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CPI-ML New Democracy

Protest against Breaking of Lenin’s statue by RSS-BJP goons

CPI(ML)-New Democracy strongly condemns the breaking of Lenin’s statue by RSS-BJP activists in Belonia town in Tripura. Within 48 hours of their electoral victory over CPM, RSS-BJP goons used bulldozers to demolish Lenin’s statue which had been installed at the Centre of the town.

This is the latest in the series of puny deeds done by RSS goons under state protection in their attack on any form of progressivism and especially communism. RSS takes Marxism as their ideological enemy and the biggest obstacle in their path of distorting history, disrupting the unity of the people and fashioning their anti-people Hindu Rashtra which includes open upholding of pro imperialist and anti people policies. Painstakingly servile to a chauvinist, feudal patriarchal cultural script, the RSS looks to impose its Manuwadi anti Dalit, anti Muslim and anti woman values along with the pro imperialist policies which are its economic performa for India. It is stuffing its cadre in all institutions of learning, modifying syllabi, closing down or sabotaging functioning of institutions of science and falsifying history.

This attack is part of their cruel attacks on the struggles of oppressed and exploited. It is fascist attack against the people. BJP leaders have also threatened to demolish the statue of Periyar.… Read More

CPI-ML New Democracy

Attack by the Security Forces killing Maoists in Pujari Kanker Condemned

CPI(ML)-New Democracy condemns the unprovoked firing by the combined forces of Telengana, Chhatisgarh, Maharashtra and Odisha killing twelve members of CPI(Maoist) on March 2, 2018 at Chhatisgarh-Telengana border in Pujari Kanker forest area. It demonstrates that the Indian ruling classes want to physically eliminate communist revolutionary forces. It also demonstrates that Indian ruling classes have no concern for the problems faced by the people and wishes to put down their resistance through brute force.

Tribals and poor people of the forest areas spread over several states have been resisting the drive of the Central and State Govts. to take over their land and means of livelihood. They wish to hand over these lands rich in mineral resources to corporate and find tribals and other poor people organized under the leadership of the communist revolutionary forces as the most important obstacle in this. Hence their drive to physically eliminate the revolutionary leaders and activists is in order to suppress the people.

TRS Govt. led by K. Chandrashekhar Rao which came to power after a powerful people’s movement forced the creation of Telengana state, has not fulfilled the aspirations of people behind the movement and has gone back on its promises. Rather than giving land to the landless people as promised, it is now attacking the tribals and other poor forest dwellers to dispossess them of their land.… Read More


Call on 8th March 2018

Fight Backward Feudal, Communal, Casteist Diktats For Women of Hindutva led Govt.

Fight Patriarchy, Fight for Equality.

Strengthen solidarity with Democratic struggles and with the revolutionary movement to build a new society.

8th March embodies the spirit of collective struggle of women to assert equality- not just of gender but also of race and class. Women workers of New York marched under the leadership of socialist women for voting rights for all women (as opposed to only white women) along with class demands in 1908. Declaration of 8th March as International Working Women’s Day by the Second Women’s Socialist International under the leadership of Clara Zetkin, was to mark the understanding behind that march.

2018 sees the casteist, communal, patriarchal attacks by Hindutva forces continuing across the country despite the fightbacks. Gauri Lankesh was felled by bullets as she relentlessly wielded her pen against divisive policies. The Yogi Govt. of Uttar Pradesh is preparing to withdraw all cases lodged at the time of the anti Muslim violence in Muzaffarnagar when hundreds of Muslim families were displaced from their villages of their ancestors apart from sexual violence against many women. Casteist and communal attacks continue, widowing women or leaving them in the lurch as men of the family are arrested, maimed or workplaces and property are destroyed leaving families on the streets as in both Saharanpur and Kasganj.… Read More

CPI-ML New Democracy Ruling Class

CC Statement on Union Budget 2018-‘19

Jugglery of figures, tax increases around the year and pronouncements of welfare schemes not backed by budgetary allocation or simply recycling old ones have robbed the Budget presentation of the seriousness associated with it. Despite all these shortcomings, one can discern the state of economy and the direction proposed by the Union Govt. from the Budget presented by Finance Minister Mr. Arun Jaitley on February 1, 2018. This is the last full Budget presented by the present RSS-BJP Govt. and hence, it was expected to be its last economic policy statement to the people of the country.

Indian economy is in deep crisis as shown by the Union Budget and Economic Survey. Economic growth, despite all attempts at dressing up, is slowing down. Moreover, the export led growth model which has been pursued by successive govts. is itself in deep crisis. American and European markets which this model targeted hold no promise with rise of protectionism in these countries with globalization, which was being promoted by imperialist powers led by USA, being undermined in these very countries. Indian ruling classes have to address this reality and have to rescue the new economic policies from this setback. Despite this scenario there is no let up in concessions to foreign and domestic corporate and this Budget has further dose of privatization and liberalization.… Read More

CPI-ML New Democracy Imperialism

Turkey Invades Kurd Areas of Syria

Intensifying contradictions among imperialist powers and regional powers aligned to them are giving rise to new conflicts and wars in the Middle-east. The situation is growing increasingly complex as new conflicts supervene over and influence the ongoing conflicts.

Turkey has invaded the Afrin enclave controlled by Kurds led forces in Northern Syria on the western border with Turkey. Turkey had earlier occupied an area of Syria along its border including Al-bab thus separating Afrin enclave from the broader north-eastern Syria where Kurds’ YPG and SDF (Syrian Democratic Forces) led by them have gained control to the east of Euphrates river and Manbij area to the west of the river. Both US and Russia have their military forces deployed in Syria. While Russia has deployed its Air Force to help Syrian Govt. and controls its air space, US has deployed more than two thousand of its military personnel to aid YPG forces besides providing equipment and ammunition.

The immediate provocation for Turkey’s Afrin offensive is an announcement by US Admn. to arm and equip 30,000 Kurd led forces to control north-eastern Syria and Syrian border with Turkey and Iraq. Trump Admn. has been claiming that it is in Syria only to defeat the ISIS.… Read More

CPI-ML New Democracy

Muslim Women and the RSS

The Manusmriti encodes a social order which firmly relegates women to a secondary position in society, apart from many derogatory references to them. Whatever positive reference exists is in relation to the men of her family-predominantly as a mother. It is but obvious that organizations that uphold the Manusmriti and therefore think along its lines will not really be advocating or executing anything contrary to its spirit, whatever they may profess publicly.

This is the only relevant context in which to view the sudden preoccupation of the Prime Minister and his Central government with the rights and issues of Muslim women. This is while it goes without saying that triple talaq in the form practised in India is a retrograde and feudal practice which has been held invalid by several Muslim countries. That it has not been already ostracised in Muslim personal law in India by now, even though practised by only a miniscule number of that community, speaks about the stranglehold of Islamist clergy over the Muslims in such matters. This stranglehold is of course regenerated by every repetition of state sponsored violence against Muslims, which also enforces ghettoization in practice.

The concern of the Prime Minister and his Govt.… Read More

AIKMS Peasants

AIKMS Statement on Union Budget 2018-’19

Union Budget presented by Arun Jaitley has failed to address agricultural distress and rising rural unemployment in the country. It is full of lies and and false claims, a “Hindutwa” privelege of RSS/ BJP.

The peasant crises particularly intensified with every step to liberalize the economy and hand over controls over input supplies and purchase, storage and agro processing of crops to MNCs and corporates and winding up of govt. agricultural securities and welfare.

It resulted in steep rise of fuel prices, winding up of input subsidies, reduced maintenance of irrigation and other infra and then GST and Demonitization ruined small agricultural traders and peasants, leading to huge losses, rising indebtedness, increase in protests and firing  and repression on them by BJP govt.

Anti Pakistan propaganda of RSS/ BJP not withstanding, it must be highlighted that as on 29, January, 2018  Petrol and Diesel prices in India are the highest in the sub continent. Petrol per litre costs Rs 76.16 in India while it is Rs 46.92 in Pakistan, Rs 41.27 in Afghanistan, Rs 52.94 in Srilanka, Rs 68.00 in Bangladesh and Rs 56.31 in Bhutan. Diesel cost per litre too shows similar trend. It is Rs 66.51 in India, Rs 51.74 in Pakistan, Rs 42.18 in Afghanistan, Rs 39.29 in Srilanka, Rs 49.66 in Bangladesh and Rs 51.95 in Bhutan.Read More