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On Railway Budget 2016- ‘17 (New Democracy News Service)

Railway Budget presented by Union Minister for Railways, Mr. Suresh Prabhu, shows utter and callous disregard of the common people by the NDA Govt. It also paints a sorry state of finances and condition of railways under the present dispensation. Every person who travels by rail knows well the sorry condition of railways. But the NDA Govt. has not bothered to address the concerns of the common people for a comfortable, timely and safe travel.
This callous disregard is shown by the fact that while a lot needs to be done, the railway ministry has shows a surplus of Rs. 8720 crores from the past year. Further out of a total of 40,000 crores of budgetary support last year, over 20% was returned unutilized by the railways. Whether it was just a commonly played gimmick of allotting more and spending less or lack of willingness of NDA Govt. to spend on the travel for common people, it just shows their lack of concern for the people. While budgetary support has been kept at the last year’s level despite price rise, no method of generation of finances for the projects announced has been outlined except alluding to “innovative financing system”. It only shows that the Govt.… Read More


Railway Budget 2015-’16 pitches for Foreign Technology, Private Funding

Railway Budget for 2015-1016 presented by Union Minister for Railways, Suresh Prabhu, is short of any idea of how to address the woes faced by Indian Railways. He highlighted minor details while obfuscating the major aspects of the problems faced by the railways. He has prescribed a panacea of mobilization of funds through PPP mode, joint ventures, multilateral financial institutions and even pension funds. The Railway Minister even sought to dig into MPLAD funds and state budgets. With low budgetary support for plan expenditure all the plans announced by him sound hollow and only an act of playing to the gallery. Imitating Modi’s vacuous style by coining 4 goals, 5 drivers and 11 thrust areas, the Minister was woefully short of details of how to achieve them. In an attempt to mislead he compared his figures of plan expenditure with last year, which was a year of plan holiday.
Railway Budget reflects deep economic crisis plaguing Indian economy in meagre allocations despite crying need for improvement in passenger service by Indian railways. While lopsided emphasis has been placed on some select routes, the plight of passengers has been increasing on major passenger routes. Lack of adequate coaches force overcrowding to the physical extreme.… Read More