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The rise of BJP in Maharashtra – Pravin Nadkar

 2014 Assembly Election results in Maharashtra are indicative of the changing equations in Maharashtra’s political arena. At the time of writing this article, BJP is undecided about its choice of alliance partner and looks as though this Diwali in Maharashtra will have to go without the name plate at the CM office in Mantralaya. Voters in Maharashtra have fallen short of giving a clear majority to the BJP. Regional parties like Shiv-Sena, MNS and NCP were rejected by the voters, who gave maximum number of seats to the BJP. The party however is now compelled to find a partner among these regional forces to lay its claim to Government formation in the state. As such, BJP has done remarkably well in Maharashtra by winning maximum seats on its own. Without having a network of party cadres comparable to Congress, NCP and Shiv Sena, it has stormed other party citadels in Mumbai, Western Maharashtra, Marathwada and Northern Maharashtra. Congress fought the Elections with a losers’ mentality and the leaders of the Party were busy safeguarding their own individual vested interests. The agenda of the so called development program of the Manmohan Singh Government was successfully utilized by BJP to favorably mobilize the voters for its own victory.… Read More

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Modi Govt. Unleashes Anti-People Measures After Assembly Elections

Assembly elections in Maharashtra and Haryana have demonstrated continuing trend of collapse of Congress and decline of caste based regional parties resulting in BJP getting a majority in Haryana and emerging as the single largest party in Maharashtra. With little to separate the ruling class parties in terms of economic policies and on the issues affecting the common people, money power and support of corporate media became decisive in favour of BJP. BJP openly sold its tickets to highest bidders fielding a large number of super rich candidates. However, the hope with which BJP had snapped ties with Shiv Sena to form a single party govt. in a large state like Maharashtra has been belied and only an alliance can assume power which would not be difficult given the rank opportunism of ruling class parties.

In the months after May 2014 Lok Sabha elections, Modi Govt. has focused on showcasing its ‘achievements’ in foreign policy and ‘increasing’ India’s standing on global scene. What Modi Govt. has specifically done is to draw India deeper into US embrace. Tensions with neighbouring countries Pakistan and China have been escalated to justify this embrace in public opinion. Modi’s visit to Japan, Australian PM’s visit to India and Modi’s visit to USA have all been hailed as successes irrespective of the specific agreements forged or Indian interests secured while Chinese President’s visit was continuously bogged down in border tensions during the days of his visit.… Read More