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Upsurge of garment workers of Bengaluru forces Retreat By Modi Govt. – Aparna

On the 18th of April 2016, thousands upon thousands of garment workers, mostly women, of Bengaluru poured out of their factories protesting changes in rules for withdrawal of money from their EPF accounts. The first day they forced the Central Govt. on the backfoot. However the next day over a lakh of them brought Bengaluru’s roads to a standstill and by evening the Central Govt. had totally withdrawn its Budget proposals. The workers too returned to work.
Why did these workers suddenly erupt? Is there any message in these sort of sudden eruptions which do take place in unorganized sectors? Is this protest similar to the strike by the women tea workers of Munnar and to what extent? So many questions have been thrown up by these women garment workers and it will be enriching to look for the answers.
The facts of the issue provoking this outburst are clear. In the Budget 2016 the Finance Minister announced two attacks on the EPF deposits of workers. The Central Govt. is repeatedly displaying its desperation to get at this huge deposit of money lying out of its reach. One proposal of the Budget was that the PF withdrawals at the time of retirement would be taxed.… Read More


Irish People Reject Austerity Policies

(New Democracy News Service)

Anti-austerity mood of the people of European countries manifested itself once again in Ireland where parliamentary elections witnessed resounding defeat of the ruling coalition of Fine Gael and Labour Party. Like in Spain elections have not given majority to any party. However gains made by Fianna Fail, Sinn Fein and different other groups have unmistakably demonstrated mood of the people against cut in govt. expenditure. Verdict in Ireland conforms to the trend being witnessed in different European countries which experienced severe recession and had to implement austerity measures.

Ireland has been hailed as a success story by the apologists of the present system for having come out of recession. Over last two years, Ireland has recorded highest growth rate among European countries. However, this growth has come about by increasing the burden on the working people and conditions of the people except in middle class areas of the capital Dublin have deteriorated. Despite trumpeting of Ireland’s supposed success, people burdened rejected the policies which increased burden over them. Worst sufferer was junior ruling coalition partner Labour Party which people punished for implementation of austerity policies despite their support base being biggest sufferer of the same. Biggest gain was made by Sinn Fein and Fianna Fail which had campaigned against these policies.… Read More