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Photos in the newspapers showing Hurriyat leaders refusing to talk to leaders of the parliamentary opposition parties including CPI & CPM, have served the cause of the Indian Govt. to portray the Kashmir leaders as rigid and unreasonable. Sitaram Yechury of CPM and D. Raja of CPI are all over the print media standing outside the residence of Hurriyat leader S. A. Geelani. This portrayal is meant to cover the fact that leaders of the parliamentary opposition parties had chosen to be part of the delegation led by the Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh whose ministry and Govt. is unleashing severe repression on the people of Kashmir including use of pellet guns which have blinded over a hundred. Nearly 70 Kashmiris, mostly youth, have been killed by the Govt. security forces in the recent crackdown. Prior to trying to meet the Hurriyat leaders, the parliamentary opposition parties had not even insisted that the Hurriyat leaders be released from detention. They were seen to be keen on talking down to Kashmir leaders in Govt. custody and the Hurriyat leaders refused to be treated in this way.

By participating in the delegation led by the Union Home Minister, the parliamentary opposition parties have sent a signal that they broadly endorse the route of repression taken by the Govt.… Read More

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Statement on Bihar Elections

While Bihar assembly elections held recently have delivered a massive defeat to Narendra Modi led RSS-BJP at the Centre, they also showed that the basic issues facing the people did not become the main issues in the elections. It shows the success of the ruling classes and the big media controlled by them in allowing only certain issues to reach the people at large. Despite big increase in the role of corporate media, a large number of people (nearly 24%) did not vote for the candidates fielded by the claimants to power i.e. Grand Alliance of RJD, JD-U and Congress and NDA of BJP, LJP, RLSP and HAM-S. Over 2.5% rejected all the candidates by stamping NOTA and 9.4 percent voted for independent candidates. This shows that disillusion with main claimants to power runs deep despite massive dose of propaganda to make it a direct contest and polarize the voters between main contestants for power.

Bihar assembly election results have given a big blow to the murderous attacks by the RSS-BJP against minorities, particularly Muslims and the murders and intimidation of rationalists and intellectuals opposing the fascist trends by little known fanatical organizations linked to RSS. A large number of intellectuals have come forward to condemn these attacks and their return of awards has focused attention on this danger.… Read More