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CPI-ML New Democracy Protests

CPI(ML)-New Democracy opposes Lower Suktel Dam

The CPI(ML)ND odisha provincial committee strongly condemns the brutal police repression and forcible construction of Lower Suktel dam in Bolangir district against the will of the local villagers. The large scale deployment of armed police in Lower Suktel agitation area and similar deployment in Govindpur area to suppress the common people agitating against the Posco project once again exposes the so called ‘peaceful development’ and ‘peaceful industrialization’ of Naveen Patnaik Govt and proves that the Govt. of Odisha wants development at gun point.

While the BJD Govt is making a hue and cry on the likely submergence of 10 villages in Malkanagiri Dist due to proposed Polavaram Dam, the same Govt is submerging 29 villages in Bolangir district by constructing the Lower Suktel dam by undermining the alternative proposal of the local people. Though the Govt. is declaring that the water of the proposed dam will be used for irrigation but seeing the earlier experience of different dams in Odisha, there is a strong suspicion among the people that it may cater the need of different industrial houses situated in nearby areas.… Read More



bahadurshahOn May 10th 1857, soldiers of the British Indian Army rebelled in Meerut and captured the Cantonment there. A day later the victorious soldiers triumphantly marched into Delhi. Their war was to liberate the country from the rule of British colonialists ruling under the aegis of East India Company. They proclaimed Bahadur Shah Zafar as the leader of their uprising who, though advanced in age, agreed to their urgings. This first pan-India war of independence against colonial rule shook the foundations of British colonial rule in India which was saved by the oppressive traitorous feudal kings and served by usurious mahajans. It was the last act of the independent feudal kings and the advent of Indian peasantry on the national scene. They displayed great bravery, made unprecedented sacrifices, forged unparalleled unity to throw out colonial rule particularly the unity of the people cutting across social divisions, especially between two largest religious communities, Hindus and Muslims, in the then India which united in their common aspirations despite difference in religious persuasions.Read More

Trade Union



On the occasion of the 127th anniversary of May Day the IFTU calls upon the working class to continue the tradition of struggle  for realizing the dream of Chicago martyrs, who fought for ending exploitation by capital and ushering in a just society.

The socio-economic system in the country is closely tied to foreign capital and the policies that are being implemented are those that were prescribed by international financial agencies such as the World Bank and IMF. It is these policies that have greatly impacted upon the lives of the workers with growing contractualization of labour in the various sectors of the economy. In the last twenty five years, there has been a drastic reduction in the number of regular workers on the one hand and manifold rise in the number of workers employed on contract basis. In both the industrial and service sectors, public and private sectors, the growth in the number of contract workers is a feature that is of serious import. These contract workers have no job security and can be thrown out at the whims and fancies of the managements. While they perform the same duties as that of regular workers, they are not paid wages on par with the wages of regular workers.… Read More


Pragatisheel Mahila Sangathan (PMS) Call




Insensitive, repressive, high handed and callous behavior of Police is once again the issue before Delhi. This time it concerns the brutal rape of a five year old child of a worker’s family. She disappeared while playing outside her home. Her relatives went to the police, who did not register a complaint saying she would be eventually found. They could not locate her even though she lay brutalized and starving, locked in a room below her own- the police did not even check the same building! Then the police offered two thousand rupees to the parents to hush up the case. And in a final irony, the ACP of the area slapped a lady protester- this act was caught on video.

Delhi has again erupted in protests against the police. One demand is for the removal of the Police Commissioner. The ACP has been suspended just as some DCP & ACPs of Traffic were after the 16th December incident. What has it changed? The Commissioner may go too, but not the police behavior which has been similar even under earlier commissioners!… Read More

CPI-ML New Democracy Land Struggles Protests

Odisha : Large Rally of Rural Poor

Thousands of rural poor particularly tribals, dalits, share-croppers and poor peasants of South Odisha thronged the streets of Berhampur in Odisha on 4th of March on the occasion of CPI(ML) New Democracy’s Jana Sanghrash Samabesh.

This rally was called for demanding

1) to distribute land to landless amending the existing pro-landlord Odisha Land Reforms Act,

2) rights over forest to tribals and poor non tribal forest dwellers as per the Forest Right Act,

3) To stop the loot of resource and forcible land acquisition in the name of development,

4) To hike minimum wage to Rs.300,

5) To give legal rights to lakhs of share croppers who constitute more than 60% of the peasantry in Odisha and

6) end to police repression on poor particularly the tribals in the name of anti-Maoist operation in forest areas.

On the call of CPI(ML)ND thousands of rural poor from seven districts namely Ganjam, Gajapati, Rayagada, Kandhamal, Kalahandi, Koraput and Nayagada congregated at the Berhampur railway station in the early hours of 4th March. By 12 pm a huge rally of nearly eight thousand people full of red flags and banners and traditional weapons started from the railway station. The rally crossed most of the important squares and streets of Berhampur and ended in front of the Revenue Divisional Commissioner’s Office.… Read More


Centenary of the Founding of Gadar Party Observed

 On 21 February 2013 Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist) held a massive conference at village Sarabha, the native village of Gadar Party hero, Kartar Singh Sarabha, on the occasion of the centenary of the founding of Gadar Party, in which thousands of people from the various parts of Punjab participated. Massive gathering comprised of mainly workers, peasants, women, students, youth and other toiling people. People full of enthusiasm, chanting slogans, carrying banners of the party, joined the gathering.

Conference formally started with the unfurling of the flag of Gadar Party by senior leader of the party, Com. Darshan Singh Khatkar. Veteran Communist and freedom-fighter since Kirti Party to Naxalbari movement, Gandharv Sen Kochhar inaugurated the conference by expressing revolutionary greetings. Addressing the conference, senior party leader, Com. Ajmer Singh explaining the history of Gadar Party, emphasized the heroic and unprecedented sacrifices of the gadderites, how Sarabha, Harnam Singh and Jagat Singh had escaped but returned to reorganize and kissed the gallows. Com. Khatkar said that in contrast with Congress party, Gadar Party was the first party which stood for complete and real independence, from its very inception. Congress collaborated with imperialism, in contrast, Gadar Party Gadar Party stood for democratic republic and secularism and opted for armed struggle.… Read More