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CPI-ML New Democracy Press Release

Enquire into Killings of 8 SIMI activists in Bhopal

Eight activists of SIMI have been killed by Madhya Pradesh police after they allegedly escaped from high security Bhopal jail in the early hours today i.e. 31st October, 2016. The story given to the press raises many questions about the veracity of the police claims.

Home Minister of Madhya Pradesh, Mr. Bhupendra Singh is quoted as saying that the prisoners were armed with spoons and plates with which “They attacked the police and injured them. The police had no choice but to kill them. They were dreaded terrorists.” From this statement it is clear that there were no grounds for the police to kill all of them. Mr. Singh’s statement further makes it clear that there is no need to respect the law if the concerned person is an alleged terrorist. It has dangerous portents for the democratic rights of the people. All that is required to eliminate a person is to accuse him of terrorism. It should be further kept in mind that the deceased were under trial prisoners.

There has been a systematic campaign by the RSS-BJP Govt. at the Centre and in states to show the law of the land as an impediment to dealing with alleged terrorists.… Read More

Press Release

CPI(ML)-New Democracy Condemns killing of CPI(Maoist) leaders

The claim by the Govt. of killing 28 persons belonging to CPI (Maoist) on Andhra Pradesh-Odisha border on October 24th 2016 has raised several important questions which have grave implications for the democratic rights of the people. Govt.’s claims have been disputed by several intellectuals and democratic rights’ activists. There have been allegations that several injured persons have been killed by the security forces as also that those detained have also been eliminated. There are also reports that several others too are in Govt. custody which the Govt. is not disclosing. It is feared that the Govt. is planning to eliminate them as well.

Govt. has claimed that it had made a surprise attack on the alleged camp, but there are no arrests made from the alleged site of attack nor has any person been shown to be injured. It substantiates the allegations that CPI(Maoist) cadres have been killed by the security forces in cold blood. CPI(ML)-New Democracy strongly condemns these killings and demands that those with the security forces should immediately be produced in the Court.

From this it is clear that the Govt. is following a policy of physical elimination of the communist revolutionary leaders and cadres. Rather than fulfilling the genuine aspirations of the people, the Govt.… Read More

AIKMS Peasants Press Release

OPPOSE commercial GM Mustard, DMH-11 is surrender before MNC Seed-Pesticide Lobby, Bayer, Monsanto

Central Executive Committee of AIKMS has filed objections on behalf of Indian farmers against the Central Govt.’s plan to release GM Mustard Seed, DMH – 11 for commercial use. It has appealed to the Genetic Engineering Approval Committee, GEAC to withdraw the plan as it will be disastrous for Indian agriculture. The GEAC set up by the Supreme Court had asked for objections to be filed by October 5 and the issue is to come up before the Supreme Court later this month.

AIKMS questioned the main claim of GM that it will increase production by 20 to 25% and reduce import bill on edible oils as deceptive as the timely provision of traditional seeds, fertilizers and irrigation and profitable sale will itself drastically increase production without burdening farmers with high cost of DMH-11. While it may reduce import bill of the govt, it will increase farmers’ dependence on MNC Bayer for seeds, fertilizers and insecticides, raise input costs and indebt them. The main reason for shortfall in oilseeds and pulses in India is inadequate govt. support to farmers, reduced under WTO guidelines.

The disastrous affect of Bt Cotton promoted by Monsanto is a pointer to the failure of this technology.… Read More

AIKMS Press Release

Successful Conclusion of Third All India Conference of AIKMS

Third All India Conference of All India Kisan Mazdoor Sabha (AIKMS) concluded on April 4, 2016 with call to launch struggle on the immediate issues of peasants including sharecroppers/tenanct peasants and agricultural labourers. The Conference was attended by 625 delegates representing over 3 lakh members spread over 11 states. Conference elected a new Central Executive members of 25 members with Com. Vemulapalli Venkataramaiah, renowned peasant leader from Telengana as President and Dr. Ashish Mital from UP as General Secretary. Conference passed a number of resolutions.

The Conference expressed grave concern at the deteriorating conditions of peasants, share-croppers and agricultural labourers and held Govt. policies responsible for the same. Share of agriculture in the Gross Domestic Product is falling while majority of people remain dependent on it. The terms of trade are adverse to the agriculture and the condition is further deteriorating. The cost of inputs is rising while agricultural produce is not being given remunerative price. Crop damage due to inadequate measures taken by the Govt. to address the natural causes like insufficient rains and floods and due to spurious seeds, fertilizers and pesticides supplied by the greedy companies which are being protected  by the ruling politicians are leading to increase in suicides of peasants.… Read More