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More than 90% of the around 4 lakh regular workers in the public sector coal industry i.e. various subsidiaries of Coal India Ltd.(CIL) in Jharkhand, Bengal, Odisha, Chattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra and the Singareni Colliery Company Ltd.(SCCL) in Andhra Pradesh went on strike from 6th Jan.2015 in response to the five-day strike call initiated jointly by the 5 central trade unions recognized by the govt. in the coal industry (INTUC, BMS, HMS, AITUC, CITU) and supported by IFTU. The recognized union in SCCL which is linked to the TRS party however did not support the strike and the Telengana Govt. even resorted to repression with IFTU activists being arrested for picketing. Similarly in Bengal the Union linked to Trinamul Congress opposed the strike affecting the success of the strike initially.
Coal India management officials admitted a 75% loss of production. Continuation of the strike for the full period of 5 days could have seriously disrupted power supplies with more than 70% of the country’s electricity production being coal-based. However, despite massive support of the workers and continuing success of the strike even on the second day, 7th January, the 5 unions called off the strike that night following a meeting with the Coal Minister Shri Piyush Goyal and an “agreement” being reached.… Read More