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Sarada Scam in West Bengal – Behind a Shadow economy

By Amit Chakraborty (New Democracy News)
The Sarada scam in West Bengal has created a sensation. The Sarada group, a consortium of over 200 companies that claimed to run a wide variety of schemes, has bankrupted lakhs of small investors robbing them of their life savings. The multi-level marketing scheme of the group — a Ponzi scheme — has taken its toll.
The scam highlights the failure of the Trinamool Congress led government and its regulatory agencies to rein in the mushrooming of multi level marketing companies in the name of chit fund companies in West Bengal. It also brings under the scanner the Trinamool Congress’ close relationship with the group.
The group collected an estimated amount of INR 200–300 billion (USD 4–6 billion) from over 1.7 million depositors before collapsing in April 2013. The Government of West Bengal, where the Sarada Group and the majority of investors were based, constituted an Enquiry Commission to investigate the scam. They set up a fund of INR 5 billion ($92M) to ensure that low-income investors are not bankrupted. The Central Government through the Income Tax Department and Enforcement Directorate also launched a multi-agency probe to investigate the Sarada scam, as well as other similar Ponzi schemes.… Read More


Punish Guilty of Attack on Students of Jadavpur University

The Mamata Banerjee led Trinamool Congress Govt. has unleashed an unprecedented attack against the students of Jadavpur University (JU). On 16th September students of Jadavpur University had organized a programme to meet the executive council of JU demanding proper & impartial enquiry into an allegation of molestation. The Vice Chancellor of the University who is a well known Trinamool loyalist, did not take up the matter properly. In the dark hours of night, when peaceful demonstration was going on, students were playing guitars and singing chorus songs, suddenly, the lights were switched off. Police entered the administrative block and attacked the students. Hundreds of them were injured. Several students had head injuries and chest injuries & were admitted into hospitals. 36 students, including girl students, were arrested. Male police manhandled girl students, there was no lady police during the police action.

Students from different parts of Kolkata, including thousands of students of JU, spontaneously protested against this atrocity. In the early hours of 17th September students organized a road blockade in front of Jadavpur PS . In the afternoon about 5000 students marched protesting the police action, demanding resignation of Vice Chancellor and condemning the anti democratic, anti student role of Mamata Banerjee government.… Read More

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Com. Paltu Sen (Amar Sen), President of the National Committee of IFTU died of a massive heart attack on July 30, 2013. Although suffering from severe diabetes, serious visual handicap and damaged kidneys, Com. Paltu Sen did not allow these to come in the way of his leadership of the revolutionary trade union movement and was actively engaged in this work till the end. Com. Paltu Sen was a member of the Central Committee of CPI(ML)-New Democracy. Com. Paltu Sen leaves behind his wife and two sons.

Born on 10th March 1950, Com. Paltu Sen a resident of Uttarpara, Dist. Hoogly, West Bengal became active in revolutionary student movement and actively participated in food movement in West Bengal in 1966. He was a very popular student leader at the time. He was a student of B.Sc. Physics (Hons) when inspired by the Naxalbari armed peasant movement he left his studies and plunged into revolutionary communist movement and joined communist revolutionaries and subsequently CPI(ML) when it was formed in 1969. He went to organize tribal poor peasants in Odisha from where he was arrested in 1970. He was charged with conspiracy to overthrow the Govt. (Section 120B IPC) , convicted and sentenced for seven years prison term.… Read More

Land Struggles

Singur: Peasants’ résistance rises while CPM resorts to lies and double speak to defend Tatas

People’s anger has re-ignited the fight back in Singur against forcible land acquisition by CPM led Govt. It is also exposing the CPM’s double speak on a variety of issues related to acquisition by Govt. of agricultural land to hand over to corporates and MNCs. These clearly substantiate that revisionists go all out to serve the ruling classes.

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