New Democracy, March 2014


  • CPI(ML)-New Democracy Call to The People for Loksabha Elections
  • Muzaffarnagar: Communal Onslaught on Minorities exposes Opportunism of Revisionist Parties and so called Secular Forces
  • 13 March: IFTU holds All India Rally of Construction Workers
  • Corporate, big Media and Modi wave
  • Two Genocides, Two Culprits, No Closure
  • CPI(ML)-New Democracy Organizes Massive Podu Garjana in Khammam
  • It is not only Crimea, it is Ukraine
  • Middle-East: Growing Conflicts, Smouldering People’s Anger
  • Formation of Telangana : Victorious Culmination of a People’s Struggle and Tasks Ahead
  • Allahabad: Thousands Demand Land Rights
  • Resignation of AAP Govt. & After
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CPI(ML)-New Democracy Call to The People for Loksabha Elections – Vote and Elect CPI(ML) New Democracy Candidates! – Reject Ruling Class and Revisionist Parties



Anti-people Rule

Elections to 16th Lok Sabha scheduled in April-May 2014 are taking place at an important juncture. Over two decades of the implementation of the new economic policies of globalization, liberalization and privatization have played havoc with the Indian economy and brought sufferings to the overwhelming majority of the people.

Economy is facing deepening economic crisis evidenced by falling growth rate, near stagnant agricultural production, stagnation and decline in industrial production particularly manufacturing, rising external and internal debt burden, falling value of rupee and runaway inflation. Increasing hardships of people are evidenced by declining purchasing power, declining food grain availability, increasing unemployment, high rise in the prices of essential commodities, continued suicides by peasants, continued starvation of the rural poor, rampant malnutrition and anaemia and most of the essential services going out of the reach of common people.

While people are struggling against the increasing burden and the attacks on their livelihood, ruling classes are trying to further intensify the implementation of new economic policies handing over mineral wealth of the country to MNCs and corporate houses, grabbing land and water for SEZs and industrial corridors to serve foreign and Indian corporate, further opening up different sectors of economy to foreign capital and further increasing the burden on the people.… Read More


Big All India Rally of Construction Workers in Delhi

Under the auspices of the Indian Federation of Trade Unions (IFTU), a massive rally of construction workers was taken out on March 13, 2014 from the Ramlila Maidan to the Jantar Mantar passing through the Connaught Place. Red banners and placards focusing the demands of the construction workers were held by the participants in the procession. Workers raised slogans in support of their demands. Construction workers from Punjab, Delhi, Andhra Pradesh, UP, West Bengal, Haryana, Rajasthan and Bihar participated in this programme. More than four thousand workers participated in the Rally and public meeting.

An impressive public meeting was held as a culmination of the rally at the Jantar Mantar that was presided over by Com. Vyas Tiwari, National Committee member of IFTU. The meeting was addressed by Raj Singh, member of National Committee, Com. Pradeep, General Secretary, IFTU, Com. Sujan Chakrovorty, NCM from Bengal, Com. Kulwinder Singh NCM from Punjab, Com. Radheshyam, NCM from UP, Com. P. Prasad, Joint Secretary, IFTU, Com.  PP Kapoor from Haryana and Dr. Animesh Das, President, Delhi IFTU.

This was for the first time that a programme of the construction workers at all India level was held in Delhi focusing the serious issues faced by the construction workers in the country.… Read More


Homage to Nelson Mandela

Symbol of South African people’s struggle against colonial white racist apartheid rule and first democratically elected President of South Africa, Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela breathed his last on 5th December 2013. Born in 1918 in Cape province, he studied law in Johannesburg and became a student organizer of ANC. He was among the founders of ANC Youth League, taking an active role in the struggle against white colonial apartheid regime. He became a prominent leader during ANC’s ‘defiance campaign’. He was repeatedly arrested on treason charges.

In the course of his participation in the ANC led struggle against white colonial regime, he drew close to communists and was inspired by Russian and Chinese revolutions. In 1952 he was arrested along with other leaders of ANC under Suppression of Communism Act and convicted under it.

 He was gradually convinced that white colonial regime could not be overthrown through peaceful means concluding ANC had no alternative to armed and violent resistance. He was convinced of the necessity of forming an armed wing of the movement. To this end, he formed an organization, Umkhonto we Sizwe (MK), along with communists of South Africa. After Sharpville massacre during anti-pass campaign during a rally organized by Pan African Congress (PAC), Mandela led a wide and sharp campaign throughout South Africa, working underground and organizing the resistance.… Read More




Organizing violence against minorities and deepening communal division has been an old practice of Indian ruling classes to disrupt the unity of the people to pre-empt and disrupt their struggles against the ruling classes. It has also been an instrument used by the ruling classes in their contention for power. Thus division of the people has been an instrument of state policy of the ruling classes along with repression of people’ struggles and reforms to sow illusions among the people.

Muslims in Muzaffarnagar have become the latest victims of these nefarious designs. A conflict over an alleged anti-social act of eve-teasing has been converted into a full scale pogram, killing over 68 people (reportedly 13 belonging to Jat community, rest Muslims), injuring hundreds of them, destroying thousands of houses and displacing tens of thousands of them (50,955 admitted by UP Govt.) In its bid for power and having nothing else to offer to people, RSS-BJP have tapped into social unrest- agrarian crisis, gross unemployment of youth, conflicts in agrarian relations and also social conflicts as the rigid caste structure is shaken by youth who are moving out of the rigid rural framework, decline of agriculture relative to other sectors of economy and resultant relative prosperity of hitherto unprivileged owing to non-agrarian sources- to create a powerful mix of social toxin to create the havoc being witnessed in Muzaffarnagar.… Read More



(The following letter was sent from CPI(ML)-New Democracy to Rt. Hon. Theresa May M.P., Home Secretary, U.K. through British High Commission, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi on October 10, 2013)

Through this letter we wish to draw your kind attention to the proposed introduction of the £ 3000.00 UK Visitor visa pilot scheme which applies to visitors from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Ghana and Nigeria only. While there is no scientific immigration data to substantiate that visitors from these countries overstay the permitted period of their visa, the proposed imposition of £ 3000 cash bond scheme only on the visitors from these countries, four South Asian and two African, is highly discriminatory and smacks of racism.

This scheme will cause a lot of hardships to the families and prevent them from sharing their happiness on occasions like weddings and other social events and also their sorrows in cases of deaths and terminal illnesses.

Besides smacking of racism, this scheme also creates division between haves and have nots as not all can afford £ 3000.00 cash for the bond.  It will put a lot of burden on the common families who can not afford the above mentioned sum. These ought not be used as occasions for earning money by the Govt.… Read More


Muzaffarnagar Riots – SP Govt allows BJP to Replay Gujarat Game Plan to Communalize Uttar Pradesh.

Led by Amit Shah, UP BJP has launced a vicious communal propaganda against Muslims in UP particularly in the districts of Muzaffarnagar, Shamli, Meerut, Bijnor, Bhaghpat, Saharanpur of West UP. Like in Gujarat in 2002, they are conducting a malicious disinformation campaign with regard to safety of Hindu women to inflame anti muslim passions and to target them. More than 42 people have been accepted by the govt as killed with widespread violence in rural areas. Several thousands have been displaced as they ran to safer places, mostly to relatives in less affected areas. Hundreds of dwellings and shops have been destroyed and looted. It is apparent that majority of the affected people are muslims as it is mainly they who are being discovered displaced.

CPI(ML) ND has condemned the Hundutwa brigade for conduct of the riots and the communal propaganda. Criticizing the failure of the SP administration to stop these riots, it has said that evidence points to Samajwadi Party’s willful and conscious connivance in permitting and aggravating these riots.Read More

Uttarakhand: Manmade tragedy, Govt. apathy and Call for help

Uttarakhand: Manmade tragedy, Govt. apathy and Call for help

NewUttarakhandMapThe loss of human life and properties in the Uttarakhand flood/landslide disaster after heavy downpour for 3 days since June 16 is amongst the worst in its history. Call it heavy downpour or cloud burst, the cause of damage was manmade. It has resulted from uncontrolled human interference with nature’s line of defense. With the govt. still understating the casualties, more than 10,000 are feared dead. Consider here that more than 2.5 crore tourists visit Uttarakhand annually whose population is 1.08 crores. As reported, close to a thousand villages still remain cut off with the people battling severe starvation, thirst and injuries. The mud flowing down the river has already silted and closed all the turbines along Bhagirathi and Mandakini save Tehri. The total damage is yet to be assessed.

The Govt’s response and Relief work:

When the landslides began, the govt. kept mum, in denial. Their claim was that only a few hundred have lost their lives and a similar number are untraceable.… Read More



bahadurshahOn May 10th 1857, soldiers of the British Indian Army rebelled in Meerut and captured the Cantonment there. A day later the victorious soldiers triumphantly marched into Delhi. Their war was to liberate the country from the rule of British colonialists ruling under the aegis of East India Company. They proclaimed Bahadur Shah Zafar as the leader of their uprising who, though advanced in age, agreed to their urgings. This first pan-India war of independence against colonial rule shook the foundations of British colonial rule in India which was saved by the oppressive traitorous feudal kings and served by usurious mahajans. It was the last act of the independent feudal kings and the advent of Indian peasantry on the national scene. They displayed great bravery, made unprecedented sacrifices, forged unparalleled unity to throw out colonial rule particularly the unity of the people cutting across social divisions, especially between two largest religious communities, Hindus and Muslims, in the then India which united in their common aspirations despite difference in religious persuasions.Read More