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Attack on Student Leader Umar Khaled Condemned

On August 13, JNU student leader Umar Khaled was shot at in front on Constitution Club which is situated in the high security area near Parliament House. He escaped unhurt.

This attack on Umar Khaled is an attempt to silence the voices of protest against fascist drive of RSS-BJP. The Hindutva forces have launched several such attacks in the past. Murder of Dhabolkar, Pansare, Kulburgi and Gauri Lankesh are prime examples of such targeted killings.

Hindutva forces controlling the Central Govt. are branding all these voices opposing their communal fascist agenda as ánti-national. They not only condone such attacks but also defend the perpetrators of these attacks. This attack in the high security area raised serious apprehension of connivance of the ruling party and the state machinery in this attack.

CPI(ML)-New Democracy strongly condemns this attack. We call upon protests against this attack to expose the nefarious designs of the Hindutva forces and their murderous agenda. We should rally the people against this attack and demand that the campaign branding persons like Umar Khaled as anti-national must be exposed. We demand that those behind the attack should be arrested without delay and a judicial enquiry by a sitting High Court Judge into the conspiracy behind the attack should be constituted.… Read More

CPI-ML New Democracy Students

Police Attack on Girl Students of BHU Condemned

UP committee of CPIML New Democracy has condemned the brutal baton charge on peacefully protesting girl students of BHU and has demanded immediate suspension of all officials concerned including the Vice Chancellor, Proctor and administrative and police officials pending a judicial enquiry by a Woman Judge.
The baton charge was obviously consented to by the BHU VC and the district officials to quell the protest against eve teasing and to assert imposition of Hindutwa code of restrictions on girl students of BHU, against which they have been struggling since long.
The VC has not only been justifying acts of violence against the girls, he is lending moral support to eve teasers, the BHU proctor and guards who failed in their duty to prevent sexual harassment and the officials who led the cane charge on girls. This is integral to male supremacy which excuses sexual assaults against women and is in harmony with Hindutwa ideology.
In order to divert attention from the basic demand for security by the girls and not answer for his abject failure to provide it, he is giving lame excuses ‘no written complaint on Sept 21st’, ‘protest by outsiders and political forces’, ‘petrol bombs’, ‘politically motivated to trigger fiasco during Modi visit’.… Read More

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Higher Education Under Attack: An All Out Attempt for Privatization, Saffronization, and Assault on Democratization And Rationality

Current relevance
Ever since Modi Government has taken over, Institutions of learning g are under constant attacks. We saw in case of FTII, where a person who was a soft porn star and only other known thing he has done is role of Yudhistara in serial Mahabharata has been made President of FTII. This has sparked long protest by the students; A group of students who made Ambedkar-Periyar Study Circle and discussed among many things pro-imperialist economic policies and faced a ban which was lifted after country wide protests; Then came the Rohith Vemula incident followed by an outburst in country exposing both caste and communal bias of the government as well as its support to PEP. country wide protests fanned, putting government on back-foot. Even while it was going on, Famous JNU incident took place on 9th of February 2016. False propaganda, a ready machinery to blow it out of proportion and create a frenzy to cloud facts and rationality- the time tested methods of RSS were in full swing and attempt was made to create an atmosphere that JNU is a breeding ground of Anti-Nationals and should be shut down. There was an outburst of protest by democratic, patriotic people all over the country to counter this.… Read More

PSU Students

Punjab : Students Force Roll Back of Fee Increase

Punjab University Chandigarh had been increasing fees of students by 10% every year. The economic crisis of the university has deepened, so the university has decided to put the whole burden on students, and also increased examination fee by 75% in 2016-2017 session. Students of the University campus and of various colleges under it were protesting against the fee hike. But the struggle at M.R Govt. College Fazilka played the decisive role in compelling the university to roll back the enforced fee.

M.R Govt. College Fazilka Students under the banner of Punjab Students Union decided to boycott the fee deposit. There are a few reasons for this struggle. Fazilka area facing its worst agrarian crisis, cotton crop has been failing for 10 years, health crisis has also deepened here compared to rest of Malwa region, due to border area no industry exists here, M.R Govt. college Fazilka is the only one Govt. College in a 100 kilometer radius and just 13 kilometer away from indo-Pak border, majority of students are children of peasants and agricultural labourers that’s why they decided to fight back against fee hike.

Students started off their agitation from 13th February. They burnt the effigy of the Vice Chancellor; from holding protest march at the DC Office to taking out a candle light march, students went all out.… Read More

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Jadavpur University students resist ABVP–RSS  communal  conspiracy

Jadavpur University students came to national news headline on 7th May, 2016. On 6th May the students of Jadavpur unitedly resisted the attack of ABVP-RSS goons in their campus. What happened on 6th May? During JNU incident and Rohit Vemula murder agitation Jadavpur students have shown strong solidarity that has annoyed BJP & RSS leadership. From that time they were planning to create communal tension within the campus, but very few students, only 10-20 out of 5000 students, were supporting them. They have floated a RSS backed platform “India Thinks” and planned to screen a film by Vivek Agnihotri on 6th May in Triguna Sen auditorium, Jadavpur. The Alumni association initially permitted them to screen but later on withdrew their permission. Students were ready to protest against the Hindutvawadi chauvinistic message of that film but had no objection regarding screening of that film. When the permission was withdrawn, ABVP with local lumpens assembled inside the Jadavpur University campus & started screening of that film in a ground. Hundreds of protesting students of all three faculties of university also started screening a film ‘Muzaffarnagar Baki Hai’ and shouting slogans against RSS-ABVP. Joint registrar of the University came to ABVP supporters and objected against screening of this film without permission.… Read More

Caste Oppression Communalism PDSU PSU Students

PDSU-PSU Call — Fight Against Punishment to JNU Students for Defending Democratic Rights!

Resist Fascist Offensive of Pseudo-National Communal RSS-BJP Govt!

The students of JNU have again been ruthlessly attacked by the JNU administration at the behest of the RSS Modi Govt. Seeing the opportunity when examinations have started and certain sections of students have even begun leaving for summer vacations, the cowardly administration has announced rustication for various periods for Umar Khalid and Muttoo, prohibited Anirban from the JNU campus for five years and imposed massive fines on other student leaders including the President of JNUSU Kanaihya Kumar. All this is supposed to be in the defence of ‘nationalism’ by the RSS backed Central Govt committed to selling India to imperialism while cruelly stamping out peoples resistance. Not only that, these Hindutva elements in power also seek to stamp out the freedom of enquiry by attacking centres of higher learning and ensuring only conformity and studies into mythology as the only knowledge allowed to Indians. They are the native Macaulays. Besides, like Dronacharya, they too hate the Dalit students who have made their way into institutions of higher learning. The proof is Rohith Vemula.

The JNU students have accepted the challenge and have launched a struggle against this drama of ‘defending’ nationalism which is all what these arbitrary punishments are about.… Read More

CPI-ML New Democracy Kashmir NDA Ruling Class Students

JNU: Modi led RSS-BJP Govt.’s Attack

The Modi led RSS BJP Central Govt., cornered and defensive over Rohith Vemula’s institutional murder and the exposure of its anti Dalit character, intervened in a routine event held in February at Jawahar Lal Nehru University (JNU) situated in Delhi to push its own agenda. It also got a golden opportunity to turn people’s attention from the devastating agrarian situation, continual price rise, joblessness and absent ache din. Pouncing on an event, a wave of jingoism, righteous chauvinism and aggressive fake nationalism has been let loose in the country, based on video doctoring and Goebellsian ranting. The issues just couldn’t have been better for the RSS; a mix of Kashmir and communist baiting to which they themselves added the necessary seasoning of Pakistan.

The Jawahar Lal Nehru University is a Central university known for a liberal culture of tolerance of different viewpoints. By providing for special provisions to accommodate students from backward districts of the country, it has built a reputation for a representative mixture of students. The University has been an eyesore for the RSS, which associates it with communist views and which has long voiced intentions of getting it closed down.

9th February 2016 in Background of Student Unrest

Democratic student organizations and activists of many varieties in institutions of higher learning especially in Delhi have been active in the recent past.… Read More


Fighter for Democratic Issues – Rohith Vemula

On the 17th of January 2016, Rohith Vemula, PhD scholar in Humanities at Hyderabad Central University, committed suicide in one of the hostel room. In his suicide note, he wondered at a society where a person’s value is reducible to his ‘immediate identity and nearest possibility’, while holding no one responsible for his death. Taken with his letter addressed to the Vice Chancellor of Hyderabad University and written a few weeks earlier, it is clear he felt forced to take his life because he was a Dalit. He had faced caste discrimination all his life and the caste discrimination he faced in the University too became unbearable for him.

Back Ground

Rohith Vemula was an M.Sc. and aspired to be a science writer. He was born to a Dalit mother who had been adopted by a backward caste woman and married by her into a backward caste family. After two children, the husband discovered the women’s Dalit origin and threw her and her children out of the house. Rohith grew up on his mother’s earning as a tailor; saw her dishonoured and ill treated in her adopted mother’s home – probably because she was an abandoned woman with children, as her Dalit origin was already known in that family.… Read More

PDSU Students

PDSU Condemns ABVP Hooliganism in JNU – Press Release on February 10, 2016

PDSU strongly condemns the behavior of ABVP hooligans in JNU last night, when a group if students were peacefully observing the death anniversary of the hanging of Afzal Guru. They sought permission of VC. They were first granted the permission and then withdrew it under the pressure of ABVP citing that it may disrupt peace in the campus. When there rally consisting of more than 400 students reached end point at Sabarmati dhaba, the activists of ABVP aided by security guards attacked them and opposed the protest.

It is disturbing to note that now ABVP would decide which programmes can be held and which cannot be. And they have full support of administrative machinery. First VC denied permission fearing disturbance. Who other than ABVP would have disturbed? That means if something does not suit ABVP, that cannot be done. Instead of taking action against ABVP for disturbing and trampling right to express, it becomes reason for not allowing others. And when others decides to go ahead with their right to express, university machinery helps them like guard in this case and police in the case of demonstration at RSS HQ.

This is also worth mentioning that hanging order of Afzal Guru was protested even at that time as it was not correct even as per the law of the land.… Read More

Communalism Labour Laws Ruling Class Students


Astonishing, undemocratic and unconstitutional are mild words to describe the ban by HRD Ministry via administration of IIT Madras on the Ambedkar  Periyar Study Circle being run by 20 of the students. This apparently followed an anonymous complaint to the HRD Ministry about this group ‘spreading hatred’ against the current Prime Minister and Hindus. The HRD Ministry which instructed the IIT Administration to take action is now trying to wash its hands off the matter by citing the ‘autonomy’ of the IIT.

What sort of ‘hatred’ spread was on? The student group regularly holds discussions on the issues before the country and its people. They invite experts on various fields to conduct these discussions. They have apparently been discussing the labour law changes being effected by Modi Govt. against working class of India, the several anti peasant land ordinances, communalism and such issues affecting the country and its common people. During such a discussion, the speaker stated that the Modi Govt. was selling the country to corporate and dividing the people on communal lines. Is this ‘spreading hatred’ or exercising the right to criticize an anti people Govt.’s policies and exposing its intentions? Is condemning ghar wapsi, anti minority venom, love jihad as RSS brand of hindutva ‘spreading hatred’?Read More