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Turkey shoots down Russian military aircraft – Comment

War in Syria escalated with Turkey downing a Russian military plane on the Syria-Turkey border. The incident has brought into focus the turmoil in the Middle-East which has become the most troubled region in the world. The incident shows the intensification of contradiction among imperialist powers and the regional powers aligned to them. All these powers claiming to fight the Islamic State are pursuing their own agenda. Turkey which had initially refused to join the US led coalition against IS, later joined it bombing the Syrian Kurds which were holding their own against the IS and had carved out an area of self-rule. Western imperialist powers support anti-Assad Jihadis while Russia is bombing all anti-Assad militant groups including the Islamic State. Iran is supporting Basher Assad regime while Saudi Arabia and Kuwait are financing and supporting their own groups of Jihadis. The scramble to secure their influence in Syria is resulting in high casualties mainly of civilians. More than half of the population of Syria (20 million) has been forced to leave their homes and take shelter elsewhere, half of these inside Syria and another half outside Syria. Every imperialist power and regional power aligned to them is trying to secure its foothold in Syria through militant groups to be stakeholder in the negotiations on Syria’s future.… Read More


Condemn Turkish Bombing of PKK; Support Kobane

Support Kurdish Struggle for their national aspirations
In the backdrop of declining power of US imperialism and rising anger of the people of West Asia, turmoil in the Middle-East intensifies. To divert the people’s struggles in Arab countries and to drown upswing in people’s struggles in sectarian bloodshed, imperialism and reactionaries have lifted a huge stone which is crushing their feet. There is widespread anger in the Arab countries against US led wars of aggression and US imperialism led expropriation of their natural resources.
US imperialism is back to bombing IS targets in Iraq and Syria with Arab monarchies in tow. Islamic State controls vast swathe of land in Iraq and Syria withstanding US led bombing campaign and is posing an existential threat to the Arab monarchies, particularly Saudi monarchy, a pillar of imperialist influence in the region. IS, a conglomerate of different forces particularly Salafi Islamists, Muslim Brotherhood and Bathists, is fighting several battles, directed against western imperialist powers and their cronies but also against minorities in the region.
This turmoil has given an opportunity to the long suppressed Kurdish nationality inhabiting several countries of the region. In Iraq, Kurdish autonomous region has resisted onslaught of IS. In Sinjar mountain while US trained Iraqi Army had abandoned them without even giving weapons to them for self-defence, it was PKK and its supporters in Syria and Iraq who had defended them.… Read More