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Failed Coup in Turkey and the Emerging Equations in the Middle-East – Aditya Prakash

The failed coup by sections of the Army and Air Force in Turkey and the subsequent massive arrests and purge in military, police, judiciary, education department and press by Erdogan Govt. to tighten its control over the country have been both the result and cause of intensifying contradictions in Turkey and the larger Middle-East. This intensification is linked to growing contradictions among imperialist powers and among the regional powers aligned to them.

To go briefly into the events preceding, Erdogan’s project to carve out an area of influence in Levante with the blessings and aid of US and other western powers, has come a cropper. Islamic State, emerging from the resistance of Iraqi people against US led aggression and bolstered by imperialist machinations in Syria, has unnerved the monarchies in the region which are caught between supporting the Sunni Islamist groups and suppressing their own people. While they embarked on these objectives as complementary to each other, these groups are threatening to assume a life of their own becoming players in their own right or along with their benefactors. Arab Spring, that upsurge of the people’s struggles in Arab countries which imperialists and their allies sought to utilize to their own advantage, has been drowned in the blood of ruthless suppression and sectarian strife.… Read More


Turkey : Bomb Blasts at Peace Rally

Peace Rally against growing attacks by Turkey state forces against Kurd fighters, called by Kurdish organizations and Labour Unions was disrupted by two bomb blasts which killed nearly a hundred people and seriously injured more than two hundred participants. Death toll is expected to rise as more and more people succumb to their injuries. These bomb blasts have come merely three weeks before the parliamentary elections in Turkey which ruling Peace and Development Party is determined to win. Since failing to win in last parliamentary elections largely due to strong showing by HDP supported by Kurds and a section of workers, Erdogan and AKP have torn away their ceasefire agreement with Kurds and launched a series of attacks against PKK intensifying armed conflict in Turkey. Earlier in June 2015 bomb blast had killed 32 Kurds in Suruc. HDP leader, Demitras, has blamed Turkish Govt. for these blasts. He has labeled Erdogan Govt. as ‘Mafia Govt.’ behaving like a ‘serial killer’. Rallies have been held across Europe against this attack on Peace Rally.

Ever since Muslim Brotherhood (MB), AKP being a new incarnation of MB, leader Erdogan, after the upswing in people’s struggles in Arab world, started executed his expansionist plans to countries of Middle-East and in particular toppling Assad regime in Syria to bring that country into its orbit, the conflict inside Turkey has grown.… Read More