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Statement on Agitation by Jats in Haryana

Militant agitation by Jats of Haryana for reservation in OBC category enjoys widespread support in that community. While violent attacks on other communities might have been engineered by vested interests linked to ruling class parties, the wide disillusionment and anger in the community is quite evident. We strongly condemn the senseless violence indulged by lumpen elements against common people and reported assaults on women passengers. We also strongly condemn the killing of 18 agitators and injuring hundreds in police firing. Police in India knows only one way of tackling people i.e. to fire live bullets to kill and maim them.
This agitation by Jats and earlier agitation by Patidars in Gujarat, by Marathas in Maharashtra and by Kapus in Andhra Pradesh demonstrate deep agrarian crisis in the country and increasing hardships of peasantry. Decreasing share of agriculture in the gross domestic product with continuing dependence of large section of people on agriculture has led to deterioration of the conditions of the peasantry and rural masses in general. Rising cost of agricultural inputs and lack of corresponding rise in the prices of agricultural produce thereby further worsening terms of trade against agriculture, continued neglect of irrigation and protection from vagaries of nature, lack of agri-based industries and industries in the rural areas, lack of emphasis on development in the rural areas and their continuing backwardness, and increasing privatization of education and health taking them beyond the means of overwhelming population in rural areas have led to worsening conditions of rural masses including landowning peasantry.… Read More


Vishakhapatnam Rally & Public Meeting on February 29, 2016

Resist and Defeat Destruction in the name of Development!

Fight for People centric Development!

Fellow people of the country,

The policies being pursued by Central and State Govts. are destroying lives and livelihoods of the people of the country. They are unleashing death, devastation and destruction on the vast masses. Their policies are destroying crop lands, green forests, sea coast and river banks and are poisoning land and water. They are destroying agriculture, fishing and other livelihoods of the people. Their policies are an unmitigated disaster for the people of the country, including broad sections of the peasantry including tribals, workers, fisherfolk, slum dwellers and other toiling sections. Their neoliberal model of ‘development’ is only meant to benefit foreign and domestic corporate and their lackeys while it is a model of devastation and destruction for the common people inhabiting the length and breadth of the country. Their policies are endangering food security, environment and conditions of lives for the vast multitude.

Modi led RSS-BJP Central Govt. and State Govts. including Naidu led TDP Govt. of AP, Naveen Patnaik led BJD Govt. of Odisha and KCR led TRS Govt. in Telengana are all following a development model based on displacing large sections of peasantry and landless people including tribals from villages, from the countryside, fisherfolk from the sea coast and basti dwellers from urban areas.… Read More

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Spain: Anti-austerity mood grows among the people

People’s opposition to austerity policies being imposed by European Union on Latin European countries continues to reflect in the electoral arena deepening the political crisis in these countries. Recent elections in Spain fourth largest economy of the Eurozone, held on December 20, 2015 have produced a fractured mandate with pro-austerity parties facing reduction in their vote share as well as in the number of seats in the Parliament. Ruling Popular Party (PP) and the main opposition Socialist Party (PSOE) which have been alternating in power for over decades both lost in terms of votes and seats in the new parliament. The elections threw a verdict where formation of a govt. itself is quite difficult. Neither PP nor PSOE are in a position to cobble together a coalition to form the government.

Spain has been one of the south European countries which have been severely affected by the world financial-economic crisis. Though its sovereign debt was not very high at the time of crisis, flight of foreign capital in the wake of the explosion of that crisis in 2008 led to several balance of payment of crisis and undermining of banks. European Union held out a bail out with severe conditions in terms of austerity measures.… Read More

Peasants Protests

Why are Punjab’s Peasants on the Path of Protest? – Gurmukh Singh

This time in Punjab, especially in Malwa Pati, cotton crops have been destroyed. According to a survey, during the crop season in Narma Pati districts this year, 4.35 lakh hectares of cotton was planted in Malwa area in Punjab. In this, Bathinda had 1.4 Lakh hectares, Barnala had 9000 hectares, Faridkot had 13,000 hectares, Fazilka had 99,000 hectares, Mansa had 85,000 hectares,  Mukhtsar had 72,000 hectares, and Moga had 15,000 hectares of cotton planted.

Till now 70,000 hectares of cotton has been destroyed because of attacks of flies. Either the white flies have destroyed the rest of the cotton as well or there has been very little yield. Most of the cotton is diseased due to the attacks of the insects.

The main reason for the destruction of the crops is duplicate seeds. This was unearthed through two reports which revealed  the scandal of gunda taxbeing taken on behalf of the Agriculture Minister of Punjab.  However, due to the “orbit incident” the scandal wasn’t talked about much in Punjab’s newspapers. Then a seed company was caught giving the Agriculture Minister, Tota Singh, 50 lakh rupees out of the seed profits but this news was also stifled. The other reason is fake insecticides.… Read More

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Condemn Arrest of PALA Artist Com. Kovan

Arrest of Com. Kovan, a folk artist of the People’s Arts and Literary Association (PALA) of Tamilnadu, on charges of sedition has evoked widespread condemnation in Tamilnadu and all over the country. Com. Kovan (Sivadas), a popular artist, was participating in a campaign against Govt. liquor shops in Tamilnadu. Through his art he has exposed Jayalalitha Govt. for fooling the people of Tamilnadu, contrasting distribution of freebies with opening of more liquor vends in the state.

Arrest of Com. Kovan under this trumped up charge shows the manner of Jayalalitha’s rule which does not tolerate any criticism. Ruling AIADMK has charged Com. Kovan with insulting Ms. Jayalalitha for which he has been charged with sedition. Com. Kovan’s arrest also demonstrates the deep insecurity of the ruling establishment, facing rising anger of the people. It also shows their misplaced sense of importance whence they term their criticism as sedition. A few days back the RSS mouthpiece Organizer had termed JNU as a hotbed of anti-nationals.

Anti-sedition law enacted by British colonialists after their suppression of Indian war of independence of 1857, has been continued by the comprador rulers after transfer of power in 1947. It only shows the real character of independence achieved by India in 1947 where the rulers continued with anti-people policies and repressive methods of rule.… Read More

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Lessons of Munnar Women Workers Struggle – D.V.Krishna

The seven thousand strong Munnar women workers’ 9 day struggle has attracted the attention of the country and the national and international media. For the one and half months during which Munnar women workers’ struggle lasted, the press and electronic media in Kerala covered this struggle every day. The women Tea Plantation workers, who happened to be the members of the traditional trade union organizations till the other day, leaving those trade unions, formed their own ‘women’s only’, trade union, called ‘Pengal Otrumai’ and led this struggle. This is one unique feature of this struggle. The women workers, struggling against the gender bias and discrimination in TUs, formed this trade union. The Plantation Industry, the tea and coffee plantations in particular, is facing severe adverse conditions due to increasing global competition and declining prices. In order to retain their profit rates, the corporate managements of plantations are transferring the resulting burden on to the shoulders of workers, by way of reducing the real wages and increasing the work load. The Munnar struggle is also unique in the sense that it is conducted under these unfavourable conditions. The third unique feature is that this struggle could achieve the immense sympathy of the people of the state and could force the Government to speedily intervene and act.… Read More

Communalism Protests

Joint Protest in Delhi against Dadri lynching

Prime Minister Modi, Speak up on Dadri

Stop Dividing People on Communal Lines.

Progressive and democratic organizations came together in Delhi in the first major protest since Muzzafarnagar against the drive for communal polarization by Hindutva forces as also the first major protest against the Dadri lynching. On Sunday the 11th of October 2015, Delhi Committee of Indian Federations of Trade Unions(IFTU), PDSU (Delhi), NBS(Delhi), Pragatisheel Mahila Sangathan PMS) along with several student, youth, women, trade union and democratic rights organizations like Janhastakshep as well as progressive and democratic individuals held a march from Mandi House demanding that Prime Minister Modi speak up on Dadri , that Cabinet Minister and MP from Dadri Mahesh Sharma be removed from the Central Ministry and the guilty of the lynching be speedily punished. Over 800 people including over 300 working class activists and leaders, students and youth from several organizations and a large number of working class women many clutching the hands of their small children, as well as several intellectuals gathered at Mandi House to march to the Prime Minister’s residence. The march was flagged off by veteran Human Rights activist and ex President of PUCL Justice Rajinder Sacchar who was introduced by Shri Pankaj Singh, poet and member of Janhastakshep.… Read More

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Observe Anti-Emergency Day

Offensive of Modi Govt. against the people of the country is bringing the memories of Emergency Rule back. In its eagerness to serve foreign and domestic corporate, Modi Govt. is going all out to attack not only different sections of the people but also the existing institutional framework coming in way. It has changed the existing Land Acquisition Law, it has changed labour laws to the detriment of workers, it has violated environmental regulations, in short it has done everything to hand over resources to foreign and domestic corporate and further depressed already low wages of workers.

In this drive Modi led Govt. is undermining different institutions. It is sidelining parliamentary procedures and is trying to control higher Judiciary. This offensive is coupled with attacks against minorities particularly Muslims. In different parts of the country Muslims are being attacked, their properties destroyed and their religious places brought down. RSS-BJP are unleashing a large number of such attacks to polarize the society and marginalize the minorities. There is a systematic attempt to communalize the education, history writing and historical research and make majority religious symbols as national symbols. For that they are appointing RSS nominees to head various bodies in the fields of education, historical research and culture.Read More

CPI-ML New Democracy Imperialism Protests


President of the biggest imperialist power, USA, Barrack Obama is coming to India. USA is engaged in a number of wars in third world countries for controlling their natural resources, trade routes and establishing its military bases in all parts of world. Its hands are soiled with the blood of millions of people of oppressed countries. It is behind almost all the wars being waged around the world. It is bombing a number of countries of middle-east and Africa and also Afghanistan and Pakistan. It bullies, threatens and causes subversion in a number of countries. Though facing setbacks in its wars of aggression and economic crisis at home, imperialist America, like a leopard, cannot change its spots.
Obama is coming to India to seek greater avenues for its giant MNCs to exploit rich natural resources of the country, cheap labour power and extensive markets. It is seeking to force the Govt. of India to change its Nuclear Liability Law to sell it nuclear reactors. It is seeking to deepen strategic defence partnership with India to sell its military equipment as well as further India’s involvement in its efforts to contain rising China. It is seeking greater market access for its companies in different fields of economic life.… Read More


A deluge of protests by Bidi Workers against 
Telangana Government – D.V. Krishna

An upsurge of protest of Bidi Workers is fast unfolding in 4 northern districts of Telangana (Viz: Nizamabad, Adilabad, Karimnagar and Medak) against the non-implementation of K.C.R.’s election promise of paying a special livelihood allowance of Rupees one thousand per month to all bidi workers presently working and those who had stopped working after their superannuation.
K.C.R and his party, Telangana Rashtra Samithi, had promised to pay each bidi worker in the state an amount of Rs. 1000/- per month, as a special Livelihood Allowance, if their party is elected to power. This promise was widely propagated through half page commercial advertisements in the daily newspapers. It was also propagated through advertisements in T.V. channels. Further, Telangana Rashtra Samithi’s Trade Union Wing (TRSKV) had published lakhs of pamphlets and distributed amongst the Bidi Workers. K.C.R. and other leaders of T.R.S. had reiterated this promise in umpteen election public meetings.
This helped sway seven lakh bidi workers and their family members to vote for T.R.S. candidates. As a result, TRS got all M.P. seats in 4 districts of Northern Telangana. It won all the Assembly seats in Nizamabad and Adilabad Districts. It won overwhelming majority seats in Karimnagar and Medak Districts also.… Read More