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Statement Against Interference of Modi Govt. in the Internal Affairs of Nepal

Cancellation of the visit of President of Nepal and recall of the Nepal’s Ambassador to India have brought into sharp focus the extent to which Modi Govt. has soured relations with Nepal. Modi Govt.’s efforts to dislodge KP Sharma Oli Govt. have not been successful but these have further worsened relations between the two neighbours.

Indian Govt.’s opposition to the Constitution promulgated in Nepal and its blockade of Nepal to browbeat that small neighbour into accepting dictates of Indian Govt. have angered the people of Nepal. While Madhesis have been agitating for their legitimate grievances against the promulgated Constitution, Indian high handedness has turned people against their neighbour with whom they share a lot of ties. Modi Govt. was and is not bothered about grievances of Madhesis, it was just using the issue to teach a lesson to Nepal Govt. for not accepting the dictates of Indian Govt. Modi Govt. was further irked by Constitution declaring Nepal to be a secular state. It goes to the (dis)credit of Modi Govt. that it has turned the people of Nepal against itself by subjecting them to tremendous hardships in the thinly disguised blockade imposed by India. Going against the norms of international law governing transit rights of the landlocked countries, Modi Govt.… Read More