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Irish People Reject Austerity Policies

(New Democracy News Service)

Anti-austerity mood of the people of European countries manifested itself once again in Ireland where parliamentary elections witnessed resounding defeat of the ruling coalition of Fine Gael and Labour Party. Like in Spain elections have not given majority to any party. However gains made by Fianna Fail, Sinn Fein and different other groups have unmistakably demonstrated mood of the people against cut in govt. expenditure. Verdict in Ireland conforms to the trend being witnessed in different European countries which experienced severe recession and had to implement austerity measures.

Ireland has been hailed as a success story by the apologists of the present system for having come out of recession. Over last two years, Ireland has recorded highest growth rate among European countries. However, this growth has come about by increasing the burden on the working people and conditions of the people except in middle class areas of the capital Dublin have deteriorated. Despite trumpeting of Ireland’s supposed success, people burdened rejected the policies which increased burden over them. Worst sufferer was junior ruling coalition partner Labour Party which people punished for implementation of austerity policies despite their support base being biggest sufferer of the same. Biggest gain was made by Sinn Fein and Fianna Fail which had campaigned against these policies.… Read More


Greece : Challenge is also an opportunity

Europe is facing political earthquakes. European Union, a project of big capital of Europe, is facing existential crisis. The existing framework of EU is being threatened by conflicting claims of different economies of Europe which are facing downturn and even frank recession. Economies of the some of the European countries have shrunk. Unemployment is on high level. World financial economic crisis which exploded in 2008 continues to shake the European countries though different European countries are being affected to different levels and in different ways.

Victory of Pedemos in recent local body elections in Spain, fifth largest economy of European Union, in major metropolitan centres has shaken the ruling establishment of that country. Pedemos supported candidates have won in Barcelona and capital Madrid. Powerful showing of Pedemos came five months after victory of Syriza in Greece. Syriza is embroiled in bitter struggle with German controlled European Central Bank (ECB) and US controlled IMF who are demanding further implementation of austerity measures. Greek people’s opposition to these measures had propelled Syriza to power but powers of Europe are refusing to recognize this mandate of Syriza. Towards the end of May 2015 local body elections were held in Italy where again anti-austerity parties gained in elections.Read More