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16th December 2017 : Sway of Patriarchy over Judiciary must be Fought

Five years down from 16th December 2012 and the subsequent struggle highlighting the grip of patriarchy over all wings of the State and over society, little has changed. One aspect under the scanner then was the Judiciary. This year there is sufficient reason to use this day to focus on how the courts of India are keeping alive patriarchal chains on women while even robbing women of hard won rights. On December 16th this year, we should highlight the role of judiciary in defending and perpetuating the patriarchy in the society.

There are examples galore of the way judges at different courts at different levels pass remarks justifying dowry, explaining away beating up of wives by husbands as “correction”, commenting on “misuse of laws” by women to terrorize the in laws and husbands. Women activists in every state can find examples galore of such experiences in the various lower courts in their states and at the level of the High courts. But it is important to see the example set by the highest Court in this regard, because it is followed by the lower judiciary.

Over the past three years, there has been focus on the Supreme Court’s restraint on immediate arrests under Section 498A.… Read More

CPI-ML New Democracy

Leader of Resistance Movement Com. Gopi’s Arrest Condemned

A senior leader of the resistance movement of the Godavari Valley, Com. Gopi (Dhanasari Sammaiah) was arrested by police from Mahabubabad on November 30th 2017. Gopi had gone on 29th November night to a house where his wife was staying. The house was encircled by a big contingent of the police.

Having come to know of the police encirclement from a comrade, Com. Gopi went away from the house. However, police went and searched and in the search of the house, police got some belongings of Com. Gopi. Police arrested wife and son of Com. Gopi. Police which had surrounded the place in large numbers, followed Com. Gopi and was able to arrest him at around 6 PM.

Arrest of Com. Gopi is part of the offensive of TRS Govt. of Telengana against struggle of tribals and against revolutionary movement. It is part of the offensive of the state govt. to take away tribal lands and suppress their struggles for better life. TRS Govt. has been targeting leaders of CPI(ML)-New Democracy. CPI(ML)-New Democracy has been leading the struggle of the tribals and non-tribal poor living in forests for several decades. Com. Gopi has been a leading organizer of the resistance movement of these areas.… Read More


Homage to Com. Khudan Mallik

One of the prominent leaders of historical Naxalbari armed struggle, Com. Khudan Mallik passed away on 29th November 2017 at about 8 AM in North Bengal Medical College because of lung infection. He was 77 years old. He was a member of the Central committee and also West Bengal State Committee and Darjeeling District Committee Secretary of CPI(ML)-Class Struggle. He was also vice president of All India Khet Mazdoor Kisan Sabha (AIKMKS) and West Bengal President of the same. He was born in 1941 in a village of Rambola Jote in Kharibari Thana area of Darjeeling District. He was from a rich peasant family. At an early age he was attracted to communist movement and became a member of communist party led Kisan Sabha at an age of 14 in 1955. Important meeting for revolutionary upsurge in 1967 (Naxalbari Uprising) was held in this very Rambola village and Com. Khudan Mallik along with his elder brother Com. Kadam Mallik was in the Central Core committee of the upsurge. In 1967 after start of the uprising he was sent to socialist China along with Com. Kanu Sanyal and they met Chinese Communist Party leadership including com Mao Zedong. Com. Khudan Mallik has all along been with the revolutionary movement.… Read More

Communalism CPI-ML

Observe December 6 as Anti-Communalism Day : Intensify struggle against fascist drive of RSS-BJP

25 years back, on December 6 communal hordes of RSS with the indulgence of the then ruling Congress Govt. demolished Babri Masjid delivering powerful blow to the secularism. It was a culmination of a contention between Congress and RSS-BJP to whip up majority communalism and it marked a new normal in the ruling class politics of the country. Higher judiciary too failed to uphold the principles of secularism and help continuation of the new status quo brought about by the communal forces. While the cases pertaining to demolition continue even after a quarter century, periodically pressure is brought upon the minority community to surrender their claims in the name of mediation. Allahabad High Court invented a novel principle to discard the law of the land and even the Highest Court has not come forth to adjudicate the matter according to the existing law of the land.

In 2014, fascist Hindutva forces led by RSS have come to power at the Centre on their own and are presently ruling in 18 states. Not only there are increasing attacks against the Muslims under one pretext or the other, anti-Dalit and anti-women character of Hindutva has come to the fore. Hindutva is essentially upper caste chauvinism.… Read More

AIKMS Peasants

AIKMS Condemns Firing on Peasants in Maharashtra

Central Executive Committee of All India Kisan Mazdoor Sabha, AIKMS has condemned the Maharashtra govt. for firing with pellet guns on peasants of Shevgaon in Ahmednagar district of Maharashtra yesterday grievously injuring two farmers. Firing on patriotic farmers is an anti national act and AIKMS has demanded immediate arrest of all guilty officials

AIKMS has also called upon all farmer bodies to come out in protest against the anti peasant, pro corporate policies of the Modi led BJP-RSS govt. which is hell bent on ruining peasant’s income to help companies earn more.

The peasants of Maharashtra have been demanding Rs 310 per quintal while the state govt. is adamant to pay only Rs 250. The Central Govt. has declared a Fair and Remunerative Price, FRP of Rs 255/q which is about the average cost of production for sugar cane in Maharashtra. BJP had earlier demanded Rs 340/q as price of sugarcane, but is again betraying the peasants.

While the cost of cultivation has continuously risen due to high cost of diesel, fertilizer, seed and insecticides, sugar cane prices have remained almost stagnant for last few years.

In Maharashtra and Karnataka mills claim that they will initially pay FRP and later on after 70% realisation of sugar sale and 5% realization of sale of by-products, they will calculate how much more they will pay.Read More

AIKMS Peasants

Join Peasants’ March to Parliament on 20th November 2017

Waive all loans of Peasants and Agricultural Labourers

Fix MSP at 1.5 times the cost of Production

Liberalization, Privatization, Globalization have led to Costly Inputs, Falling Rates, Indebted Peasants, Hungry People


Agriculture is in deep crises. Input costs and rates of crops are against the peasants and in favour of companies. The “Green Revolution” model of agricultural development has favoured imperialist companies. PM Modi had promised to double farmers’ income in 5 years, waive their loans and make MSP 1.5 times the cost of production as per recommendations of Swaminathan Commission. Centre announces MSP of only 24 crops but this year it has announced MSP for 19 Kharif crops. Out of these the MSP of 9 crops is less than the Govt. assessed cost of production of those crops. BJP-RSS govt. is reneging on its 2014 election manifesto and promises.

Some states announced some loan waivers under pressure from peasant movements, but the central declarations were against these waivers. The Govt. says it does not have money for loan waivers and subsidies. If that is done the banks will suffer losses. But it has put Rs 10 lakh crore worth of corporate loans under NPAs which will not be recovered.… Read More