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Progressivism versus Religious Sectarianism – P. Nadkar

Ideology in social life for human beings is as important as oxygen for life. The shared beliefs and values common to social communities are part of the intangible culture of the given social communities. These social beliefs and values sometimes need to be questioned and even challenged. When they are challenged, it becomes uncomfortable for the vested interests linked to the ruling classes in the society. These vested interests linked to the economically powerful sections of the society act in their service to effectively propagate and mould the social thought system of the society. Communal sectarianism is on the rise in our country. This phenomenon has paid rich electoral dividends to a section of ruling classes. They are doing everything to boost and defend this way of thinking in our society.
CPI leader Govind Pansare (popularly called as Com. Pansare) had embarked on the path of confronting this phenomenon. He challenged the myths floated and lies told about the social and political history of Maharashtra. His murder by unknown hitters who fired bullets on him and his wife Uma Pansare was a reaction to his bold mission to challenge the obscurantist notions prevailing in the society and his opposition to the political patrons upholding those values.… Read More