Budget presented by Finance Minister Arun Jaitley does not address any concern relating to the economic growth nor takes any step to ameliorate the deteriorating conditions of the people. It does not address the questions of peasant distress, industrial stagnation or the rising economic burden on the common people.

The Budget exercise of Indian Govt. has lost much of its importance due to year round increase in taxes and levies as also jugglery of figures. Incomes are inflated to balance the figures and expenditures are announced to hear plaudits from apologist commentators. However the money is not spent and thus people are fooled without any exertion on the part of the Govt. Govt. makes big announcements to hide continuing slowdown of economic growth, the announcements which are never implemented. Schemes are renamed (after Sangh icons), regrouped under different head to show increased allocation and tricks of the kind are galore in Jaitley’s Budget. Appropriate noises are made of care for the peasants and common person but all the benefits accrue to less than 0.1 percent of the super rich. Homilies are paid to the poor with loud mouth but the fine print discloses the real bonanza for the super rich.… Read More

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JNU: Modi led RSS-BJP Govt.’s Attack

The Modi led RSS BJP Central Govt., cornered and defensive over Rohith Vemula’s institutional murder and the exposure of its anti Dalit character, intervened in a routine event held in February at Jawahar Lal Nehru University (JNU) situated in Delhi to push its own agenda. It also got a golden opportunity to turn people’s attention from the devastating agrarian situation, continual price rise, joblessness and absent ache din. Pouncing on an event, a wave of jingoism, righteous chauvinism and aggressive fake nationalism has been let loose in the country, based on video doctoring and Goebellsian ranting. The issues just couldn’t have been better for the RSS; a mix of Kashmir and communist baiting to which they themselves added the necessary seasoning of Pakistan.

The Jawahar Lal Nehru University is a Central university known for a liberal culture of tolerance of different viewpoints. By providing for special provisions to accommodate students from backward districts of the country, it has built a reputation for a representative mixture of students. The University has been an eyesore for the RSS, which associates it with communist views and which has long voiced intentions of getting it closed down.

9th February 2016 in Background of Student Unrest

Democratic student organizations and activists of many varieties in institutions of higher learning especially in Delhi have been active in the recent past.… Read More


On Railway Budget 2016- ‘17 (New Democracy News Service)

Railway Budget presented by Union Minister for Railways, Mr. Suresh Prabhu, shows utter and callous disregard of the common people by the NDA Govt. It also paints a sorry state of finances and condition of railways under the present dispensation. Every person who travels by rail knows well the sorry condition of railways. But the NDA Govt. has not bothered to address the concerns of the common people for a comfortable, timely and safe travel.
This callous disregard is shown by the fact that while a lot needs to be done, the railway ministry has shows a surplus of Rs. 8720 crores from the past year. Further out of a total of 40,000 crores of budgetary support last year, over 20% was returned unutilized by the railways. Whether it was just a commonly played gimmick of allotting more and spending less or lack of willingness of NDA Govt. to spend on the travel for common people, it just shows their lack of concern for the people. While budgetary support has been kept at the last year’s level despite price rise, no method of generation of finances for the projects announced has been outlined except alluding to “innovative financing system”. It only shows that the Govt.… Read More